Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!

So it is time to announce this lucky make ALL your dreams come now become the digital scrapbooker you have always wanted to be!!! ;)

I first have to thank all of you wonderful people out there in blogger land (this is a real place you know) for leaving your comments for this giveaway and for all the other comments you have ever left on my blog. They really are treasures to me that brighten my day and lift me up and I enjoy reading them SO much.
It was SO much fun to read all of these entries and here of all the amazing things that people want to do with this prize. I honestly wanted to give one to all of you and I feel like a jerk to those that didn't win.

There was NO WAY that I was going to choose the winner based off of comments because you ALL deserve I went to, plugged in the number of entries and let them randomly pick the lucky winner for me.

SO the winner is....................................................Juliet Lang!!! So Juliet once you get up from passing out from reading this ;) go ahead and leave me a comment with your email so I can send you the promo code. Congratulations!!!!

Don't forget....if you didn't win you can still get $10 off of this software with the promo code STMMMS234. That makes it only $30 which is still a killer of a deal or a great gift for someone! THEN on top of that...My Memories will then email you a $10 off coupon towards their whole store so you could use it for whatever you want!!!

Huge thank you to My Memories for providing me with this giveaway and stay tuned because more will those who wait!! ;)

Have a great day....we will be partying it up tonight for Dakota man!!!!!

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  1. NO WAY!!!!! I can't believe I WON!!!! Rather because you chose me, or randomly selected me, it doesn't matter :) Yes, I did have to pick myself up-simply because I couldn't believe I actually won!!!!! But then I had to stop the tears!!! This means soo much to me-more than I think you'll ever realize!! I know Suki won't understand its importantance, but the meaning its going to have on my sister is going to overwhelm me. With 4 other kids, she doesn't have time to make the memories that are so important in making a difference in Suki's life-like the Strollathon. So I am over the moon about being able to do this for Suki, her and the rest of her family.

    I am honored to be able to do this for my niece and her family. I am soo excited about doing this and giving it to her for her birthday :) yea!!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    my email is

    thank you again!!!

    Juliet Lang