Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Deal I HAVE to Share!

So when you know when you find out about a good deal on something great you want to tell everyone you know?! That's how I have been since yesterday when I found out about this. Trying to think of everyone and anyone I know that could benefit from it...

So I thought I should just throw it on here and then if anyone is interested they can let me know!!
So what is it???

Well, awhile back a friend of mine sent me these workout fat burner bars that you take before working out to try. I'm always up for trying new things so I was like SURE!

Well not only did they taste amazing but here is the description of what they do...

Access® Exercise Bars – Chocolate Caramel Kruncher
What Makes It Different?
Access® turns fat into fuel. Access® includes a proprietary fat conversion formula combined with clinically proven* CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) to help you access your stored fat, achieve greater endurance, reduce body fat†, increase muscle tone†, and keep fat off†.
Why Is That Important?
Access® technology allows you to jump-start and maximize your workout and weight loss potential using a unique technology combination only found in Access®.
The original Access® technology allows your body to:
  • Access stored body fat faster to fuel your workout
  • Naturally block the energy-sapping effects of adenosine
  • Increase endurance with less fatigue and soreness
With the addition of clinically proven and patented CLA, Access® technology also delivers increased fat-loss and body toning benefits*. This proven technology from CLA can help you:
  • Reduce body fat by up to 10%*†
  • Improve muscle tone and build lean muscle†
  • Keep fat off and prevent weight regain†
For optimal results, consume one serving of Access® 15 minutes before exercising.
It Works Because…
During exercise the body produces adenosine, which slows fat burning and promotes fatigue, soreness, and reduced muscle contraction. The original Access® technology developed by Larry Wang, Ph.D., a world-renowned authority on fat metabolism, helps block adenosine so you can more easily convert fat into fuel and increase endurance with less fatigue and soreness associated with exercise.
Access® also delivers impressive fat-loss and body toning benefits by leveraging the power of CLA. Access® contains the purest form of CLA available. Naturally sourced from safflower, this highly purified CLA is patented and clinically proven.
Reduced body fat, improved muscle tone and weight regain prevention is possible because of the way CLA alters the body's interaction with fat. By helping the body burn fat more efficiently CLA helps increase fat metabolism, limit fat deposits, reduce the size of fat cells and build lean muscle. Because muscle helps burn fat, the longer you use Access®, the more fat loss and body toning benefits you will see.
This remarkable technology is backed by extensive scientific research, including 18 independent clinical studies and more than 75 published articles. The CLA found in Access® has over 40 patents or pending patents across the globe.
An impressive research finding is the fact that the CLA in Access® works on people of all shapes and activity levels, whether they are normal weight, overweight or obese.
Let Access® turn your fat into fuel to fuel your personal weight-loss and fitness victories.
*In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, CLA users showed a significant reduction in weight, BMI, and body fat mass versus placebo. CLA users also significantly increased lean body mass. Gaullier, et al., CLA Reduces Body Fat Mass and Is Well Tolerated, The Journal of Nutrition, 2005.

Sounds pretty sweet huh?! I thought so! :)

So I asked the girl how I could get more to try out and she gave me a link to this company Melaleuca. After watching the video I realized they had A LOT more going for them then just supplements. They have a million and one different products that are all natural and good for you that do great stuff from cleaning to makeup to lotion to food, etc.

So the reason I am trying to spread the word so quickly is because until Friday at midnight it is ONLY $1 to sign up and become a member. The great thing about it is there is no risk. You aren't locked in for any length of time you can stop ANY time. ALL of there products are money back guarantee so if you don't like something your not stuck with it.

So I am gonna try it out for a few months and all at risk is losing $1 instead of their regular $30 fee. The great part is most of their products are things you normally buy at the store so it's not like your coming up with extra money for are just buying them from a different source.

So anyways if you want to learn more about it the link to watch the presentation that explains more is
The passcode that makes it available is 099718 (it will be available at 9 a.m. Mountain time til 9 p.m. tonight and then it expires)
So if you miss that one another code is 07db99 (it will be available from 9 p.m. tonight until 9 a.m. in the morning)
If you miss both of those and want to watch it leave a comment or email me and I will open up another one.

I'm TOTALLY not doing this as a business. I HATE pyramid things because the only person that makes money is the person on top..the bottom people just do all the work! So I'm not sharing this to try and make money off anyone...just thought it was a great deal, great company, and great stuff. As soon as I signed up I called my sisters right away...that's how cool I thought it was. So NO PRESSURE from this end AT ALL!!!!

Even if it's something your not interested but would like to try just one thing I would be happy to get it for you with my membership too. So whatever is best for YOU!!

Has anyone out there in blogger land ever tried any of Melaleuca's products??? I would LOVE to hear what you have tried and what you think??? Good/bad/whatever!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. I used to work for melaleuca in college. They would give us a $90 product check once a month. Their products are amazing. My favorite was their toothpaste but I also reccomend their cleaning products. Awesome stuff.

  2. I tried this in May and after the second month I quit. I hated feeling like I HAD to spend 60+ bucks every month even though I didn't want/need anything, wasn't for me. But I hope it works out for you and that you LOVE IT!! (ps. the stuff I did order, I did love.)

  3. I love these products and this company! When I first started ordering, I was worried about a monthly order, too, but there are so many great products to chose from, products that are natural and safe for your family... I have never had a problem with ordering! In fact, I love ordering cleaning products, deodorant, dish soap, etc from one place know, the not-so-exciting necessities and save my shopping time for the fun things! I haven't tried the bars yet, but if you like them, I will definitely need to try them :). There are a few products I absolutely can't live without...Sol-u-Mel (original scent) and Attain nutritional shake in chocolate (this can be mixed with water and acts as a 'crave blocker' good)! Sorry for the discertation, but I am excited that you are trying these products and wanted to really is worth taking a look!

  4. I worked there for a few years. I was a trainer there, training new employees and training people on the products and other things. I love most of their products. Although I know that many have changed in the 4 years I moved and had to quit. My favorite product by far is the Renew Lotion! It's the best lotion EVER! Enjoy their products. Membership is not something for me right now, but I hope to become a member some day...

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