Friday, March 1, 2013


So I'm sure you have noticed the side of my blog that says Heroes...I mentioned why I added that list on an older post.

I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to go to lunch and meet one of my newest heroes the other day Kali Winward.
Cafe Moores...YUM!

Her sweet little 7 year old boy was involved in a fire accident not too long ago here in our town. There were 5 boys total involved and he was the worst. I didn't know any of the families beforehand but of course my heart went out to them. When you have been through ANYTHING with your child and almost lost them you are FOREVER changed. She posted sweet and encouraging comments to me on my blog despite the fact that she was treading through this difficult water herself. I am SO happy she did though because it led me to her! I am a firm believer that you can NEVER have enough friends. Each person and friend that you make along your path will touch your life in a different way and teach you something new.

Her little guy Tayton almost didn't make it but he is such a brave little guy and pulled through!! He still has a long road ahead of him with more surgeries along the way so there family could use the love and prayers of all of you wonderful people out there.

His AMAZING mom has to do 5 hours of therapy a day with him which involves stretching his little fingers, hands, etc because of the skin graphs. It is pretty painful for him so of course as a mom it is not something that you would enjoy doing. Kali is SO loving and unselfish and does so much for Tayton and she is about to have a brand new baby in the next month!!

Tayton LOVES the Utah State University and is in a contest to win the title of THE BIGGEST Aggie fan!! It is a super tight race and he keeps going back and forth with a couple other kids so he can use ALL the votes he can get!! So if you have a spare minute PLEASE vote for him by clicking on each star. He is so cute and makes his mom check all day to see where he is at. If anyone deserves it, he does! He will win season tickets to a sporting event but really he just wants to win the "title" of THE BIGGEST Aggie fan out there! Isn't that so dang cute!! There are only TWO days left to vote so get on there and tell everyone you know...lets make Tayton and his families day!!! Click on this link to vote.

Keep up on sweet Tayton here!

My other Hero is my dear friend Emmi!! IF you have EVER clicked on her blog from my list of blogs you have probably fallen in love with her HILARIOUS sense of humor, her raw and real posts, and her darling little self!! I met Emmi through Western Wishes that Dakota became a part of. She was one of the people on the committee and she is one who just loves to give and serve!

Emmi is one of my heroes because of her honesty in the regular old hardships of life!! She suffered with post partum after having her 2 boys which is a huge battle! I didn't have to deal with that and I can't even imagine what that feels like but it is a real thing that we need to have compassion on for other people!!

She is struggling with some personal things but manages to still see the positive in life and continues to thank God every day for her blessings!! For goodness sakes her blog is entitled...To God Be the Glory!

Her blog is AMAZING because she is real. She wrote a post about how one of the #1 causes of depression in woman is from reading other woman's blogs. Everyone seems to post ONLY the good and wonderful things in their life and it paints a picture that they have "the perfect" life. Well, I'm the first one to say that I don't think ANYONE has a perfect life! Sorry chicas! It may look like it from the outside but EVERYONE has struggles big and small. Emmi is one who does the world a favor by posting about the good and the bad. I think we all learn more from each other when we are willing to share both. I'm not saying write a post every day about how bad your life sucks and only complain about this and that...because focusing on the negative things in life is not good. But I think it is appreciated by all woman when someone is willing to share some of their hardships and struggles so that others don't feel alone.

Life is hard and I think we could all learn from each other if more people would be willing to quite hiding behind this perfect life they are trying to portray and be real!!

My third hero that I adore is Melanie. We were connected through our pediatrician because she has a 9 year old boy that was born with a brain injury.  I admire her for her continued strength, endurance, and love!! It has only been 2 years that I have had to endure the new life of having a brain injured child and she is going on 9 years!! She is a superwoman in my eyes and I have LOVED becoming friends with her and her sweet boy Crew. He is DARLING! We both have an obsession with is our personal therapy for sure!! She is even training for the Boston marathon right now...ROCK STAR!!

She recently has had some personal life changing things in her life and her plate is even fuller now! Even though she is struggling with her own challenges and going through so much right now she is still lifting me up and cheering me on! She is an amazing person and friend!! She doesn't write much on her blog lately but to follow her click here.

Keep all of these AMAZING woman in your prayers...I honestly don't think there could ever be enough!


  1. I found your blog from Kali's. I agree that she is amazing. It has been fun to read your blog. I miss working out with the group up there.

  2. You are the sweetest person in the world! You have helped me so much and I just can't tell you thank you enough. You have an amazing family and I am so happy I got to meet you!

  3. You are my hero...just thought you should know. I have been stalking your blog for the past year now and check regularly (obessively) to see if you've updated it. Dakota and my son, Brandt, are around the same age and remind me so much of each other. Brandt loves the outdoors, skidsteers and tractors, sweeping the driveway, has the same boots that Dakota had on in your pictures before his accident, and I think they would be best friends if we lived within a hundred mile radious. It breaks my heart that your life did not go on as imagined, but there is no one else out there who has EVER made the best out of every situation like you and your husband have. You all deserve the best and I promise that if me or my husband ever win the the lotto, we will take a vacation to Disney together (the boys would have so much fun). I just started blogging is a great way to let my family and friends who live far away keep up. Plus I only think it's fair to put my life out there after following so many other people. So that is all I wanted to say. You are very much an inspiration!!! If Oprah still had her show I would suggest you guys as a guest:)