Monday, November 18, 2013

BOY OR GIRL?!?!?!?!

One trimester down…2 more to go! ;) I am 15 weeks and my next appointment is this Thursday and I will be 16 weeks on the dot. My doctor thinks we should be able to tell what gender it is and I am SOOOOOO excited. I really can’t stop thinking about it. Even though I don’t care, I am dying to find out!!!

My girl name list I love keeps growing…I am up to 4 names that I ADORE!! Boy names are still stumping me. I do have one I love but Zach didn’t so who knows?!

My belly is growing for sure. Just last week I got home from my morning workout and Zach was getting ready for work. He looked at me (and I wasn’t even wearing a super tight shirt) and goes “WOW…you REALLY ARE pregnant!” So when your blind husband finally notices your belly then you know you are getting big! ;)

So I took my first baby bump picture right then to document that moment…when Zach finally believed we were having a baby! ;)
2013-11-13 07.51.12
Just remember this was taken at 6:30 in the morning after a sweaty workout and no makeup. Scary I know but I had to document that moment in time! ;) Plus it’s a rare occasion lately that I actually get ready so a picture of me ready is hard to come by! ;)

I’m still feeling pretty good just still extremely tired. I can’t believe that this little apple (that’s the size of the baby right now! ;)) can suck the life and energy right out of me!! There are some days where I literally feel like I can’t function unless I go take a nap. Then after I do I feel like a new woman. Luckily Dakota is in school for a few hours 4 days a week and still naps most days so I can usually sneak one in when I really need it unless it is a crazy busy day. I think I need one right now just talking about it! ;)

So leave your guess in the comments what you think it is!!! EVERYONE so far has said a girl. I’m guessing girl because Dakota smiled when I asked him if it was a sister and not when I asked him if it’s a brother. So unless he is tricking his mom then my guess is a girl…because I know he knows!! ;)

P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming up this weekend! Doda Wraps are coming at you!!!


  1. YAY this is so exciting, I love guessing the gender and everything else.
    Okay, my guess is a GIRL:)
    I will also guess the other fun numbers (even if I am wrong about the gender) she (or he) will ring in at 7lbs 4oz and will be 19 1/2 inches long.
    Boom, my guess is documented. haha ;p

  2. You are so beautiful with and without makeup!!! I say GIRL!!!!

    1. Jennifer thank u!!! That is a huge compliment! ;)

  3. I thought girl before you said it. I don't know if you remember me commenting a while back, but I also saw that Jen is pregnant too. She is married to my dad's cousin Bobby. I am so excited for you and your family. Your blog is so inspirational.

    1. Thank u trinity!! What a small world! Thank u for following and taking the time to comment! Dakota smiled at sister again tonight so I think u might b right! ;)

  4. Boy. Totally a boy. Dakota just loves girls! ;)

  5. I am SOOOO excited for you!! I know it is easy to say now, but if it counts, I was thinking baby girl ;) Can't wait to follow you through your pregnancy, and meet the newest, amazing Friedli addition! {{hugs}}