Friday, June 20, 2014

Navy 1 Month (and a week ;))/Newborn Pics

Miss Navy turned ONE MONTH already on the 12th!! I can’t believe how fast the time is flying…it seems like I just had her yesterday…except my body is feeling so much better then it did when I just had her! ;)

2014-06-14 10.20.53

She is the sweetest little baby on the planet!! I literally prayed EVERY night and morning that Heavenly Father would send me a sweet and happy baby…one that would bring so much joy into our home!! (those were my exact words) And boy did he ever listen!! She is truly the sweetest thing! I know Heavenly Father was aware of our situation and knew what this momma and daddy for that matter could handle!! I know He listens to Every simple prayer and plea…not that He always gives us what we want but He will give us what we NEED! I know He knew we needed this sweet, patient little girl!!! We are in love!!

At one month:

-Navy is pretty chill unless she wants to eat, sleep, or get her diaper changed. She will sit in her bouncer, swing in her swing, or lay on the floor content as can be unless she is in need on one of the three!!

She has already had several blowouts! ;)

2014-06-03 14.09.56
Only when she wears white! ;)

-She is a dang good little sleeper! Since day 2 she was going 4-5 hours at night. After week 2 she started 5-7 hours and has stayed pretty consistant lately at 6-7…although last night she gave me 8!!! Hope that is here to stay!! ;)

I could eat that little face!!

-She loves to suck on her fist/fingers…whatever she can get into her mouth. You can hear her in her playpen just sucking away…it is so cute!! She is still not good at keeping the pacifier in (Dakota never got good at that so we gave up) which is why she turns to her fist.

-One of the funniest little things she does is she has the most sensitive gag reflex and gags several times a day. It’s funny because her gag is SOO loud and her face makes the dramatic gag face. She gags at different things at random times…binky, her own fingers, breastfeeding, bottle, just burping. It is so loud it can scare you. She will do it to herself in the middle of the night and wake us up and we just laugh cuz it is so funny!!!

-She has SEVERE FOMO (fear of missing out)!! She has to lift her head to look around ALL the time! I swear she came out with the strongest neck ever!! We skipped the newborn…hold your head so carefully…and went straight to the hold your head by yourself. Don’t get me wrong she still needs some support but if you are holding her over your shoulder or she is laying on her tummy she is most likely not resting her head on it and snuggling…she is looking around with those beautiful dark eyes. If you sit her in your lap sitting up she just keeps her head upright and doesn't fall forward. She just wants to see what is happening all the time!!

But it sure makes for some sweet moments!!

-She enjoys tummy time and of course likes to lift her head up!

2014-06-14 10.16.29
See!! ;)

-She is getting used to her car seat and car rides as we have had several work days with daddy and have spent lots of time in the car. As long as it is moving she is pretty content!!
Waiting in the truck for dad to get done with a bid!

-She loves black and white stripes!! And headbands! (Ok her mom does and is making her like them too! ;))
Black and white stripe OVERLOAD!! ;) Wait till she gets a room of her own…it will be black and white stripe heaven! ;)

-She went to church for her first time a couple weeks ago! ;)
Church with two…is a little bit more challenging! I can’t imagine 3!! We don’t have enough hands for that!! ;)

-Dakota is still learning to love her! He has had some hard days adjusting to her. He would literally scuzz her off when you are holding her or if you tried to lay her on him. He would just whine a lot during the day and I know it was because of her.

This was his true feelings!!!

The last few days he has been in a better mood and smiles at her more often. Still not sure if he is sold on her yet but he is coming around!!
Love that boys smile…it lights up my life!!

My amazing friend Chelsea came over when she was about a week and a half and took newborn pictures for us!! She is so talented, amazing, and patient!! She loves and treats Dakota so sweetly and is so patient with him! I just love her!!

2014-05-16 12.04.42
Chelsea in action!!

