Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time is Running out

Race day is almost here! I hope all you racers are all trained and conditioned up because I am expecting Team Dakota to be the winners!!! Just Kidding. We are just so excited to go and see all of you coming out to support not only Dakota but this great organization. It looks like we are gonna have a great turn out and even some of my wonderful family is coming ALL the way from AZ! Woo hoo! I found out that although the Internet registration is no longer available you can still register for the race on the race if you haven't signed up and want to come it is not too late. We got our cute Dakota shirts in and Chelsea (Dylan's cute aunt) did such an amazing job and they turned out so cute! Thanks Chelsea for all your hard work and time and of course all of our sponsors for making it possible for us to all be united. For those of you who we can't get your shirts to you before the race or if you are a last minute racer and wanna race with Team Dakota, my cute friends will have a table with Dakotas shirts set up before the race at 7:30. The shirts are like a baby blue color so just look for it...not sure exactly where it will be but it will be there. Can't wait to see all of you there and even meet some of you for the first time...and so excited that it looks like it will be one of the only days without rain! :) P.S. we would like to get a picture of our whole group after the race of everyone in their shirts so if you have time to stick around after the race that would be awesome. If not that is okay too, we just appreciate you coming.

I had the best Mother's Day present ever on Monday. My sweet husband and amazing sister-in-law Jenny pitched in together and me and Jen had the best spa day ever! We went to this super cute place called Grassroots Salon in Layton and got massages, facials, and pedicures. All I have to say about that was AMAZING!!! I just wanted to stay and sleep their afterwards but they wouldn't let me. :( It was so much fun and me and Jen decided we should do it every week! (I wish) At least once a year you need a day like that. Thank you guys SOOO much!

Dakota is still being a little stud and working so hard. The speech therapists are so impressed with how well he interacts and is able to communicate with his body and expressions. We are using picture cards to make choices and he is doing so well with it. They say this is huge that he is able to make the connection that choosing this picture by looking at it means something. I am still learning but they make it sound like it is huge progress and if we just keep working at it consistently he will keep getting even better and better at it. So of course...we will! The therapist left today and just said...he is doing so well. Nothing is wrong with his mind. He totally understands everything. Which of course is so exciting for me to hear. I can tell that he is in there but it is great to see that someone that didn't know him before the accident can see it to. Just looking at him it is hard to tell but when you are with him and working with him so much you can totally see it.

A huge thanks to all of you who comment or express to me how much you see his progress too even in pictures. It is hard sometimes for us to see things when we are with him every day so thanks for sharing. We appreciate all of your comments, thoughts, and prayers. I know I say that every time but you have no idea how much we really I will just keep saying it! :)



  1. I'm so EXCITED for the race!!! and super stoked to see you guys!!! :)

  2. Cute Picture Tess! I love it! Dakota your are the toughest guys around!! :)

  3. and ps that is so awesome that the therapist can tell his improvements!! Wahoo! Go Dakota!!!!!

  4. LOVE the picture!! Dakota you're the toughest cowboy around and you're doing SO WELL. You can totally see improvements in his pictures, which is what we want!! We LOVE you guys so much and are so excited to see ya at the race tomorrow.. bright and early!! :)
    PS: the shirts turned out SUPER, SUPER CUTE!! LOVE em'!

  5. I don't know if you saw this on KSL news but wondered if this therapy could help Dakota. I also found that KUTV did a story on them found here:
    Good luck on your run!

  6. It was SOOOO good to see Dakota yesterday. I started to cry when I saw you walk in. I even got to kiss his made me so happy. He looked amazing!! I am happy to hear his progress. I would like to come help with his therapies once a week. I would love to spend time with him. I will text you.
    Love Pam