Monday, January 26, 2015

This man of MINE!!!


I get the opportunity and privilege to celebrate 8 years of marriage today with my INCREDIBLE man!! I call it an opportunity and privilege because I know of several people who have lost spouses…many at very young ages and my heart hurts that their opportunity here on Earth to celebrate another year of marriage was taken. I know I often take Zach for granted but some these recent tragedies of people I know over the last several months have caused me to stop, think, and TRY my very best to count my MANY blessings of having Zach in my life!! To enjoy each day with him (and by day I mean ALL day since he is home for the winter :)) and to do a better job at showing my love and appreciation for him…in HIS love language…not mine! ;)

z & T 005

I should have known with the VERY thought out, planned, lots of work, VERY surprised proposal that he gave me that I was marrying a man who would climb mountains for me…who would do ANYTHING to bring me happiness…who would NEVER let ANYTHING including going blind stop him from being the VERY BEST husband and father that he possibly could!! I think I was just a naive, lovesick girl who didn’t realize how lucky I REALLY was to find such an incredible man to call MINE!!

In our 8 years of marriage I think this last year has been my VERY favorite!!! Zach and I have grown closer, stronger, and more in love then ever before…and I’m pretty sure our fiery trials have played a HUGE role in that!!

Don’t get me wrong…we have had A LOT of struggles, fights, and hardships in our relationship due to our trials. To be completely honest their was even some times through our darkest days that I wondered if we would make it. It is hard to admit that out loud but after talking to several couples who have faced their own tragedies together…I realized that this is an all too common thing that isn’t talked about.

Trials bring out the worst and the best in people. As Zach and I faced his blindness together we grew closer and stronger. He NEEDED me more then ever before as he tried to navigate this dark new world he was living in.


Right after Dakota’s accident we grew even more closer as we clung together in hope that our little boy would come out on top. When we realized we weren’t getting our little boy back and as we faced the daily hardships of blindness and brain injury…the emotions, the pain, the stress, the lack of sleep was all too much! We grieved differently from one another. He wanted to tell me daily about all of his pain, anger, frustrations, worries, fears, and stress and I didn’t want to hear it. I was hurting myself and I couldn’t take on his pain too!! Their was a lot of tension. We were both emotionally on edge at ALL times so the littlest of things would cause us to blow up at each other! We both still loved each other deeply but their were times when I couldn’t handle being around him because of the anger he sometimes felt…which is a totally normal part of grieving…but it doesn’t mean it is easy to watch and live with.

We have both come SO far individually and as a couple since our darkest of days as we waded through these unknown and VERY unexpected paths. We have seen each other at our weakest points AND at our strongest and I believe that as hard as that was…that it was also what has brought as closer together as a couple!! The thing that truly saved our marriage during those difficult days…in my opinion…was we never stopped doing the little things together. The things that we are told over and over to do that kind of get old hearing about. Even when I was SO frustrated or bugged at him…or he was so angry and upset…we still prayed together, read our scriptures together, went on dates together (weekly at that time because of his awesome parents who knew how badly we needed to be alone), went to church together, and attended the temple together. It wasn’t always easy…and their were definite times when neither of us felt like praying one more prayer for help…thinking that Heavenly Father knows and obviously doesn’t care…but we said it! Those little things that we did TOGETHER even when we didn’t feel like being in the same room together…saved us!! And over time as we allowed the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ to enter into our broken life and start to heal our broken hearts, lift our HEAVY burdens, and bring light, hope, and even JOY back into our lives…we healed, grew, and learned together…still at different rates!!

If you asked either of us right this very minute…we would both tell you we are happier then we have EVER been in our whole married life together! Which totally blows my mind BECAUSE…our trials are still here with us daily. Zach is STILL blind, Dakota is STILL brain injured, life is STILL hard but we are happy as EVER!!! I truly believe with all of my heart…the greater the sorrow you feel in your life…the greater your ability to feel joy is! I feel a type of joy I didn’t know existed. I delight in the simplest of things that I once took for granted….and I owe it ALL to the intense pain that I once felt!!!

