Thursday, February 26, 2015

9 Months

Yep, a whole other month has come and went! Navy Jo is OFFICIALLY or WAS officially 9 months on the 12th…
Navy 9 month collage

And I turned the big 3-1 on the 8th!! I’m OFFICIALLY in my thirties. Just 30 didn’t really count…now I’m IN my thirties! ;) I’m old news now! ;)
2015-02-12 16.48.49
Just sporting my new lipstick and shirt sent all the way from AZ from my amazing sisters! They are the
2015-02-08 16.10.45
When your 31 you don’t get candles anymore…your husband holds a flashlight! LOL!!!

This birthday was perfect for an old lady like myself. Now normally I am ALL about my birthday starting to celebrate Feb 1-28th! ;) (I got jipped that my birthday month only has 28 days!! ;)) This year my birthday totally crept up on me before I even had time to think about celebrating!! I think this 2 kid thing has got me crazier and busier then I even think I am!!!

Lucky for me Zach’s parents planned a family vacay to Bear Lake on my birthday weekend. So even though it wasn’t an official party JUST for my birthday…I just pretended it was!! LOL!! ;)

2015-02-08 09.22.55
My special birthday breakfast! A pancake in the letter T…cooked to perfection by my amazing brother in law Ryan!! ;) My favorite treat right there!! If you haven’t tried those pretzel crisps you are TOTALLY missing out!!!

They booked this UH-MAZING cabin for us all! It was seriously HUGE!!! It had this killer play gym on the third floor that we spent the majority of our time in. (trampoline, basketball hoops, playset…heaven!) Not sure who had the most fun in there…the kids or us adults! ;)
2015-02-06 20.29.24
Zach had some pretty killer moves on the scooter! My husband is cooler then yours! LOL!!!!

2015-02-06 20.49.48
NO boys allowed!!!

   2015-02-06 20.51.18
Zach and Houston took turns pegging each other with balls! BOYS!!

2015-02-06 21.22.06
I schooled these boys in some basketball! ;) Not really but we had a lot of fun! I shouldn’t be surprised since Zach is seriously good at EVERYTHING…even blind…but he was a REALLY good shooter!! I honestly don’t know how he does half the stuff he does blind (maybe he has been lying to me these past 5.5 years!!! LOL!!).

My favorite part about the cabin was it’s killer view of Bear Lake!! The weather was also SOOO nice while we were there! We sat outside and just enjoyed the view!
  2015-02-08 13.48.24
My people!!!

It had 2…yes 2 slides INSIDE! One to get you to each level! ;) It had a killer theatre room where we had a Little Mermaid movie night!
2015-02-06 19.01.37
Not the greatest picture but a fun memory!! ;)

And of course we had enough treats to feed a country! ;)

We get together quite a bit with Zach’s family throughout the month but it is always in a couple hour spurts so this was SOOO fun to just be together for a whole weekend!! With 4 nursing babies we were all busy either nursing or putting babies to sleep at some point but it was LOADS of 2015-02-07 20.17.02
Navy was in heaven with all these cousins!!!

 2015-02-08 16.30.02
Zach’s parents had this GREAT idea for the babies!! Why not put them in a blow up pool so they will stay put?! Obviously Navy didn’t mind!

Unfortunately Dakota man was not feeling good from something so he had a REALLY rough weekend! He spent most of it crying which was especially hard on Zach and I. If this had been a couple of years ago I’m sure both Zach and I would have been in tears and super emotional about it but we have both come a long way and deal a lot better in these situations then we used to! So instead of letting it ruin our trip we still enjoyed ourselves!

2015-02-07 19.52.13
I stole extra snuggle time when he let me! ;)

2015-02-08 09.56.44
Grammy and Poppy were still so cute to try and help him be included in everything, even though he wasn’t having it most the time! ;)

2015-02-08 15.54.20
Cute Mailee and Dakota!

