Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6 years!!!

Zach and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 26th! 6 years...that's it?! It's funny how after being married this long you can't really remember life without this person in it! It feels like we have been together forever but it's only been 6 years.

Maybe it's because a lot has happened in those 6 years...more then I imagined would happen in my lifetime!
But I am grateful that after 6 years I still have a husband that adores me...even though he knows the good and the bad...the crazy and normal...he knows it all about me! ;)

After 6 years he is still such a gentlemen, always so complimentary, still so helpful, still so loving to me and Dakota, still funny and fun to be around, still such a hard worker...always trying to be the best provider he can, despite how hard it is being blind, and YES sexier then ever!!! ;)

We like all marriages have our moments...where I wanna knock him out (at least I hope everyone does ;) ) but I could never imagine life without him. Because we have been through so much, I tend to fear and expect the worst...can you blame me?! Whenever I start not feeling good or hurting...I'm pretty sure I have cancer! ;) I am always afraid of losing Zach...I think about it a lot. If something were to happen to him I'm pretty sure I could never find someone that could love me and Dakota like he does!! He is AMAZING and I love him to pieces!!!

Our anniversary date wasn't super romantic but it was fun!! We went out to dinner to Rodizio grill in Salt Lake. I had never been there before but it is Zach's most favorite place...lots of meat!!! We both left there filled to the max!! We then went to an improv comedy show in downtown Salt I said not romantic but fun. We love to laugh together so it was perfect for us!!

We finished the night off of course....with ice cream!!! That was my choice of course! ;)

Simple but wonderful! That is us...that is our life!! 1 day we will go on that cruise we keep talking about...but until then...this was great!!



  1. happy, happy anniversary!!! its better to laugh than be romantic anyways!!!! glad you guys had a great night out together!!!!

  2. Tessie, you are absolutely STUNNING! Happiest anniversary! Hooray for happy marriages!