As I have watched Zach rise above ALL that he has experienced and faced and do things that are truly remarkable for any man…especially a blind man…my love and admiration for him has deepened.

2011-11-28 14.28.02

I often forget that he is even blind because of all that he does. His latest product that he has developed to launch on Kickstarter soon has been SOOOO much work, time, and effort. I didn’t even realize what a little “closet” genius he was until I sat in at meetings with him (since I have to drive him to them) with manufacturing companies and printing companies. I listen to their conversations and feel like they are speaking a whole other language and then I wonder…“how does Zach know all of this?” He didn’t go to school for engineering or product development…he got a sales degree for heavens sake!! But I sit their and listen to these professionals in these areas telling him what a great idea this was, they had never thought of this, what a great job he has done at figuring out materials and design and that they themselves are unsure how to make it better!! It literally blows my mind!! Not only does he do all of this on his own…but he does it blind!!! And trust me…I am NO help to him at all!! I can barely think about what I have to do that day to survive, let alone think of, design, and produce a new product!!!!!


So what is this product he has created and what is this Kickstarter I am always talking about?? (I told you I would tell you! ;))

First of all…if you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter…it is a crowdfunding website that allows creators (inventors) and backers (consumers) to work together to launch and fund a new product or business without the help of angel investors and venture capitalists. Project creators set a funding goal and a deadline before their launch begins and then basically PRE-SELL their product in hopes of reaching their funding goal by the deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money (purchase the product) to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing which means if the funding goal is not reached, then the "backer's" card is never charged and the creator receives no funding. If the goal is reached, the creator receives the funding for initial start-up costs and his "backers" are the first to receive the new product when it's ready. To learn more go to

His new company name is called The Germavoid Company and his first product he will be launching on Kickstarter is called the Clean Touch.

For those of you who know Zach…you know he doesn’t like public germs!! He is constantly using his pinky to open doors, elbow to push buttons, and foot to flush toilets. He did his research and found out that he wasn’t the only person that did this (I thought he was ;)). He found out that 82% of people regularly try to avoid touching public surfaces with their bare hands. (I guess I’m the weird one who doesn’t! ;)) So he created a compact, convenient, and innovative product that allows you to touch germy public surfaces without touching all the germs. It conveniently attaches to your keys so it goes wherever you go and it's innovative design makes it quick, easy, and discreet to use.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you much more about his product or show you the amazing pictures of it because he is wanting to wait to release all of the details about how it works until the launch on Kickstarter because we have created a video that tells about it better then words alone can describe. Our launch date for Kickstarter is HOPEFULLY middle to end of February…so SOON…so stay tuned!! It is SOOOO much work to get ready because SO much is on the line!! It is nerve-wracking to put your idea out there…spend so much money and time on it…and not have any idea what others will think or how it will go!!

So my job in all of this Kickstarter process…besides being his main assistant, is to spread the word as far and wide as I can about it…since Zach is THE LEAST social media man alive!!! So I am asking for anyone who reads this post to help me…because I am SOOOO afraid to fail!! Kickstarter success comes from spreading the word and driving traffic to your page. You can have the greatest product (which I think he does…but of course I’m biased! ;)) but you can still fail if you can’t get the word out about it and drive people to your page to learn about it. So, if anyone AND everyone who reads this would be willing to share our Kickstarter link on social media, email, blogs, WHATEVER once we launch we would appreciate it more then you will EVER know! I would even kiss your feet if I know you! ;) (If they are clean of course!! ;))

Also if anyone knows of BIG bloggers, social media, news people, anyone who you think could help us…even if we have to pay for their advertising please let me know!! I feel like a beginner myself to all of this social media advertising and I could use ALL the advice I can get to help Zach make his dream become a reality. Obviously we don’t want people to back our project if they don’t like the product and I’m totally not asking just for donations BUT we want to help share the word about it as much as we can so that those who would truly be interested in this product can learn about it and buy it!! So any suggestions are appreciated as we venture into this unknown scary world!!
We have a Facebook page The Germavoid Company, and an Instagram and Twitter account @germavoid that you can follow along for all the details. (I will do my best to keep this blog updated too although we all know how great of a blogger I am these days! ;))

THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for any and all help! Even some prayers offered up in our behalf would be greatly appreciated!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

8 months!

