Meet Tessie

I grew up in one of the best (and hottest) places in the world Gilbert, AZ. I am the youngest of 6 fabulouso siblings (5 girls and 1 boy...DON'T say poor boy...he was spoiled rotten!) ;) I have some pretty fabulous parents as well that have taught me a lot of things and prepared me for this crazy life I didn't know existed.

Sports and rodeo was what I did most. (They too played a huge role in my life in teaching me how to work hard and prepared me for what life would bring) I played some volleyball, basketball, and softball and  roped on a couple weekends a month all over the great state of AZ. Life was great!

I played softball at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ for 2 years and then transferred to play at South Dakota State University for the next 2...where I was blessed to meet the love of my life.

After I graduated college in Early Childhood Education in December of 2006...Zach and I got married in January and I started my wonderful life in UT...which has now become my home!

I worked teaching preschool for Head Start in Ogden for about 1 1/2 years before I was blessed to become a mom to my very own boy...sweet Dakota.

Life has changed a lot since that day...I am now a wife to a blind man and a mom to a brain injured child. I NEVER saw those things in my future and although I wish I could trade things to the way they used to be...I am grateful for the things that they have taught me and how they have shaped me into who I am today. I am a completely different person because of them and I have learned A LOT of valuable and life-changing things from them. I have also met some INCREDIBLE people from them that have had a huge impact in my life! I look at life differently now and appreciate ALL of the little things a whole heck of a lot more. I realize now more then ever what is most important in life! I wrote a blog about if I knew this would happen to me would I have done anything different and the answer is NO!

I am no longer just a mom and a wife...I am a driver, reader, secretary, nurse, therapist, cheerleader, etc....and just a little crazier! ;)

I LOVE to run and workout (it is my personal therapy along with this blog), play softball and indoor soccer, shop til I drop (or my husband says NO MORE ;) ), play games, chat with the girlfriends, eat (anything yummy), decorate (still learning how to be good like my sister), snuggle my boys and baby girl, kiss Dakota's face (ALL the time...I'm sure he is trying to tell me no inside...but until he learns to, it will never stop), be with BOTH of our families, being a daughter, aunt, and a sister...oh and a mom and a wife too :),  lay on the beach (not like it ever happens but I like it), read motivational and self help books (that rarely happens either), and do pretty much ANYTHING with my husband and family!!


  1. Wow, have been busy with your blog! I love everything you have added! I so admire you, but my very most favorite comment (probably not grammatically correct :) was if you would have done anything differently had you known what life held for you, followed by a resounding "NO" ... such a testament to your spirit, your trust in a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for you and your sweet family, and of course, your mother heart!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. You are so inspiring! Ditto to everything Jenell said:)

  3. How your story is incredible touching. You are a very strong woman and I admire you.