Friday, November 5, 2010

Goodbye Snowflake :(

So like I have said before Dakota has the BEST grandparents in the whole world!!!

So in case you haven’t noticed from some of Dakota’s pictures…he is such a little cowboy. He LOVES anything to do with being a cowboy-the hat, the boots (no doubt), horses, belt buckles, EVERYTHING!

I grew up with horses my whole life doing the whole rodeo thing and my parents of course still have many horses so every time we go down to “ZONA” as Dakota calls it, we get to ride and he always has a blast.

Well, because I have the cutest and best parents in the whole world, they decided to bring one of their horses up to us and board it in a place really close to our house so that Dakota could have a horse to ride, whenever he wants. So in July they brought up Snowflake and Dakota and I have just LOVED having her here. (I’m not sure who loved it more…me or him. :) )

Our first day with Snowflake!

He started taking charge and learning to do it all.

Well, since it is getting colder Snowflake had to go back to Zona for the winter. We are sure going to miss her but luckily we will be down there for Thanksgiving so Dakota will ride again soon.

We had one last photo shoot with Snowflake on our last day to ride. As you can tell it was a FREEZING day but we didn’t let it stop us.

Sorry for the millions of pictures. Vicki came so of course we got A LOT of pictures thanks to her and I don’t want to forget about them!

Helping Papa get Snowflake

Just waiting patiently

Exploring with Nana while Snowflake is getting saddled

We started out outside in the arena.

The weather took a big turn! COLD is all I have to say!

We took it in the barn. Papa was so nice to keep walking and walking and walking. Whenever we would stop Dakota would say, "Let's go!"

My cute little cowboy!

So big riding all by himself.

Petting Snowflake

Zach is the farthesest thing from a cowboy and never would of thought his son would be into all of this. He is a cute dad though and loves how much Dakota enjoys it.

Papa fixing his hat.

Dakota and his pretty Nana

What?! We are done already?!

Found a new friend.

Thanks Nana and Papa for sharing Snowflake with us! We have loved every minute of it!!!!

Funny/Sweet Moments:

1. I was asking Dakota if he wanted to go get his haircut and then go to the library and he says (in his exact words) “That’d be sweet.” I was like what?! Did he seriously just say that??? It was hilarious. Usually he says, “That would be fun!!” But sweet was a new one! :)

2. Sometimes, mostly in serious conversations when Zach and I are disagreeing, we call each other babe. So the other day in a very serious voice Dakota says, “I don’t think so babe.” It was so funny to hear the word “babe” come out of his cute little voice.

3. Whenever Dakota falls and gets hurt Zach always tells him…your tough, don’t cry. So the other day he got hurt and was trying so hard to not cry but in his sad little whimper he says, “I’m tough. I don’t cry.”

4. For Halloween he was in his sherriff costume and in my cowboy voice I said “hey partner!” He looks at me with a serious face and says, “I’m not a partner. I’m handsome!” If you can’t tell we often tell him he is handsome! :)

5. Sometimes after I fix him a meal he says in his most excited and sincere voice, “Thank you mom! That’s so nice.” You would think I never give him any food to eat he is so appreciative.

6. One of the cutest…The other day he all the sudden started singing these words, “Jesus wants to help you. Jesus wants to help you. He can help you.” The tune sounded like the song, “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam” but I have never heard those words before so I’m not sure if he just made that up or if there is another song out there that he learned at nursery that I’m not aware of. Either way it was super cute and I hope he really know that Jesus will help us!


  1. Cute pics Tess!! Dakota is such a cute cowboy, I LOVE it. I bet he was SO SAD when Snowflake went home. Will you get to have the horse up here every year??? Where are some pics of zach on the horse??? We all know he rode it, LOL!! :)

  2. The header of this post had me sad at first because I thought you meant the horse just passed away, and I remember it just came up there this summer. I am SO glad that she is just going back to AZ for the cold winter . . . here's an idea, maybe you guys could travel with the horse too (travel south for the winter)!?!! Ha ha. I love that Dakota loves horses and is into it as much as he is. I always thought it was cool how you did rodeos growing up. Oh yeah and your parents are the cutest!

  3. Tessie! I KNOW he knows that Jesus will help us! He knows first hand, and how amazing is that little boy! We love him that last part made me cry! Jesus sure us helping sweet little Dakota right now!! We are praying for you! What a sweet in tune boy he is!