Our life is SO insane busy right now I sometimes feel like I don’t even have time to breathe!! Zach is CONSTANTLY on the computer working on getting his latest invention ready to launch on Kickstarter…hopefully in February (I need to write more about that…when I magically get more time!) so blogging has gotten even harder for me! So obviously I missed Navy’s 7 month post although it came and went so fast! Hopefully she will forgive me when she is older and reading this! ;)

So here is an update on Navy from 6-8 months!!

Navy 3 month
 Navy edited456
navy 78

I feel like from 6-7 months Navy transformed from my “little” baby into a “big” baby…full of life, personality, enthusiasm, movement, love, and craziness! From 7-8 months she has just continued to evolve and change at lightening speed!! She is SOOOO fun but it makes me sad that she is blowing by these milestones all too fast!! I remember when Dakota was a baby I always looked forward to the NEXT stage so much that I didn’t fully enjoy the stage we were in. His accident taught me REALLY quick to live IN the moment and soak every second of it up…cuz you never know what can happen. With Navy I feel like she is growing and changing SO fast that there is not even enough time to fully enjoy the moment. I need MORE time with each stage because I have loved it all SOOOO much!! But there is nothing I can do! This girl is growing up and already becoming miss Independent so I guess I better keep up with her!

She started “Navy” crawling right before she turned 7 months.
 2014-11-30 17.11.28

She started off slow and now she is EVERYWHERE! She is so fast! She still army crawls but often gets on her hands and knees like she is going to regular crawl but never does.

2014-12-09 09.33.51
She loves climbing on things!!

This allows her even more to grab EVERYTHING in her sight to put in her mouth! I can’t believe the tiniest things she always seems to find on the floor! I feel like I can never take my eyes off her.

Even her cousin’s shoe!!! ;)
I think she was secretly trying to steal Lola’s cute shoes!!!

 2014-12-11 18.31.01
She LOVES to be a helper and empty out all of Dakota’s basket of stuff while I get him ready morning and night. I just roll with it…I pick my battles with this wild woman!

By 7 months she was sitting up on her own.
2014-12-06 19.05.53
As you can see…we LOVE big bows! ;) Although miss Navy is VERY good at pulling them off now! :/

2014-12-20 15.31.39

She is already pulling herself up!! Her first time was on her little walker!! Zach stood her up on her walker and she stood on her own for quite some time.
It totally made her look WAY to big!!! Not sure if I’m quite ready for a walker!! Slow down baby girl!!!

She is already pulling herself up in the crib so we had to lower that real fast!!
Is this normal?!
Once she realized she could pull herself up in her crib…she thought she was a big girl and didn’t have to go to sleep! ;)

When she quits partying and does go to sleep. She MUST sleep in the corner of the crib with her bum in the air! Sometimes she even fold the bumper in half and sleeps on it like a pillow!
2014-12-04 22.38.32
Cutest little ruffle bum!!

She loves ALL binkies matter the kind. If it's suckable, she will find it and love it!

She is such a mover and ALWAYS wants to be doing something. She LOVES her jumper because she gets to move it move it!!!
2015-01-09 12.53.08

She is such a happy and silly girl. ALWAYS smiling at anyone and everyone. She is already into that silly teasing phase. She especially loves to tease me! Zach lets her go behind me and grab my hair. She thinks it is so funny and makes the sweetest little teasing sounds about it!

