Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Update

Dakota's surgery went well. They just removed a little bit of scar tissue in his airway from the trach but everything else looks good. The doctor said he still has too much secretions that are getting into his lungs (which is why we have to suction him) so it is a no go to get the trach out before winter. We will see how he progresses over the winter and then if he is doing better with handling his own secretions we could look at early spring. So we will hope and pray for that! I was a little dissapointed but decided there is one huge benefit for keeping it in so it is ok with me, and that is getting to have a nurse go to school with him. The trach is the only reason he gets a nurse at school. Not only does that give me peace of mind but even better it allows him to have one on one at school and be completely involved with the kids and the classroom. There are 3 teachers in the class but twelve as much as the teachers would love to give him all the time and attention that he needs to be involved, it is impossible for them and I completely understand that. With the nurse their she is able to keep him moving constantly from place to place and interacting with all that is going on. So...all in all, as much as I wanted to get the trach, out I am okay with keeping it in a LITTLE longer.

We are completely done at the chamber as of a few weeks ago. Although I miss all of the wonderful people there I am REALLY enjoying just being home and not HAVING to go somewhere if I don't want to. Dakota is getting long great naps now which allows me a little time to get things done and makes him a happier boy too.

Dakota is still doing great at school. Yesterday I was carrying him into class and I looked down and he had this cute little grin. I was like...are you excited to be here?! Then these 2 cute little girls go, "Dakota is here!" (we are always the last ones there since he doesn't ride the bus) and that little grin just stayed. My heart just melted and I smiled the whole way home. That same day a girl made him a picture.
His first love note. :)

The nurse also said a boy that LOVES Buzz in the class and knows Dakota loves him too walked over and handed the Buzz to Dakota. She also said that the kids like to hold his hand. It makes me so happy that he has such sweet friends who love him and give him a chance even though he can't do everything that they can do. Thank you to all of you parents out there who are teaching your kids to love others and most of all being an example of it!!!
Dakota also painted his first picture at school the other day. The nurse supported his elbow to keep his arm up with the paint brush in his hand and she said he worked so hard to get the brush to the paper. It was so fun to get to have him bring a picture home. So all of you parents out there don't take those millions of pictures that your kids make for you for granted. What I would give to have Dakota use ALL the paper in the house to make pictures and even make a huge mess doing it! But I will take this one painting for now and I will cherish it forever!
His First Painting...what an artist!
Therapies are going great with him. Over the last couple of weeks he has taken it up a notch. He is pushing like a maniac down the slide now stronger then he has ever pushed before. We have to help him get his arms and legs into position but he is doing all of the work pushing his way down. His IPAD has been a great motivator for him to get down there and turn a page in his Toy Story book or start one of his favorite songs. They gave us a new exercise that makes him sit a little below parallel and then push up to stand for 3 minutes straight. One person holds his feet down and I help support his body to stand. When we first started about a month ago I was doing all the work and my back would be killing by the end. He was like a little noodle and would not help much at all to stand. Now he is seriously pushing up almost completely by himself with me just supporting his body in the direction it needs to go. I'll say 1, 2, 3 stand and he will just start. Sometimes he will just shoot up right when we help him sit back down. It has been pretty amazing seeing him get so much stronger at it in just a short amount of time. He definitely is not stable or balanced without our support but he is getting stronger and really trying. It helps to have Buzz on in the background. :)

Grandma Goodman loves you too! Happy Birthday Grandma...sending our love all the way from Utah!

Funny/Sweet Moments: (So I used to write these at the end of blogs before Dakota's accident to help me remember all of the random things that make Dakota so dang cute and fun so that I would always have them to remember. Since his accident of course a lot has changed and they don't just flow out of his mouth like they used to. I went back and read some of them the other day and honestly couldn't believe that he used to be able to say and do all of that. I sure miss all of those things and not that I have forgotten what he used to be like but over time I have gotten more used to the way things are now and so in a way things begin to slip. Memories still flood my mind every day of things that I miss but some of the specifics like these moments I forget so I am glad that they are written down. Anyways I had a sweet and funny moment with Dakota the other night so I thought I would try and start doing it again. So here it goes.)

1. I was singing to him as I always do, holding him right before I put him down to bed and he just looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and gave me the most biggest and handsomest smile ever with a little coo. It made me laugh as I was singing. Then he did it again, and again, and again. It was like he was trying to tease and play to get out of going to bed. Then I laid him down and usually he is asleep within twenty minutes. Well, I walked out and just hear him babbling away in the monitor for 20, then 30, then 40 minutes. We had already had a late start for bed time and it was about 10:45 and he had school the next morning so I thought...I better give him a dose of Melatonin (you all should try that :). So I walk in his room and start giving him his medicine and he looks right at me with another cheeser and then does a little giggle. Not once, not twice, but like three times. It was hilarious! He definitely had his cute sense of humor back for a bit and I couldn't wipe the smile of my face!
Since then there have been a couple of other times when I have put him down for a nap or bed and he just gives me that gorgeous smile of his as I sing...and I know it's not because I'm a good singer! :) (maybe he is laughing at me!)

2. (This one is about Zach...dont tell him I wrote it but I want to remember it.)
So the other night him and I were talking about the upcoming holidays...mostly Thanksgiving and Christmas and how we aren't really looking forward to them. Now normally this is my most favorite time of year but since Dakota's accident...1. It brings back bad memories and a lot of heartache and 2. It just isn't quite the same since he can't really enjoy it like he used to. Just thinking about what to get him for Christmas does me in. Anyways, as I got into bed a little later that night he said..."you know I was just thinking how grateful I am for you though and how at least I get to celebrate them with you." Isn't he the sweetest thing. It totally lifted my spirits and made me look at my blessings instead of what I am missing. So lucky to have such an amazing husband!

Last thing to share. Got this AMAZING quote off of an amazing woman's blog ( and had to share it cuz I love it and needed it!
"Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”


  1. What a sweet story! I can't even imagine how happy he must feel with such sweet kids around him and how lucky for those kids to be around such a special boy!

  2. Love the favorites at the end of the blogs!! Keep them up! You guys are awesome! :)

  3. You don't know me, but I feel like I know you and your sweet family. Doug was my in-laws bishop years ago, and Vicki has taught my three girls, last year she had Sadie. I love reading your blog and hearing about how well Dakota is doing. My little boy is really close in age to him, he turned 3 on Aug. 4. There are so many times when I feel frustrated by things he does then I check your blog and feel bad that I am frustrated. You are such an inspiration to me, I cry every time I read what you guys struggle with and pray for you and your little man. I just want you to know that even though we don't know each other that you have made a difference in my life, and I hope my prayers make a small difference in yours. Thanks for sharing your experience with others.