2015-02-08 16.32.10
The only picture we got of all the kids! There is my proof of how Dakota felt about the weekend! ;)

Anyways…this post is about Navy not me! ;)
2015-01-20 09.51.03
At 9 months this girl has MASTERED saying “MAMA!” This little simple phrase melts my heart EVERY time she says it…which is A LOT! My favorite is when I go get her in the morning she will look at me and say “Mama!” Like she is so surprised I am there to rescue her! I have not heard Mama or mom for 4.5 years!!!!! So to hear a little voice call me that again kind of makes my heart want to burst!!! It is like music to my soul!!! I have missed it more then you can imagine!!!
She also says “Mo” for more and Dada! Although for the record Mama was first! ;)
She is still a mama’s girl which breaks Zach’s heart…but he is making some HUGE strides lately! ;)
2015-02-03 19.52.23 IMG_20150216_193006777

Don’t get me wrong she LOVES her dad but if she has her choice she will choose me every time! I know that won’t last forever…especially since Zach already says he will giver her whatever she wants and NEVER discipline her like MY dad! ;) (And my dad had 5 girls!! My poor mom!)
She is still such an energetic little mover. She army/regular crawls. She uses her legs and knees a lot but still crawls with her forearms instead of her hands. She is SUPER fast and efficient at it so I’m not sure if she will ever switch over to a regular crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees but will only crawl normal like 2 strides and then she drops down. She is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING.
2015-01-26 20.11.56
Hmmm…what toy should I play with?!

Already picking out her own clothes! ;)

Oh man…I got caught!!

(I realize almost every picture I am posting is in her pajamas! I promise I do get her dressed every day!)

She will walk slowly along stuff. She has taken some steps with her walker and she LOVES for you to help walk her around. She will grab your hands and just stand up to go…you can’t really resist even though it is a back breaker! ;)

She is too tiny for this!! ;)

She LOVES to dance whenever she hears any kind of toon…whether it’s from a toy, T.V., or Zach and I singing…she just automatically starts to groove. I love it!!! We might have to talk her daddy in to letting her be a dancer!

She is SO playful and funny! She knows how to tease.

She will go to ANYONE and EVERYONE unless you have a beard (she is not a fan of facial hair…Uncle Ryan learned the hard way! ;)) She does have a tiny but of shy side though when a stranger talks to her when we hold her she will look at them but turn her cheek to our chest. I think it is ADORABLE and sometimes it’s the only snuggles I get so I take it! ;)

She is kind of a maniac with Dakota these days. Since she is SO busy she will just crawl right over top of him like he is not even there! She loves to pull his hair and claw his face (she does that to us to!) He is definitely not a fan of that! He has thrown a few punches to her face as well though. He will swing that stiff, straight arm around and down and if her little face is in his way there is no stopping it! Sometimes it surprises Navy but hey…I figure it will just make her tough! My older brother beat up on me so she needs to take it too…right?! I figure it’s Dakota’s way to get back at her for all of her roughness with him! ;)

  2015-02-12 17.23.47
He just closes his eyes and takes it like a champ! ;)

2015-01-28 16.34.39
We thought of this brilliant idea one day to keep Dakota safe from her…he LOVED it so now it has become “his” swing (at least until the motor gives out from all his weight! ;))…but obviously it didn’t stop her from cramping his style! ;)

I do find him smiling at her more and more often though! Hopefully this is just their way of bonding for now! LOL!!

2015-01-26 17.14.50
That sweet smile and look says it all! He REALLY does love being a big brother!!! (In case you are wondering…we forgot his stroller at home so we made do to go into Best Buy. This kid is WAY too heavy now to hold for LONG periods of time! Luckily his car seat fit like a glove in the cart! ;))


She is still a great sleeper and I LOVE that!! She has come to love eating, thankfully, but is still miss Independent! She things she needs to grab the spoon out of your hand every spoonful which makes for a complete mess every time but what can you do! She devours any finger foods you give her…especially yogurt melts!

She just barely is getting her first little tooth! That sweet, gummy smile will be filled with teeth in no time!

Everything about this girl is PERFECT to us!! She brings SOOOO much joy, brightness, and NORMALCY to our lives!! I know she was handpicked to come to our little family at this perfect time!! Every day with her is truly a gift and I thank my Heavenly Father for placing her in our family and allowing and trusting me to be her mom!! I’m not going to lie…every day I fear a tiny bit about something happening to her and can even feel how devastated I would be…BUT I have learned to trust in my Heavenly Father and in His plan for me! So I don’t allow that fear to linger long and instead I focus on each precious day I get!

I sure love you NAVY!!!!!!!