Whenever she has her blanket she is playing peek-a-boo. She pulls it up over her face and breaths super fast and then yanks it down and freezes and just looks at you and then grins. It is quite comical to watch!

She totally already knows what you mean when you tell her “no” although at times she chooses NOT to listen and just gives you this sweetest grin and keeps on doing it. She is SUPER hard to get mad at…especially for her dad! He is already claiming he is going to let her have whatever she wants (like my dad did for his daughters ;)). Not so sure how I feel about that although my dad really was a sucker and I loved it! ;)

2014-12-11 17.54.38
Boy does he love this girl!!!

She loves to babble and babble. The funniest is when I turn the blender on to make Dakota’s food (it is super loud) she starts yelling instead of talking every time just to make sure I can still here her!
I even think a couple of times she has said Mama. Even Dakota’s nurse heard it one morning and said, I think she just said mama. I’m gonna count that as her first word because I can! ;) Her sounds she repeats to you really are sounding more like words you say to her.

Those dark brown eyes of hers are still SO wise and curious. Sometimes I swear she is just telling me how much smarter she is then me in life just with her eyes!! She totally soaks in EVERYTHING around her. When you talk to her it’s like she REALLY listens to every word you say. I call her my “old soul.”

 2015-01-10 12.39.50
Just observing Dakota and I writing on the wall! (Don’t worry it comes off) I hope se doesn’t remember that when we move into our new house! ;

Her little giggles fills my soul with delight and our home with happiness!!! If we could sit and listen to her and watch her ALL day long we TOTALLY would!!! Unfortunately crap still has to get done around her so we can’t…but we sure try and soak up every second that I can!!

I LOVE my one on one time with her though!! I soak it ALL up!!! (Don’t mind my greasy mess of a hair do! Time for showers and getting ready is gone! ;))

Her little hair is getting so long and still so curly. I gave her her first ponytail the other day and it was so cute but also made her look so old!! A ponytail is about all I can do so this poor girl is out of luck in the hair department. Luckily she has A LOT of headbands and bows to cover it up! ;)

We started baby food a little after 6 months although I was dreading it. One more thing to do…who has time for that?! I held off as long as I physically could before introducing it.
2014-11-14 15.23.20
Very first time! Of course she would be independent and want to hold the spoon herself!

For the longest time she just wasn’t that into it. She didn’t seem to hate the tastes but she never would just open her mouth and let me in. She had to lick it off the spoon or would let the very tip of the spoon in and then clamp down. It was starting to get a little frustrating. I had sat in hours and hours of swallow therapy with Dakota where they worked on these basic skills of putting a spoon in the mouth and closing lips on it and I felt like I was starting all over with Navy and I still couldn’t get her to do it right! I was worried I would be sitting in swallow therapy with her pretty soon.

I finally gave up and just gave her the whole bowl to play with…hoping she would maybe lick more of her hands then she was with the spoon! ;)

Thanks to lots of suggestions and tips from lovely people off Facebook and Instagram we finally got it figured out. We tried the more rubbery spoons and I gave in and let her participate and have a spoon too. She is my little miss Independent so almost with every bite she has to grab the spoon too. So I just use 2 spoons and keep trading off with her to get more and more. FINALLY this last week she is finally getting pretty good at eating and things are going a lot faster! Whew!!!

2015-01-11 09.29.06
She even got good enough that Zach would take a turn and feed her!! ;)

She absolutely LOVES the puffs that she can grab herself. She goes crazy when I put them on the tray like she has never eaten before. Surprisingly she gets most of them in her mouth too! ;)

She learned to give those open mouth slobbery kisses that are THE BEST!!! Zach and I for a week straight would ask her for kisses pretty much every second. After each kiss she would cheer and yell for herself since that is what Zach and I would do. She was so happy and proud. Then…we did the unfortunate thing…and burnt her out of kisses and she started totally denying us on purpose. Every time we would ask for a kiss she would turn her head and look the other way like she had something REALLY important to look at. Broke my little heart.
Now her kisses our very sporadic. Sometimes she will, sometimes she won’t. Sometimes she will just give you one out of nowhere and you just take what you can get!!

