Friday, August 27, 2010

Potty Training :)

We MAY have had a major breakthrough tonight!!! Dakota had some interest in going potty in the "big boy toilet" a few months ago so I just kind of went with it not having a clue what I was doing. First time mom here guys! So we bought the potty, bought some big boy underwear and thought what next. Zach was not too thrilled about putting real underwear on him and having accidents going on in the house...which it's gonna happen some day, why not just deal with it. So I compromised and we have been using pull-ups which work great for the up and down of the pants but it definitely doesn't bother Dakota to go to the bathroom in them so I'm not sure if it's hindering the process or not. Anyways he has done great at going potty any time we take him but he has never actually told me that he needed to go and has never gone #2. :) I haven't been very good at being consistant with it because to be quite honest our lives are nowhere near consistant at the moment. We are always going and busy helping Zach with the business and just going crazy with life so we are never home enough to really work on it. So just today I started thinking maybe it's just not the right time and was thinking about giving up. It's kind of a pain doing the whole in between of taking him to the bathroom and changing diapers. He just barely turned two this month so there really is no rush I was just going with his interest.  Then....tonight for the first time, he was in the bath and said "Mommy, potty." I was like "WHAT?! Do you have to go?" He said "yeah!" So I took him out of the bath and set him on the potty, not sure if he really would go or just wanted a treat. And he really went!!!! I was soooooo proud of him for telling me I had to give him two treats of course and we did the best potty dance ever!!! I'm not sure if this will happen again or if it was just a fluke thing but I'm hoping this was our break through point and it will only get better from here. If anyone has any great potty training tips, help a mom out!! Good job Dakota!! Mommy and Daddy are soooo proud of you!!

(Pictures of our potty training adventure soon to come...when I find my camera ;) ) 


  1. Keep going on the potty training it is a pain but after a week of staying on it it is totally worth it!! He sounds like he is doing so good!

  2. Thanks I need all the help I can get!!