They all turned out so great I can’t decide what to blow up for her room…so I need YOUR help…PLEASE!! I am the most indecisive person…especially when it comes to things like this!! So I put letters on the ones I am thinking about blowing up. Leave a comment with your favorites below and help me make up my mind!! I know I’m so lame!!! ;)


IMG_6576 IMG_6584 IMG_6586 IMG_6601

IMG_6634 IMG_6643
Love the little details! ;)


Squishy face! ;)

Babies yawns are the sweetest!!

LOVE this close up side shot!!


IMG_6942 IMG_6953

Of course there is black and white options too! ;)
IMG_6624 IMG_6651 IMG_6884

We got a few of her and Dakota man…although he was TOTALLY not having it that day…so we never captured his sweet smile!! Little stinker!!
IMG_6688  IMG_6783 IMG_6788bw IMG_6832
Love this picture of her with Dakota’s trach in the background!! ;)

And one of just my handsome man!! ;)

Love that Chelsea captured this…even though I was a total mess that day!! I love candid shots!!
These 2 hold my heart!!!

PLEASE tell me what’s your fav?! I will probably print a few on canvas!!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Navy’s Birth Story

Warning…picture overload!!!

My cute friend Chelsea that is a photographer talked me into having my labor photographed. I never would have done it but as she told me about it and showed me her pictures from her last birth, it made me think… this is one of the most sacred and important days in your life…why wouldn't you want to photograph it?! Although Chelsea generously offered to photograph it for me (she is the sweetest) I asked Zach’s mom to do it because she loves to take pictures and I thought she would love to be there to see her sweet granddaughter born. She did SUCH an amazing job! Every time I look at the total of 600 (yes I said 600…don’t worry they won’t ALL be on here! ;)) pictures I can’t help but tear up. They tell the complete story of that day so perfectly!! They will help tell the story of that special day in our families life forever!!

So…if your having a baby…get your labor photographed!! It is truly so special!!!

Navy Jo was a little past her due date (May 8th). My doctor was planning on taking me in Tuesday the 13th to break my water and give me a low dose of pitosin (not sure how you spell that) if she didn’t come by then. I was starting to get super nervous about that since pitosin is not good for people who are having a VBAC because that is what can cause your scar to rupture. Zach was nervous too and was starting to tell me maybe to just get a c-section instead…which I really didnt want!! As Tuesday came closer and closer I started praying harder and harder that Heavenly Father would allow my body to go into labor on it’s own and that things would happen as they naturally should. I asked Zach to give me a priesthood blessing and trusted that Heavenly Father would know what was best for me and Navy.

Monday morning at 4:15 I woke up and immediately felt a contraction. I wasn’t sure if this was really happening because you hear of false labor all the time. Even though this is my second kid EVERYTHING was like experiencing it for the first time because it had been over 5 years since I had Dakota and his experience was SO different with an emergency c-section. (Read more about his here)

So I laid there uncomfortably and stared at my phone to time them. They were exactly 5 minutes apart so I wondered if they would stick around for the hour that my doctor said they should before coming in. They stayed pretty consistent. Zach rustled in bed so I said…I think this might be it. That of course woke him right up. So after laying there for 10 more minutes we got up and started getting things ready to go.
I called my trusty friend Jina about 5:15 to ask her for a ride down to the hospital since my mom had to stay home with Dakota. The contractions got progressively stronger and started to be 3-4 minutes apart by the time we left.

As they were checking us in the contractions were so intense! I give SO much props to you ladies who can do this naturally.  I thought I had a high pain tolerance but when it came to contractions I was MISERABLE to say the least. Any time someone talked to me or asked me questions during contractions…I kinda wanted to punch them in the face!! ;) The nurse checking us in asked during a contraction, “Are you guys excited?” Luckily Zach answered cuz I wanted to say, NO I’m not…this is horrible!!! ;)

By the time we got to the room I was dilated to a 6 ans was VERY ready for an epidural.