She and Dakota have started to “get along.” Her EXTREME curiosity with his trach has worn off and she rarely if ever tries to grab it now. She still LOVES his g-tube though because of the feel of it. She is always trying to naw at his feed line.
I think she just loves the feeling of the material in her mouth. So if Dakota has his extension in his g-tube she is still all about grabbing that so I have to watch her.

Dakota smiles at her more and more just randomly although she is never in one spot long enough for him to really watch her. The funniest part is though is that sometimes when she starts to cry he will get a huge smile on his face…just like a big brother would! ;) Little stinker!!
2014-12-01 17.36.29

When she was 6.5 months old I had left her and Dakota on the floor for just a second to go in the kitchen. I heard Navy start crying so I rushed in and Dakota was pushing her head with his leg. I thought maybe he was trying to roll over and she was in the way. I hurry and grabbed her and he started CRACKING up!! For reals!!! I asked him, “Dakota were you trying tell her to get off of you?” His smile got even bigger! I said, “were you trying to protect yourself?!” He laughed even more!! He is such a big brother and I LOVE seeing him in that roll! I learned right then Navy better watch out because he will do what he can to protect himself!!

She seriously fills our home with love, light, and laughter at all times!!! She brings normalcy to our crazy life. Just like this little shirt says…she was meant to be here…in our home…in our family and we feel SOOOO blessed EVERY day to have her!!!

I know I’m always on picture overload but these are from a shoot grammy did at 6 months old!!
navy 1 navy 2 navy 3
 navy 4
Not sure that I could choose a favorite!!

She captures some precious ones of both Dakota and Navy too!
Navy and Dakota

And of course a couple of my handsome 6 year old boy all alone!

SOOOOO grateful Grammy is such a good photographer because as you can see from all of my everyday pictures…I am HORRIBLE! I need some lessons!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015


Zach and I both agreed, this Christmas was THE BEST Christmas we have ever had as a little family!!

It was spent in our little basement apartment, with pretty much no decorations except a little picture of baby Jesus and 2 little Christmas trees (which all came from my in-laws! ;)), not tons of presents or anything super exciting…but it was magical nonetheless.

Both Zach and I have been overwhelmingly filled with gratitude and happiness for the many blessings, peace, and joy that fills our lives and hearts lately.

As I looked back at some old pictures and came across this one…1 month after the accident, still in the hospital, devastated at what had happened, scared and unsure of what lied ahead…I’m pretty certain this was my worst Christmas.
You can see the sadness in my face behind that fake smile! :/

Now to see how far we have come in 4 years!!! I realize fully that where we are at today, the happiness and gratitude in our hearts….doesn’t have anything to do with anything we have personally done, but EVERYTHING to do with Christ. With his healing power. He truly is The Prince of Peace!!!

So as we celebrated Christmas this year, my heart was FILLED with thoughts of the Christ child.
baby jesus
What a PERFECT gift that truly was. That gift that came SO long ago, it is THE GREATEST gift in my life. There is no gift we could ever buy, no matter the price that could even compare! I will FOREVER be grateful for this gift and the power and role it has played in my life!!

The best part about it is…it’s not a gift just for me or you…but for EVERYONE!!!

So as I chose my Christmas card this year…this scripture perfectly put what was in my heart!
And those 2 cute kids on it really topped it off! ;) 

Since I never got a baby announcement done for Navy…our card served as a dual purpose…because the birth of any baby comes from above and is a perfect gift as well! ;)

We still had all of our fun Christmas celebrations and traditions which added to the magic this season. Mostly just the time spent with our amazing family and friends is what really does it for me!!
Friend party!
Thanks Larsens for hosting such a fun night…filled with food, laughter, and LOTS of fun!!

Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Friend Party!
Good lookin group right there! ;) Thanks Gorders for hosting this crazy bunch!

