Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day…My favorite holiday!

I think Mother’s Day has most definitely become one of my top favorite holidays!! Motherhood should most definitely be celebrated because it truly is a gift!! To have a whole day devoted to celebrating MOTHERS…it is just freaking awesome!!!


As this special day comes to a close I am almost in tears at what a happy and incredible day it has been!! Not because we did anything fancy, or because my kids made me something awesome because they can’t…but because it was FILLED with SO much LOVE and HAPPINESS from my amazing husband and two beautiful kids!!!

Zach let me sleep in after I nursed Navy (which is ALWAYS amazing and a great way to start a day since it rarely happens). Then after I woke up I walked right into Dakota’s room where he was lying in bed and snuggled up next to him and was showered with smile after smile and giggle after giggle for it seemed like FOREVER!!! He has had the happiest last few days and today was one for the books!! He was SOOO happy and every time I would tell him, “Thank you SO much Dakota for all your smiles!! That is the best gift you could EVER give me for Mother’s Day!” he would just light up and giggle more!! I truly believe it was his special way to tell me Happy Mother’s Day and I will NEVER forget it!!! He brings SO much sunshine to my soul!!

On top of all of Dakota’s happiness…for the first Mother's Day since Dakota’s accident I got to hear “Mama” repeated all day today and fill Navy’s tiny little arms wrap around my neck!! Those simple gestures mean SO much to me and fill my heart with SO much joy!! It is the simple things like these that make being a mother SOOO rewarding!!!

Motherhood is not a glamorous job. Every night when I look in the mirror it is always a little scary! I have Dakota’s spit on my shoulder or in my hair. Navy’s food somewhere on my clothes. My makeup (if I even did it for the day) is smeared and scary. My messy bun is a little bit messier or if I actually did my hair then you can’t tell anymore BUT the best part about it all…I don’t even care!!! The mess, the craziness, the tiredness and exhaustion is ALL worth it!! It means I am a MOM and have one of the coolest jobs EVER!! Before Dakota’s accident I took motherhood for granted. It never occurred in my mind that it could end in an instant until that tragic day!! That dark feeling of realizing that I might not be a “mom” anymore was one of the worst feelings I have EVER felt and I can NEVER forget!! It is sad to say that something so tragic is what made me learn how sacred being a mom really was!! For the first time I realized that our children are a literal gift from God. We don’t get to choose how long they get to stay with us on this mortal journey or what their path will look like…so we MUST cherish EVERY day like it could be our last!! Don’t be the one like me who thought…that won’t happen to ME!

Dakota has taught me and many other mother’s out there to LOVE, APPRECIATE, ENJOY, and CHERISH each new day of motherhood and all that comes with it…the good and the bad days!! I can NEVER repay him for that!!! My heart always bursts when I get a comment or hear from someone I know or a stranger I bump into in the store who has read my blog or followed Dakota’s story and tells me that he has made them appreciate their kids or appreciate being a mom more. It makes all the heartache and pain worth it ALL and gives purpose to our trials!! So thank you to all who have shared that with us!!

Happy Mother’s Day to EVERY mother out there!! May you where your spit up stained, food covered clothes and messy bun spit covered hair with pride!! And if you are out of “that” stage…enjoy those emotional rollercoaster teenage years for they will be gone in an instant!! And if your kids are grown with families of their own…remember…motherhood NEVER ends!! As I look at all mine and Zach’s mom has had to endure watching and helping us and other siblings through trials..I kind of don’t want my kids to ever grow up!! I think I will take “these” sleepless nights over those! ;) Motherhood NEVER ends!! Enjoy each new stage, and each new challenge it will bring…because as we ALL know…our children teach us more then we teach them!!