Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jesus Wants ME for a Sunbeam

My little baby became on official sunbeam in primary today! (It was the first time we have been to our home ward this month) No longer a little tyke in Nursery...a big boy in Primary! Quite awhile ago they assigned my sweet dear friend Andrea (Sister Fife to Dakota) to be his very own teacher. To be devoted to helping him enjoy church with all the kids so that Zach and I could attend classes. They couldn't have picked a more perfect person. She was Dakota's nursery teacher before the accident and my visiting teaching companion for a few years. Dakota loved her so much and she has loved him so dearly and sincerely that it touches my heart deeply. Zach is such a worry wart with Dakota but even he gave his ok to trust Andrea to be his teacher and to leave Dakota for a couple of hours. (of course he made sure I went over every detail and scenario possible SEVERAL times...he is a cute dad who loves his boy ;) ) He has 2 great teachers too who I know will take great care to include him in all they do!

I wasn't sure how he would like the whole sharing time and class time. It is definitely an adjustment from nursery where he could watch the kids play with toys and be entertained. But they said he did so well and laughed during singing time when Andrea sang off tune or the wrong words. :) When I walked in to pick him up from class he all the sudden just started laughing hysterically. I love his sweet laugh and it lasted for SO long I couldn't believe it. When he laughs so hard he has a hard time breathing in so he would let out a couple big laughs...gasp for breath...make a more  serious look til he gets a good breath and start again. I swear he kept going almost longer then I had ever seen him before and I just LOVED it. My heart is happy today and I am SO grateful to not just be a mom but to be HIS mom!!!

Keep it up buddy and I'll give you all the Pez candy you don't even have to use the big boy potty!
P.S. My sweet cousin just sent me an email with a link to this amazing mother and her blog. She just lost her little 2 year old after a long and hard fight of EB (which I had never heard of before til now). Check it out and keep her in your prayers please! It will definitely make you count your blessings and especially the health of your children. Every day I am in awe and amazement at how many children are born healthy and strong when there is SO much out there that can go wrong. When Dakota was in Primary Children's with his heart defect when he was born, we saw and met so many babies and families that were there for unimaginable and indescribable things. Childbirth is truly a miracle. Never take the health of your children and families for granted!


  1. That made me smile! I love Primary so much, and your primary is so lucky to have Dakota there and get to feel the spirit he brings! We love you guys and were amazed at all you do and all the blessings you're able to see!
    Love you
    Steve & Bev

  2. Tess I love that Dakota loves primary! If he was laughing that hard that is definitely where he wants to be! How fun for him and for you to know he is liking it soo much!

  3. I'm so happy he loves primary.. It is the best place to be on sundays.. The kids have the best spirits! :) I love that he was laughing, he honestly is the cutest! Thanks for always posting.. You uplift me every time. Love you guys!