Sunday, September 26, 2010


So for the first time in my life I went to the circus and it was seriously unbelievable. Friday afternoon Zach, Dakota, and I had the opportunity to go to the circus down in Salt Lake. Since Zach and I have been married, he had always talked about wanting to take me to the circus but we always missed it when it came to town. Well, this year with Dakota being old enough to enjoy it, we made sure of it that we could go and I am SOOO glad we went. It was a total blast and was totally amazing. The things they can do just blew my mind away...I mean where do they honestly get these people that are like superhuman and can bend their bodies in any direction, fly in the the freakin air like no other and catch each other, walk a freakin tight rope, etc. It's unreal!!!
Here are some pics to show you how cool it really is (in case you have been deprived like me and have never been :) )
So your probably thinking...what's so cool about this...WELL, let me tell you...there are seven freakin motorcycles all zooming around in that little cage together!!! How they do this without killing each idea! One of the coolest parts!

Yes, they are just flying through the air together only holding on by his legs like it's no big deal...SCARY!!

The elephants were by far Dakota and I's favorite part! Who doesn't love a big animal doing crazy things. Every time they left Dakota would ask, "Where "ephelants" go?" By far his most favorite thing.

More elephants!

Even more elephants. (How cool would it be to be that girl up there riding on the trunk!)

And more elephants just standing on each don't see that every day!

And you gotta love a cage full of tigers with a man just chillin in there like it's nothing.

And you can't enjoy a show like this without a little ice least if you are a Winterton! :)

Delicioso!!! He had a death grip on that thing! (Just like his momma!)

But of all the fun...the best part was just being with my most favorite people in the whole world...My 2 best boys!!! What more could you ask for!

Just enjoying the show! Zach was so cute to go even though he couldn't see everything that was going on...but he did get to do his most favorite thing for most of the show...snuggle with Dakota!

Thanks Zach for the fun day! You are the best husband and dad in the whole world! I love you!


  1. Im so glad that you enjoyed the circus! I think it is quite amazing too...and always a good time, Im sure Dakota just loved it! :)

  2. How fun! You all look great! Miss you!