This was my favorite thing in the room…big bro: Dakota! ;)

Before the epidural kicked in…

After that sucker kicked in the experience became SOOOO much more enjoyable and then I became excited!! ;) Neither Zach nor I could believe it was really happening!!
We were ALL smiles!!!

They told me that normally on a first time vaginal birth you dilate about 1 cm an hour so I was expecting to be there awhile. I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore so I didn’t care! I could do this all day!! ;)

So we snuggled in for awhile to wait! ;)

We filled our time laughing, talking, filling out paperwork, kissing ;) and just relaxing!!
DSC_0020-001 DSC_0026
Love this baby daddy!!

Filling out the papers for this little girl that is about to be MINE!! ;)


We admired my big ole belly one last time…
DSC_0094-001 DSC_0096-001
Even though it will be nice to not have that thing in the way all the time…I will miss feeling those little kicks, hiccups, and movements with me all the time!! There is nothing in the world like that feeling!! I loved that she was with me ALL of the time…wherever I went…especially in the temple! ;)

The nurse came in an hour later to check me and I was at an 8. She was pretty surprised but that got me pretty excited. Things were getting more and more real as the minutes ticked by.
We had the BEST nurse ever…Nicole! So random…she says to Zach…”you did my yard!” Obviously since Zach is blind he can’t recognize people, but once she said who she was he totally knew who they were! She was SO super amazing and sweet…we were SUPER blessed to have her as our nurse!!

My doctor came in about then to check on us. She was debating on if she had time to go on a run or not! ;)
Julia Johanssen from Circle of Life

Now…looking at what time she left…she TOTALLY didn’t have enough time! ;)

About 45 minutes later I started to feel a little different and the machine that monitors your contractions was kinda going crazy.

I called the nurse in to make sure everything was going okay. She decided she would check me…low and behold I was already at a 10. She said even then it can take awhile for the baby to move down so she wanted me to do a few pushes to see how the baby moved before calling the doctor.

I love Zach’s face in this watching me push…he looks a little worried about me! ;)

What a fun job this nurse has! ;)

So we pushed for about 3 contractions and she said…she is right there…dont’ push anymore I am going to call the doctor.

Zach and I just looked at each other in disbelief. We couldn’t believe that this was all happening so fast and so smoothly. We are definitely not used to that!!! We never talked about it until we were home but we both just were waiting to hear bad news somewhere along the way. Not that we wanted bad news but that is just what we are used to hearing!! It wasn’t until we were home with Navy that we could breathe a little sigh of relief that all was REALLY okay!!

 DSC_0183 DSC_0176

When the doctor got there she suited up, the nurses got all of the things ready to rock and roll, and we were ready to go!!

I think it was only 1 contraction of pushing and Miss Navy came into this world at 10:30 a.m. on the dot…beautiful, healthy, and perfect!!
DSC_0213 DSC_0214
Love the intensity of the “real” moment on our faces! ;)

DSC_0216-001 DSC_0217-001

My GORGEOUS view!!!

I just stared at her tiny little body crying. Nothing else in the room mattered. She was here. She was mine. And my heart was FILLED with love for her!!
Zach was in love too if you can’t see it in his face!!!

The doctor cut her umbilical cord (Zach was not interested in that at all! ;))…

Then they handed her to me to do skin to skin and I fell even deeper in love, feeling her little body on mine, hearing her little cry in my ear! She was sent straight from heaven and my heart was and still is SO grateful that my Heavenly Father gave me this perfect gift!!
DSC_0236 DSC_0238-002 DSC_0245 DSC_0250-001 DSC_0255 DSC_0264-001

I could have laid like that all day but eventually they had to take her to clean, weigh, and measure her!

She didn’t love that so much…can you blame her! ;) She just wanted her mama!!

Big girl 7lbs 12 oz!!

First of many, many diapers!!

19.5 inches long!

