Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My new thing!!

So as of June I became an official certified spray tan technician! What?! I know...but I have LOVED doing it so far!

How did this begin???

Well...I had my first real spray tan (with a gun instead of a booth) back in February when I went to AZ to run Ragnar. My sister Katie and her friend had purchased one for themselves and sprayed our whole van members. I instantly fell in love with the perfect tan in minutes...without having to spend lots of time in the sun and no skin damage!! I'm not gonna lie...our van was filled with a bunch of tan hot mammas!! ;)
Can you tell?! ;)

We were all loving it (reminder...this was February...where the sun don't shine in UT...and even if it is you don't wanna be out in a swimsuit! ;) )

I loved the idea that my sister could get a spray tan whenever she wants so my mind started turning...this was something if I talked my husband into it ;) I could do on the side when Dakota was at school or sleeping. It would be perfect! Not a huge money maker or anything but enough (once I pay it off...which will be awhile) to have a little extra spending money...since I do love to shop and I can be tan whenever I want...sounds good huh! ;)

So I started talking to the hubby bout it when I got home. Started doing a little research. Started talking to my brother in laws sister who has been spray tanning a long time in UT about her equipment, techniques, etc. She was a HUGE help and told me she was going to L.A. for a hair show in June and would check out Norvell's booth (she said they had the best!!)

She called me from L.A. told me they had a kit and she would grab it for me. Me and the husband thought for a couple days and decided LET'S DO IT!! She trained me hands on and I completed my online training course. Practiced on the hubby and a few friends and I am rockin and rollin!

I got it the first of June but didn't really have a great place in our house to do it so we decided to add a little room in the garage since it is a really deep garage. The next day Zach's brother Ryan started building. We added lights, Zach surprised me and did epoxy (no idea how to spell that) on the floor in the garage, we painted (twice) and then I went to work on the fun stuff...decorating and adding shelves. And finally...a month later it is officially done and so fun!

Since I got it I have already done quite a few people. Some didn't mind the mess of the construction and just came over anyways. I have done 3 parties that are so much fun! I LOVE seeing people so happy and excited just from getting a little color! It's funny how just having a little tan can make you feel SO much better. My friends and I have joked "dark fat is just better then white just looks better!" ;)

Here is the room!!
My fun shelves...they are cuter in person.

The tent...where the magic happens...and my amazing gun!

So spread the word if you know of anyone who needs a spray tan!!! ;) If you don't live close I do private parties where I can come to you!


  1. So EXCITED for you!!! I was SO sad I missed Heidi's party, I wanted to come so bad :( I guess now I'll either have to have a party or come visit you're cute little shop :) Tell Zacher and Dakota the Lythgoe's say HI!!! Love and miss you guys!!!!

  2. Tessie it looks so GOOD!! I'm excited to come get a tan again soon and see it your room in real life!! So cute!!

  3. This 'fair-skinned' girl would LOVE to see what 'dark fat' looks like on me...just wish I didn't live 100+ miles away :( I will definitely share this with friends and family that live in the area! I love that you are trying something new, not to mention a service women really want!

  4. I've been following your blog for a while, and I love it! You are so positive and amazing! So, I just moved to Perry and was wondering if your husband's landscaping business does curbing and rock work. Will you guys give me a call? 723-3329. Thanks for being so awesome and such a great example!

  5. Looks awesome Tessie! I gotta come get one sometime soon!

  6. You are seriously superwoman! Is there anything you don't do lately?! Come spray me daily please?! I'm so pale, ha! I always feel prettier when I have color on me, so I agree with the above comment. ;)