Thursday, July 12, 2012

Doin it 4 Dylan

Today we remembered sweet angel Dylan with the AMAZING Shaw family! I can't believe it has been a year. It seems like it was just the other day that he sat with me asking me questions about sweet concerned...despite that fact that he himself was fighting something much bigger then his little body could handle.
Dakota holding Dylan's balloon with our message to him. He wasn't very happy at that moment but after we let them go he gave some of the sweetest smiles. I think Dylan was telling him thank you! ;)

Though he was in our life for just a brief moment before he passed, he touched it and changed us so greatly. He brought Dakota presents that he bought with his own money when I'm sure there were a million and one things he would have wanted to buy with it. He had the sweetest smile that warmed your heart...even after the cancer made it start to go a little crooked. I still remember the excitement he had when we brought him a Denver Broncos football signed by the whole team (his favorite NFL team). He couldn't wait to show his sweet Dad. He had a heart of gold which is why he was called home so early. Only a boy like him could pass us all up in this life we call a test because he was so perfect and ready!

We miss you Dylan!! It is because of what you went through we were able to be touched and lifted by your sweet soul and your wonderful families. You guys came into our lives when we needed you most!! YOU left us much too early but I thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. I love that I can look at your baby brother Drew and see you in his tiny face. I know you are doing great things up there. Could you put in a good word for your buddy Dakota??? I know that's being a little selfish of me but I know the big man upstairs couldn't resist a request from YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU and will always try to live every day Doin it for YOU!!!

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  1. Love you guys!!! You have a special place in our family. Love those pics of Dylan & Dakota! Dakota looks so little!! So sweet...XO