Nativity story with Grammy and Poppy

We also watched He Is the Gift short video clip. TOTALLY made me cry. I know Christmas is over but if you haven’t watched it you should!! Here is the link.

We went up for our 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Pickin! Such a fun, magical place and experience!
The Wagon Ride to see the Elk and get to the trees!
2014-12-05 15.25.10
Our family is so big we had to split up on 2 wagons this year for the weight! ;)

2014-12-05 15.26.39
 2014-12-05 15.30.41
Just some cute cargo on the wagon! ;)

The whole family!!

 2014-12-05 15.46.39
Navy’s first experience touching a real Christmas tree!

IMG_20141205_154350051_HDR IMG_20141205_154355395_HDR
Me and my girl in our matching scarfs from Seriously SOOO comfy, cute, and warm!! I realize it might be totally nerdy to match your daughter…BUT my problem is…if I see something I like for me…and they make ones for little girls…then I HAVE to get one for her too! ;)

Playin with daddy!

Dakota man and his horses!

2014-12-05 15.41.01
Our little fam! Love these 3 sooo much!!

2014-12-05 16.10.49
The 4 babes going on a sleigh ride!!

2014-12-05 16.12.26

ALL the cousins!!!
2014-12-05 16.15.32
Wow baby! Can they all fit? ;)

2014-12-05 16.20.43
The Hadleys

2014-12-05 16.21.31
The Laroses

2014-12-05 16.56.02
Navy and Grammy twinning it!

  2014-12-05 18.05.06
Navy and Cruize

We did our annual Friedli jammy parade in the kids new jammies.
All lined up and ready to move!!

Dakota LOVED dancing with his mom…not that you can tell from the picture! ;) And Navy danced the night away with Uncle Ryan! (Zach was behind the camera)
We opened Christmas presents with the Friedlis early so that families could do whatever they wanted on Christmas day. Of course the grandkids were spoiled rotten as usual!!

Grandma and Grandpa helped Navy open her presents! So fun to have them there with us!

IMG_20141221_184428765 IMG_20141221_184608733 IMG_20141221_185020479
She liked the bows and paper best! I loved her “All I want is ice cream” jammies! ;) Girl after my own heart! Her favorite gift was a baby jumper. This girl LOVES to jump!!

IMG_20141221_185356055  IMG_20141221_185702450IMG_20141221_185755463
Dakota got some sweet things himself! Tractor flashlight, my favorite…Ladies Man shirt!

His favorite was a minion blanket! Score!!!

Dakota got his very own play mat since he liked Navy’s so much!
2014-12-22 08.27.03
It’s a lot of work to grab that little thing!

2014-12-22 08.37.43
What happened?!
Christmas morning was pretty low key as it always is in our house. Dakota was pretty excited about Christmas this year. I felt like this was the first year he was really getting and understanding it all. When we would read stories about Santa and Christmas he would smile.

He got to sit on Santa’s lap at school and he really liked that!
I just wondered what he asked for???

I told Zach we needed to pick up our game this year since he is seeming like he is starting to understand it! ;) But it is so hard to buy things for him because you truly never know what he will like. He can’t physically play by himself with toys so obviously that creates a challenge. As I talked to other moms of 6 year old boys and heard what they were getting I was shocked!! Batman bots or something like that? Legos?? These things never crossed my mind since my 6 year old can’t talk and tell me about these sorts of things. Are those things Dakota would really want??? Who knows?? So we did our best and crossed our fingers he would like it! :/

When he woke up he smiled when I told him Santa had come.
 2014-12-25 07.47.14

But as he looked at all his presents I didn’t get one reaction out of him. Not one!
So…not sure how to take that. Either he didn’t care for the presents we picked out for him or he was just hungry and wanted his breakfast (he likes to eat right when he gets up). Not sure!

2014-12-25 00.50.10
Our humble little tree! ;) As you can see Santa knew we didn’t need too much! ;)
He got some sweet drums though!

