Monday, January 9, 2012


Kindness is something I have thought a lot about lately. It is something that we have been shown in abundance by SO many people...ones we know and ones we don't in every way imaginable through the trials we have faced. I can honestly say it is one of the main things that have got us through. The sincere love, care, support, service, prayers, faith, and kindness of so many have given us the strength, courage, and determination to keep going when all we wanted to do was give up.

My AMAZING sister Annie just got put in, at the ripe ole age of 30, to be relief society president in her ward at church. We were down in AZ for Christmas when she got put in in her ward. (a little behind in my blogging about Christmas and are fun trip). Anyways, on top of having to speak in church she had to teach the lesson in relief society which was a lot on her shoulders. So semi-jokingly she told should teach it for me. I laughed because that was not gonna happen and she said...serious. I was like why, what is it even about?! She said I don't know but I'm sure you have something that can relate with it. (She thinks I am so knowledgeable since I have been through the ringer quite a bit, but in reality I am still trying to figure it all out and don't really have the answers or knowledge to help anybody. ;) ) So Sunday morning as we are getting ready to go to church (hers was at 8 a.m. on New Years Day...ouch!) she sends me this text saying...hope you can swing it to come to my relief society lesson...and be prepared to share. I was like SERIOUSLY?! I texted back...I will be there but not to share! (I know I'm a great sister!) She texted me back...just think about how the kindness of others has brought you closer to Christ...hope that helps.

So long story short the rest of the morning I thought about that. I thought to myself...oh that's an easy one because if anyone has been shown kindness that is us. My mind started rolling about the MILLIONS of acts of kindness that we have been shown. But I had never really thought about how those acts of kindness have brought me closer to Christ. I knew that they had...but why? What was it about those acts that brought me closer to my Savior. As I thought of the acts of kindness towards us 2 major things stuck out to me. 1. So many of the acts of kindness have brought me closer to Christ because they have shown me through these wonderful people that my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ are aware of me...they DO love me...and they are sending these most wonderful people to comfort me and strengthen me physically because they can't physically do it themselves. So many people have been there for me at the right time, the right moment, with just what I needed...not by coincidence but because they were sent to me from my Heavenly Father to help me get through. And because of this I have come to know how much my Savior loves and cares about ME!
2. The acts of kindness and sincere compassion of several people have given me some of the most perfect and amazing example of my Savior. Through their actions I have learned how to be more like the Savior. I have learned what kinds of things the Savior would do if He were here and the love that our Savior has for all mankind. Complete strangers and dear family members and friends have shed tears in our behalf. I have been amazed at how Dakota's accident has affected some so deeply when they don't have to deal with what we deal with every day. They get to go home to their healthy perfect kids and family and don't really have to or need to worry or care about us. It doesn't affect them personally...but yet they act as if it does. Only the most Christ like of people can feel the pain of others as our Savior would. I hope I don't embarrass Annie for sharing this but I have to because she is the perfect example of this. (and this is the example that I shared with the class) The horrible day of the accident Annie was there with her kids helping set up for my brother Ty and his sweet wife Heather's reception, as were many others. It was her little 1 year old Sutton that was playing near Dakota when it happened and who was standing so close to where Dakota laid when I found him...smiling and playing with no clue what was going on. Annie was the one to drive Zach and I to the hospital where the ambulance was taking Dakota. As I sat there in silence crying and in the most pain I have EVER been in. She spoke these most Christ-like words to me that I don't think most mothers could say..."I know I will sound like a horrible mom...but I wish that this happened to me instead of you." I couldn't believe that she would say those words especially with the amount of pain I was feeling...but she meant it with all her heart and I felt it. She saw the sadness and pain inside of me, and like our Savior wanted so badly to take it from me...that she was willing to sacrifice her son for mine. What more example of kindness can help you come to know your Savior then that?!

Anyways, tonight with tears in her eyes because she was no longer going to be subbing on Dakota's bus...shared with me how much she LOVED my son and how he has touched her life more then anyone ever has. She shared how times when she had given him a stamp on his hand he smiled and she just knew that he understands. You have no idea how much these words touched my heart. One of the things that bothers me the most, is that the people who meet Dakota after his accident have no idea what an amazing and fun little boy he was and is. I fear that when people see him they see a trach, a g-tube, a wheelchair and not HIM. Because when I look at him I don't see that. I don't see him as handicapped or disability...I see a little boy that is AMAZING. And I saw in her eyes and through her words that she saw that too. She saw the perfect angel that I see in him and although kind of a stranger to me, she took the time to come to my home, bring us and Dakota gifts, and share her deep and sincere love and desire to come and help with him. Once again, she is showing me how to be more like Christ.

There are millions of example I can keep sharing and I hope all of you who have helped Zach and I come closer to Christ through your kindness know how much we love and appreciate you...whether we have met you or not. Thank you for loving and caring for us!

I post our Christmas/thank you card to all of you who read this who I don't know and wasn't able to send you one...because whether you have commented or not or just prayed for us you have been our angels and have truly helped us through the most difficult journey of our lives! Thank you and we love you!!!


  1. Such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are truly inspiring.

  2. Love Love Love this post!!! You have definitley brought me closer to the Savior in more ways than you'll ever know. And hands down one of the BEST Christmas cards we've ever recieved, we still have it hanging on our fridge we love it so much. Dakota is a miracle and an inspiration to us all and we can't thank you enough for sharing your private thoughts with all of us. One day I hope I can be half the person you and Zach are...feeling so blessed to know such AMAZING people like you guys!!! XOXO


    PS I just have to quit reading your blog while I'm at work, people are going to think I'm having a nervous breakdown everytime I read it I feel the spirit so strongly and I just end up crying my eyes out...keep it coming I love your blog!!!

  3. This card is gorgeous! You write about Dakota beautifully, and i love seeing all of his growth and development. I have a brother who got meningitis at 18 months, and is living with brain damage. I wish blogs were around then so my Mom could have documented about him, as well. We pray for you guys all the time:)

  4. I loved your Christmas Card so much - it was the most touching card we got this season. I think about your little family very often. You are such an example to me and to so many others of what a great mother is. Your strength amazes me!
    Cassie Brown