Monday, February 17, 2014

BEST Valentines Present EVER!!!!

Happy late Valentines to all you lovebirds out there! ;) So Zach and I aren’t usually very big on Valentines' Day. Mostly because our anniversary is January 26th and then my birthday is February 8th (more to come on my big dirty thirty later). So by the time Valentines rolls around we are all out of money and I already feel like I have been spoiled enough. I’m not big into flowers either. Don’t get me wrong…a surprise bouquet of flowers is always so thoughtful and sweet but to get them on the typical Valentines Day, etc. just doesn’t seem quite as thoughtful. I would much rather him spend the money to take me out or buy me something that will last longer then flowers. Zach knows this so he never gets me flowers but yet he always feels guilty for not. ;)

So somewhere along the way…a few weeks prior to Valentines Day…Zach claims we were watching some sappy show like the Bachelor together and I told him I all I wanted was for him to write me a poem for Valentines Day. Now I must have been totally joking or just talking cuz I don’t remember that at all. It could have something to do with this pregnancy brain but I honestly don’t ever remember a conversation happening like that. I do have the worst memory on the planet…which is why I love my blog so much because it helps me remember all the important things! ;)

So when Valentines Day came around Zach came in with this cutest little grin on his face and his hands behind his back and asked me, “what was the one thing you wanted for Valentines Day?” I had NO idea!! I didn’t even know what I wanted for Valentines Day!

He was soooo disappointed I didn’t remember telling him a poem…especially since he had spent 3 weeks racking his brain to write ME my VERY OWN poem! He gave it to me and of course I was TOTALLY shocked and surprised! I could only imagine what funny and cheesy things he had come up with. Zach is more of a funny guy then a romantic sappy kind of guy!

As I started to read it…I realized there was nothing cheesy about it. Zach had somehow turned our whole 7 years into the most beautifully written poem that I have EVER seen!! My eyes were quickly filled with tears and I couldn’t believe how thoughtful, romantic, and meaningful this beautiful poem was!! I was kinda glad I didn’t remember telling him I wanted a poem because it was the best surprise and gift I have truly EVER received!! It will be something I will cherish, read, and hold onto forever!!!

He didn’t want me to share it but I talked him into it since it is such a neat reflection of our crazy 7 years…what we have been through…and how we have made it together!! I know I never could have written anything like this. So here it is!! (No one better dare make fun of him or give him a hard time!! ;))

When i first met you in good old Brookings,
holy crap were you good looking
The most beautiful girl I'd seen in my life,
that's when I knew I would take you to wife,
We quickly married and a boy on the way,
life seemed so perfect, wouldn't you say?
Right when things were going their best,
it seemed right then, we started our test,
I lost my sight, which I knew I would miss,
how could I provide and go on like this?
Without hesitation, without looking back
you quickly jumped in and picked up the slack,
Hauling trailers by day, reading me schoolwork at night,
You're the reason I made it, all without sight.
Far from adjusted, and far from joy,
we then somehow lost our sweet little boy
too much to imagine, let alone bare,
I lost hope for a while, but again you were there,
Making meds by the dozens, new life without rest,
I know he knew then that his mom was the best
you never gave up, and you never gave in,
rather kept on the path and showed me again,
No matter what happens today or tomorrow,
life can be lived without living in sorrow
Patient, persistent, you keep moving on,
I'm glad you'll be with me even after we're gone
I don't understand and I often ask why
I keep chasing my dreams, and from you not a sigh,
From Seymour to Shark Tank and Hardware show,
You make me keep going despite all the NO's!
It's been quite a journey going for my HOME RUN,
but worst case you know, we've had so much fun!
We've come a long ways and Dakota has to,
Soon we'll have Navy, then what will we do?
Not sure how we'll do it with our new Kota man,
All I know that's for sure, is that with YOU we CAN!
Perfect mom, perfect wife, Heavenly Father did send,
I'm so lucky to have you, my eternal best friend!
As you can see I have plenty to say,
why I'm grateful for you on this Valentines Day!

Sure love this guy SOOOO much and couldn’t ask for a better Valentine then him!! He is a keeper!!
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  1. Seriously that is the sweetest thing in the world! I love it! You two are amazing.

  2. That is seriously the sweetest gift. Man I have an amazing brother. And sister! Every word of that heartfelt poem is true! I am so glad he has you. I love you Tess. Xo

    1. You do have an amazing brother!!! I love you Jen!!!

  3. You need a 'Like' button. Rather a 'Love' button. So sweet!

    1. True that! I do need a LOVE button! Thank you!!

  4. That is such an amazing poem and gift- wow! Awesome man he is and your family is the best.

    1. Thank you!!! He is so awesome! I am a lucky girl!!

  5. That was absolutely beautiful and made me teary eyed too! you are one lucky girl!

    1. Thank you!!! You are so sweet to get teary eyed too! ;) I am SO lucky!!

  6. Beautifully written and so thoughtful. God knew what he was doing placing you two together for sure!

  7. This brought me to tears! I don't know either one of you, but I can tell you must be an incredible woman with a wonderful family.