2014-12-25 08.08.19
He LOVES playing the drums at music class at school so I thought he would love these. Maybe he will grow to love them! ;)

We got a surprise gift from an anonymous person left at our door and I think this singing, dancing dog may have been his MOST favorite gift of all…at least it got the most smiles…so that’s how I know! I never would have guessed!
Thank you to whoever left those sweet gifts at our door! Your unselfish generosity brought my sweet boy his smile!!!

Navy of course was just happy with wrapping paper and boxes…although Santa did bring her some real gifts! ;)
  2014-12-25 07.46.11

We spent the rest of our Christmas day down with Zach’s family, just hanging out together! Couldn’t have been better!
Captured these pics of the babies!
IMG_20141225_173255618 IMG_20141225_173331344 IMG_20141225_173356914 IMG_20141225_173406177
Navy and Cruize’s faces crack me up!

Zach surprised me for Christmas with a last minute weekend trip to AZ…THE BEST present EVER!!!

My sweet niece Trai was getting baptized and my sister Katie had just found out she had some blood clots in her leg and couldn’t go with her family on vacation and was feeling kinda down. Zach knew how badly I wanted to be down there so he said…GO!

It was such a quick trip but was SOOOO fun, and as always does my heart good to spend time with my family. I love each and every one of them SO much so to not see them very often is hard!

2014-12-26 10.22.50
Navy’s 2nd airplane ride in her short 7 months of life! She was SUCH a wiggly little thing this time. Up, down, forward, backward! But so smiley to everyone on the plane!!

Since I was planning everything last minute I decided to surprise everyone. I told my cute dad so that way I would have a ride from the airport. We went to my mom’s first and her reaction was THE BEST!!!
2014-12-26 12.44.20

Then I stopped by my sister Annie’s house and surprised her as she was decorating for the baptism. She even shed a few tears for me! ;) Navy got to play with cousins while I helped her out for a bit!
2014-12-26 15.37.16
Navy and Trai

2014-12-26 16.11.20
Navy and Cord. She thought he was pretty fun to follow around!

2014-12-26 16.49.51

Then I surprised my sister Katie’s family at dinner where they were celebrating my niece Shea’s birthday. Her husband knew so he was helping me time it to meet up with them. The shock and surprise on my sister and her kids faces was priceless!! It was so fun to see all of them before they left on vacation.
2014-12-26 17.45.50
I think they were most excited to see Navy. Can you blame them??

Happy Birthday Shea!!!

I didn’t make it to my other sister Shana’s that day but got to surprise her at the baptism the next morning! ;)

My sweet Trai! It brought tears to my eyes to watch her make this important step in her life!! I don’t know where I would be without the gospel in my life! I definitely would not be where I’m at or who I am today!I look forward to watching her sweet testimony and knowledge of the gospel and her Savior grow and fill her life with true happiness!!

Unfortunately my sister Dawn (I know there are so many of us! ;)) was on vacation with her family in Flagstaff so I didn’t get to see them! :/

But my other 3 sisters and I had a sleepover my last night at my mom’s house. Mom sleepover…I know that is just crazy right?! But it was SOOOO fun to just relax, talk, reminisce, and laugh together until 1:30 in the morning!! They are so awesome to spend so much time with me!!
Went out for dinner and dessert first of course! ;)

I topped my trip off by seeing my best friend Abbeys new, sweet baby Emma!!!
20141227_164342 20141227_173417
So darling! So fun to get to see Abbey as a mom now!! No words can describe what a great gift and joy it really is. You have to experience it to believe it!!

Zach kept Dakota while I was gone and had a boys weekend. They had 1 VERY scary accident while I was gone which I will hopefully share about soon. There were definitely angels among them protecting them!! Besides that they had some fun…dog sledding at grammies! ;)

Go Ruby!!!! (She didn’t really pull him!) ;) I love that Dakota is in a beach chair on the sled! So creative!

Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas too!!!