And of course her handsome Dad needed his turn to love on her!! This was the most breathtaking view…seeing the man I love so much…holding this sweet little girl!!
DSC_0326-001 DSC_0330-002
I think she was in love with him too!!
DSC_0331-001 DSC_0335-001

And Navy got her first of MANY MANY hand holds from her Dad!!!
Zach’s heaven!!!

We just adored her!!

She wasn’t so sure about leaving that beautiful place in heaven to come here though!!

As if having Vicki be our photographer was not enough pictures…we had to snap a few with our phones to send to my mom waiting anxiously at my house!!

Grammy and Poppy had to have a turn too of course!!!!
DSC_0343 DSC_0354
Navy has no idea yet how lucky she is to have these two AMAZING people in her life!! Soon enough she will by crying because she doesn’t want to leave their house!! ;)

Then it was time to get to our recovery room!
DSC_0362 DSC_0363
Check out my sweet pink ride!!

Once we got there we met our new nurses and Navy and I both got checked out some more! Hospitals are SO good at making sure you aren’t left alone for too long! ;)
DSC_0372  DSC_0377 DSC_0373

Navy got her cute little footprints done! Baby feet are the cutest!!!
DSC_0375 DSC_0387
Then she got her very first bath!
DSC_0394 DSC_0410

She got all of her gear so no one can steal her away from us!!
navy gear Collage
I loved seeing Baby Tessie, Friedli!! It was proof she was MINE!! ;)

Then…I finally got her back to snuggle some more…and of course put her first bow on! Every girl needs a bow…I brought like 5 because I didn’t know what would fit her cute little head! ;) I was VERY over prepared for this moment! ;)

The first of many times she will stick her tounge out at me! ;)

I couldn’t stop kissing her!!!

DSC_0457 DSC_0460
The cheetah bow won! ;) I am a suckor for cheetah…even my nails are proof! ;)
We match! ;)

DSC_0463-001 DSC_0471 DSC_0475 DSC_0476

I did pass her off to her Dad for more snuggles…even though I could have kept her all day…just staring at her!!
DSC_0483-001  DSC_0492DSC_0493DSC_0485-001  
I love this picture because this is truly how close Zach has to look at things to see anything in some detail. He is checking our his beautiful girl!! I can’t wait for that day when he can see perfectly again and he will be in awe at this precious girl he was given!! Makes my heart happy just thinking about it!!

Grammy and Poppy got their turn again too of course!

Once we got settled we called my mom to bring Dakota man.

We couldn’t wait for him to meet his new little sister!! I’m not sure what he was thinking.
Last minute I remembered we packed the video camera…so we had to get it on film of course! ;)
The first moment!!

He didn’t show much emotion that day towards her.
DSC_0505-001 DSC_0514
My KIDS…that’s crazy to say! ;)

He was more excited to get snuggles from his mom and dad!! He was missing us I think! ;)
dakota hospital Collage

He got to share some “big brother” ice cream with me! That made being a big brother TOTALLY worth it!! ;)

For Zach and I it was heaven to have him there with us even for a bit…we were already missing him and to be all together just felt right!!
Our first family picture! Dakota’s face says it all… “What have you done?!”

My heart could explode with love for these 3!!!

Nana had to have her turn of course!!
DSC_0530 DSC_0531 DSC_0640
3 Generations!

Before Nana took Dakota back home…we got a little dose of what it’s going to be like to change 2 bums! ;)
One big…one little! Yikes!!

We only stayed one night in the hospital because to be completely honest…we HATE hospitals since we have been in them more then our fair share!! Zach was going insane even after being in our room for a few hours! I don’t blame him though! ;) We missed our little Dakota man too and wanted to be near him and in our comfortable little home together!!

So the next day we busted out of that joint!! ;)
2014-05-13 14.41.49
After dressing her in her first outfit of course! ;)

So tiny in this big ole carseat!

My mom came and picked us up with Dakota. He just kinda stared at her…wondering who this was next to him! ;)

And already a month has flown by since this day! Today Miss Navy is 1 month old!! Where is the time going?! Already for another update…I can’t keep up with life! ;)