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Hope everyone had a a HAPPY Halloween!!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!! I have some of my best memories as a kid going to the neighborhood bonfire to have some hot chocolate and hot dogs before running off down the street with my friends and siblings to go knock on ALL the doors and try to get the most candy you could possibly get. I LOVED dressing up and what kid doesn’t LOVE candy?! Or even what adult?! Let’s be honest…we eat there candy too! ;) (At least Dakota doesn’t mind! ;))
Because of the Friedli Halloween party tradition, Zach and I are forced to still dress up…and secretly I STILL love it!! We always take the cheap, funny, and easiest costume we can think of and so far I have to say…we have gotten pretty creative. ;) Last year we were a bra…

The year before that we were a tampon and a period! ;) Gross I know…but funny! My mom isn’t too proud of me for either of these! ;)
halloween 10

This year it was down to the wire…a day before the party and we still had nothing. I decided to go for something less original but still funny and easy…an “awkward” old couple! My MOST amazing friend Jina has her elderly parents living with her so between their clothes and some of her dress up clothes we came out looking like this!
I’ll have to say…Zach makes a pretty dang hot old guy! ;) I sure am a lucky lady!!!

For Dakota’s birthday party he had gotten a cool Superman chest plate and cape so I decided Superman/Clark Kent was most fitting for the SUPER KID that he really is! Another one of his friends from his birthday party had given him a Superman shirt, towel, and card and on it they called him their Super Kid! I LOVED it and ever since then I have looked at him as MY little SUPER HERO!!

Last Tuesday was the day of the family party and Dakota’s first attempt at being Clark Kent.
2013-10-29 11.21.48

He looked SUPER cute but the chest plate kept moving around too much and his glasses wouldn’t stay on to save his life and bugged the heck out of him. So for Halloween day we had to make some changes…

2013-10-31 16.02.26
We traded out his Superman chest plate for his t-shirt and drew on his glasses! ;) Still looked darling to me! ;)

The party as always was SO much fun! Everyone had some dang good costumes and  gave me some good laughs!

The whole crew!

Collage halloween
Zach’s parent’s were the cutest little smurfs. Larose family top right announced with their costume that they are having a baby with “the bun in the oven!” (So that will mean THREE Friedli babies born with in TWO months. Ashley on the bottom left is only a day a apart from my due date!!!) The Hadley family bottom left are each other…She is Beau and He is Ashley! ;) Too funny! Their kids are obvious! ;) And Ryan & Lindsay are the cutest little police officer and jail mate! I LOVE that everyone goes all out! ;)

We had some jack-o-latern pizzas with bone bread sticks and homemade smoky root beer. It was all delicious. And of course we had some fun games. Kids were first. Dakota wasn’t feeling the greatest so he didn’t love the games…but we played anyway! ;) (cuz I’m a mean mom like that!)

DSC_1043 DSC_1045
The ole bean bag toss…look at that frowny face!!!

Last year Zach and I tore up the adult games…this year Ashley and Beau schooled us all! We better start practicing and training up for next year! ;)
We had to get saran wrapped. Zach enjoyed doing this to me a little too much!! Look at that grin!


GO!!!! Look at those intense faces!! We had to run/waddle/jump to the finish line!

Then it was the guys turn to get all wrapped up…

But they had to scoot on their tummies to the finish line!!!


Finished!! I love Bobby in the VERY back…he didn’t quite make it! ;)

Grammy and Poppy and all the kiddos! They do SO much to make each holiday SO special and memorable for everyone! Sure love them and appreciate ALL they do!!!

It’s crazy to me to think that next year I will have ANOTHER kid to dress up!!!! Can’t even wrap my mind around it still!!!

Halloween was super fun! Dakota got to dress up for school and have a fun Halloween day there.
 2013-10-31 08.54.58
Off to save the school!! (He kinda looks like an old man! ;))

Then we kicked off our trick-or-treating at Papa Ed’s assisted living place.
Didn’t he make the toughest football player you have ever seen?! He is the cutest thing ever!!! Sure love him!!!

2013-10-31 16.13.01

The residents all sit in a little circle and you just walk around to each of them.
Dakota was SUPER into it if you can’t tell! ;)

The very first lady was already worn out! ;) (She was so cute and made me smile…I couldn’t resist snapping a picture!) She had a cute mustache on her lip that was falling off.
2013-10-31 16.27.42
That is how I feel lately with this pregnancy…I just want to nap ALL day EVERY day, WHEREVER I am!

After there we went to Grandma and Grandpa Marilyn to visit with them! They are always so sweet to Dakota and just love him so much!! We always enjoy our time with them!!!
2013-10-31 17.12.06
She gave Dakota a super cool skull ring! He smiles at her so sweet!

2013-10-31 17.27.39
Sure love these 2!!

We then went to Zach’s second parent’s (his parent’s next door neighbors) Greg and Tina. They truly love Zach like he is their son and have taken Dakota and I in with just as much love! They are some of the greatest people we know!!!
2013-10-31 18.09.40
Tina always asks to hold Dakota…even though I know he is so heavy! It is so sweet! Sure love them!!

We then of course hit up Zach’s REAL parents for some yummy soup and chats between their constant flow of trick or treaters. Zach’s mom has been a preschool teacher for over 20 years so she gets LOTS and LOTS of her preschool kids. It is so cute to see how much they all love her!!
Trick or treat!!!

Luckily Aunt Jenny and cute Tater stopped by too, so we were able to see those cutest pirates too!!! So happy!!! Love them!! Still not sure if Dakota ever knew it was Grammy and Poppy under all that blue!

We flew out of there with our superhero…
(Is Zach not the cutest dad?!)

and ended the night with a visit to Lois…who is THE WORLD’S CUTEST little lady from Zach’s work. She is in her 70’s and is SOOOO full of love!!! Since the day Zach has been there she has showered him (as she does with ALL the people that work there) with love, kindness, praise and encouragement. She is one who honestly sees the good in EVERYONE she meets and LOVES them like the Savior would. She goes out of her way to come just peak in and tell them she loves them or to give them a peppermint paddy. She leaves cute notes at their desk and is always telling them how wonderful they are. She is the cutest!!!

We walk into her cute little home and she is just full of hugs, holding your hand, and kind words. She had a special present just for Dakota and she made doughnuts for us. It was SUCH a pleasure to get to meet her and feel her love and warmth. I hope one day that I can be just like her!! That I can LOVE with pure sincerity, EVERY person that I meet and that they will be able to really feel it like I feel in her!! Truly amazing!! (So sad I forgot a picture of her cute little self…but one day I will get one!)

Just getting to see all of these people we love so much on this Halloween day made this the VERY BEST Halloween I have EVER had!!! Obviously with Dakota the excitement isn’t all about the candy…but it’s kind of nice! For us holidays are so different…but I’m learning that that is not all bad!

I just have to end by telling you that I am going to the Ellen show on TUESDAY!!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited I just can't stand it!!! It has been on my bucket list for sure and I can't believe it is happening! More to come soon! Watch for me on the show that airs Wednesday! I will be dancing away in the audience!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

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