Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dakota's Birthday Wish

Dakota's birthday is coming up on August 10th. Besides a tampoline that he is asking for ;)...Dakota would LOVE for his birthday for whoever can make it to come out and support this AMAZING cause and be a part of Team Dakota!!!

Whether you have been through a small or large know how much a simple gift and thought can brighten your day. This organization is truly AMAZING and INSPIRING!! They give a tiny piece of light to a child that is going through something unimaginable.

It is $25 dollars for a race, shirt, AND breakfast...BUT most importantly it is $25 that goes to brighten a child's challenging world and give them something to smile and be excited about...and forget about their challenges for a minute. Go to this link to read more about this incredible organization...what they are doing and see for yourself how amazing they are!!! Just this year they have been able to give away 35 "giving trees" to 35 most deserving kids. With your help and support they can do even more!!!

You don't even have to be a runner to do it. You can walk or run or just come out for the breakfast and a shirt. Get your family and friends involved too! The more the merrier. If you have a family member that you would like to make your own team for that would be awesome too!!

So if you would like to make Dakota's wish come true and join TEAM DAKOTA ;) then leave me a comment with a way to reach you, call or text me 801-388-8223, or email me and I will help get you all signed up!!!



  1. Tessie do you know if joggers are allowed in the race?

    1. Rachel you and Brandon are the BOMB for joining our team!!!! Thank you!!!! Joggers are most definitely allowed!

  2. I am working that Fri & Sat nights, but I would love to donate! AND get a Team Dakota shirt :)Can I give you a check?

  3. You seriously dress so cute. I am just curious as to where your favorite places are to shop?