Sunday, January 16, 2011

These BOOTS were made for Walking...and so much MORE

Anyone that knows Dakota knows how much he LOVES his boots. These boots were actually hand me downs from his cousin Case but he sure loved them. He had so many other cute hand me down shoes that I would want him to wear but anytime I tried he would tell me, "I can't wear shoes, I wear my boots." So he wore them rain or shine...shorts or pants. Vicki has caught a lot of cute moments with those cherished boots.

Here are a few:

Here they are...nice and roughed up...just how we like them

Cute little bum

SO studly!

1 foot

Then the other


Just taking a rest

Checking out his awees

Putting them on again...brace yourself

Don't leave them behind.

Just taking a rest with Buzz

They are great to play in

Here they are

My mom took a picture of what he was wearing when the accident happened. His shirt was cut off so it is missing but the most important components are here: BOOTS, HAT, and BELT BUCKLE

Hopefully he will be wearing them again soon! Keep working hard Kota...we love you!!!


  1. Oh your little man is too cute!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! So glad that he is making some progress!! You are all in our prayers every night!

  3. What darling pictures! So glad to hear you are home and loved hearing about his smiles. Your in our prayers.

  4. LOVE the pictures! He is so precious! Truly a little heard breaker, in his cowboy gear! We love you guys! Thanks for the pictures and updates! Mostly thanks for your strength your faith and your testimony that only continues to strengthen us! Keep up those smiles Dakota!!

  5. Those have to be the most precious pictures I've ever seen. Can't wait to have our sweet little Dakota back running around in his boots. Your family is in our daily thoughts and prayers and we want you to know just how much we love you. Your such an inspiration to us and our faith that the Lord knows what he's doing has definitely been testified in Dakota's progress. We love you all so much. Thanks for the update and the great pictures...absolutely priceless!!! Love you guys!!!

    The Lythgoe Family

  6. THose are the Sweetest pictures ever!! Keep up the smiles Dakota! We sure LOVE you guys and will continue praying!

  7. Tessie, Seeing Dakota smile has to be the best thing in the world right now! :) I know it made me smile...You and Zach are so diligent in his care, he will continue to improve and you will see more tender mercy's from the Lord. If anyone deserves them it is your family! And thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, slowing down and enjoying our families...Cutting out those things that just aren't as important, it really hit home with me. Your testimony has strengthened mine and it's obvious many other people. We love you, and pray for you always!

  8. You don't know me, I found your blog through Francis Goodman, school teacher from my elementary school - St. David. I used to do yard work for her mother, Sister Darnell. I have never followed a blog before but have been so inspired by your strength and your commitment to the gospel. I am so inspired by your blog and pray for your son and family. Thank you for sharing this journey with so many so that we can grow right along with you.

    Michelle (Brown) Fackrell

  9. I have been reading your blog over the past few days and your story has touched me deeply, and strengthened my testimony. I know it has for many others as well. You guys are amazing, and I am better because of your faith and testimony.

    I loved reading about the peace you felt in the temple that all will be well. And the “sunbeam” story is incredible. So sweet seeing the picture of you sleeping with him and Zach holding his hand (I love how that is Zach’s favorite thing)! I’m a highschool friend of Zach’s by the way.

    I got the chills seeing “the little engine that could” book in his hand. How perfect! And felt the spirit when you said Doug gave you a blessing on Christmas. The priesthood is amazing!

    “Even every poop he makes” made me smile! As well as other things like Ryan and his art work on Dakota’s cast. Things like that mean the most, no big deal to Ryan, but means the world to you guys!

    What a sweetie in his wheelchair looking out the window. Chills again reading when he smiled!
    Then I loved seeing the tractor and boots posts full of smiles! I love his hair. He is so adorable!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, and have been ever since I heard about Zach’s eye sight. Takes amazing people to face the trials you two have, so I hope you know YOU ARE exactly that AMAZING!

  10. Tessi, I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog for a while now. Your little Dakota is so sweet and so lucky to have such wonderful parents, he is truly blessed. I love to hear of his progress and your Testimony as you and your little family endure this trial. I see Dakota's little tractor and boots and it reminds me of my 3 boys, you have truly put things into perspective for me, thank you. What an inspiration!

    I will continue to pray that your family will have much strength and comfort through it all. You are a SuperMom for sure!!!

    Neihlee (Vernon) Muir

  11. BTW I just realized I spelt your name incorrectly! Sorry Tessie!