Monday, October 20, 2014

Joining His Old Lady!


Zach finally joined me in the dirty thirty club! We are old! ;) Just kidding 30 is nothing!! We laugh though because we feel MUCH older then 30! ;) Zach joked on his birthday…”I’m 30 going on 78!” I’m getting grey hairs, my eyes are bad ;), my teeth are rotting (he just went to the dentist and had lots of cavities…he inherited bad teeth from his mom’s side! ;)), and I’m going senile (we both forget A LOT!)

Needless to say, even though we feel 78 we are ONLY 30! :/ It’s gonna be a long 50+ or – years ahead of us if we keep going at this rate! ;)

To show Zach how much I REALLY love him I threw him a joint surprise party with his best friend.

They are such nerds! ;)


The best part about it is Zach HATES surprises!! Me and my friend Heidi that helped throw the party for her husband too planned minute to win it games to play at the party too. Zach HATES games! What a bum huh…who hates games?! He TOTALLY married the wrong girl cuz I LOVE games…which is why we played them. The real truth is…he has fun playing them when we talk him into it but for some reason to get him to play is SO hard and he has to complain for thirty minutes before we can actually start playing! ;) Then he has fun…although he will never admit it…I can tell! ;) (Is that a total guy thing or just my husband?!)

2014-10-11 20.09.21
I totally tore him up at this game! And no he doesn’t get any freebies for being blind! ;) Maybe if I would let him win sometimes he would like to play! ;) J/K

2014-10-11 20.12.08
Poor birthday boys just got beat!
(Jake and Heidi)

Even though he was COMPLETELY shocked and in disbelief…even as we were driving home he still couldn’t believe I did that…since I know how he feels about surprises…HE DID HAVE FUN!!

Heidi and I kept it pretty low key with just his and Jake’s closest friends.
2014-10-11 20.27.41

We had some yummy dinner, played a few games, but mostly just had fun talking, laughing, and joking!

We threw the party a week before Zach’s birthday and a couple weeks after Jake’s so neither of them had a clue it was coming. It worked beautifully because I am NO GOOD at keeping things from Zach and he can ALWAYS tell when I am lying…so luckily he didn’t drill me before hand or he totally would have known!

The decorations were the funniest part. Heidi and I printed a ton of pictures of Zach and Jake together (mostly all hunting ones since that’s what they do) and had them all around the party. It kinda looked like their wedding reception! ;)


My sister with her AMAZING shop Salvage Swag (follow her on instagram if you are on there) sent me this killer Happy Birthday banner to use. It is SO cute in person! Not that the boys cared AT ALL about the cuteness! ;)

Their cake was so cute too! There is this SUPER talented lady here at our Walmart that does cakes like it ain’t no thang! She designed this perfectly for our hunting boys!
2014-10-10 16.43.44
Not that Zach could see the cool details…but I assured him it was SUPER cute! ;)

We had a great time! Thanks to all who came!!!

We celebrated his actual birthday with his family. I didn’t capture any pictures of the party…as Dakota was having a hard night…if you can’t tell from this picture perfect family portrait! Happy Birthday Zach!! ;)
Happiest family you have ever seen! ;)

We did get a cute one of all the cousins in their Halloween clothes that Grammy and Poppy bought them!
2014-10-19 18.40.09
WoW Babies!!

I feel SOOOO grateful and lucky to get to celebrate my main man! He is my best friend, my confidant, my crush, my baby daddy, my eternal companion, my EVERYTHING!!

He makes me laugh when I want to cry, he gets me and loves every piece of me…the good and the bad, he is THE BEST dad I have ever seen, he is my kind of perfect and I love him with ALL my heart!!!

Happy Birthday Zach!I LOVE YOU!! You make 30 look GOOD!!! ;)


  1. That cake is great! What Walmart and who was it?

  2. Walmart in Perry and her name is Stacy! Sorry this took me so long! My friend ordered it so I had to ask her who the girl was!