Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So back in August...if you are like me...I can't remember that far away...I did a giveaway of some pretty awesome scrapbooking software from my memories.

Well, they have started EVERY week giving me one freebie a week that ANYONE can have for contests or strings attached. The only thing is you do have to own the software to use it.

I haven't been very good at posting them due to time, but I will try and get better because when I saw this weeks freebie I thought it was SO adorable and any mom out there could use it.


So if you don't have the software and want to start getting creative and crafty...the promo code for the $10 off I gave is still good. The promo code to use at check out is STMMMS234.  This makes the software ONLY $30...AND on top of that I will try and post the freebies at the beginning of each week so you can create MORE and MORE fun stuff with it. They have had CD labels, party bags, masks, etc. Fun things that you can print right at home!

The FREEBIE is only good til the end of the week so HURRY UP!!! Buy yourself an early Christmas present...or buy it for a friend, sister, or mom and create stuff together! ;)

If you already own the software just click on the link and download it. Have fun!!! If you end up creating something fun let me know what you did and how it goes!!

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  1. soo fun!!!! i just downloaded a ton of freebies!!! thanks!!! i never knew they had all that free stuff :) love it!!!! now to find time to play around with it all!!! maybe after the fundraiser!!!! hope you guys are all doing well!!!