Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor

So before all of this happened I had been meaning to do a couple of posts showing some of the cute pictures that his Grammy Vicki has taken of him with things that he loves. I just never had time to do it yet but I thought why not do it now. They are so cute and it will give everyone a reminder of who that cute little boy is that we are all praying and hoping for. So sorry for so many pictures but putting them on here is the best thing that I can do with them. Otherwise they will just sit on my memory card doing nothing. :)

Dakota has always had a love for tractors and grammy and poppy got this sweet tractor and he has LOVED it!
Checking his feet to push the pedal

Racing mommy

Sexy boy...anyone need a ride?

Fun times with Uncle Ryan and Lucy in the back

She got away

OH Poppy..this is tough work

Shifting out!


Giving my best pals a ride...Buzz behind him and of course Sophie! :)

Cutest cowboy I have ever seen!

Get back there Buzz!

If the tractor breaks down...just ride the dog!


  1. oooh I love the picture of him riding the dog!!! What a sweet guy!

  2. These are amazing! I love this, him, his smile, you, the family! So cute!!!

  3. Hi! I'm Julie Bird. The green tractor used to be ours, we gave it to Doug and Vicki! Thank you for posting the pictures, it really warmed my heart! I hope he is back on the old tractor again soon. All our prayers are with you too! :)