Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Father's Day

(I know this is a little late :) )
Happy Father's Day to my sweetheart and to our two most AMAZING dads in the whole world! All three of you have brought me so much joy and I don't know where I would be without you! I sure love you and I'm so glad we get this day to celebrate YOU!

For Father's Day I was trying to think of something that would be fun for Zach. Since he went blind it is kind of hard these days. All of the things that he loves just aren't the same anymore. He can't go hunting (at least none of you would want him out there with you :) ), watching movies aren't the same, even going out on a drive in the mountains is just not the same. Close your eyes and try and do all the things that you enjoy and you will see what I mean. So, basically he still LOVES to get massages and to go out to eat. Well, Friday night was our date night (when Doug and Vicki were available) so Zach had already planned with one of his landscape clients to eat dinner with them. They had invited us over for dinner (sweetest people) so I couldn't take him out to dinner and it would be too late to take him for a massage afterwards so I had to get creative. Zach has always loved camping (although even that is still not quite the same) so I thought what if we just sleep over in Mantua for the night...a little getaway from the same routine we do every day. So we did it! We didn't even get up there until 11 by the time we ate, got all our stuff and drove up there. Since it was just a short night we just had a blow up mattress in the back of my car. It was a little tight but it was so fun. I had brought a lap top and movie and treats for something to do but as we laid there we both said, "wow, this is so nice and quiet. No oxygen concentrator, air compressor, monitor beeping, video monitor fuzz in the background. So instead of watching the movie we just laid there until we fell asleep. I know that sounds pretty lame and boring to most of you but it was really nice for us. Sleeping in and cuddling was the best part. We didn't even think of getting up until like 10:30. I talked Zach into running around Mantua lake with me (not the funnest father's day activity I know) but it is so pretty around there I didn't wanna pass up the opportunity. He was a great sport and did it with me.

Although it was a great getaway for us for the night, there is still not a time where the pain of life doesn't seem to creep in. As we laid there in the morning and heard all the 4 wheelers driving by I just thought how much fun that would be to be able to do that as a family. Zach loves that kind of stuff. As we laid there I thought of the night last summer when we slept over in Mantua in the back of Zach's truck because our AC went out in the house and it was way too hot. It was so fun having Dakota there with us waking us up in the morning. I thought how much fun he would have had camping out in the car with us. As we ran around the lake and saw all the little families and little boys out fishing with their dads and grandpas my heart just ached because I know how much Zach LOVES that kind of stuff and was so looking forward to doing that with Dakota. I so wanted to just trade places with these strangers I didn't even know. I wanted them to see how lucky they were. I felt regret that we didn't DO more of these things as a family before Dakota's accident but Dakota was just getting to that fun age where we could have and Zach was just finishing up school and we would have had a lot more time. I pray that one day we will be able to be that family and be able to do things together again. I often wonder what lies ahead for us. I know I shouldn't waste today worrying about tomorrow but it is hard not to. The other day I heard President Manson's quote, "Do not fear. Be of good cheer. Your future is as bright as your faith." (It may not be exact but that's the gist of it.) I try to remember that and focus on my faith so that we may have a brighter future.
We still had a good time together and it was fun to see Zach excited about something again.

I haven't updated on Dakota lately so I think I am due...:)

He is doing awesome with his capping trials. He is capped for pretty much most of the day. He still will have moments where he struggles and forgets to open the airway, most often when he is upset and crying. He is managing his secretions a ton better (a lot less drool and drainage out the nose) and we often see or hear him swallowing. Where it is going is still unsure (stomach or lungs) but I think he is doing well. We are gonna really try and push the capping trials and mouth stimulation to hopefully have a chance of getting the trach out by September. If he doesn't get it out then then we have to go another full winter before they would even think about taking it out. So...we are pushing him as best we can. We meet with a Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor the end of July and they will be the ones who give the final go ahead so keep it in your prayers that he will keep getting better and stronger. He has to obviously be able to be capped ALL day and not need any suctioning and cough everything out on his own.

We went through a really cranky time with him a few weeks ago. It was non-stop crying, no smiles or laughs, and just plain grumpy. We couldn't figure out if it was the meds we had taken him off of, his diet, capping trials, or just him. After talking with his doctor she explained that every tiny change we make will affect him greatly so making all of these changes at once is probably playing a big part. So we put him back on one of his meds that help with his agitation while we are trying to do so much with the capping and diet. It's REALLY hard on us when he is so upset all of the time because we are already trying to cope with this huge change in our lives that has left a huge hole in our heart and then on top of it to have him cranky all the time with no smiles just really makes getting through the day even harder. His cute smiles and laughs are pretty much the only thing that keep us going. So, I'm so glad things are getting a little better in that area. It was a really rough few weeks for us.

We had our three month review with NACD and that was really good for me. After three months of doing the non-stop therapy that they had given us it gets hard. Of course I would do ANYTHING in the whole world to help Dakota which is why we do this but when I do this all day every day of course I wanna see some big results. We have definitely seen improvements but of course I feel like there should be more for how often we are doing it. It was good to hear Bob (the director) say he is right where I would expect him to be. My reaction, "really?! cuz I feel like he should be creeping by himself already for how much we are doing this. he said, "If he were creeping on his own already I would fall out of my chair." He said he is on the right track and the huge reduction in his spasticity is the first step. He said his eyes were doing much better and he was impressed with his cognition. So here we go with another three month therapy program and we will keep at it the best we can.
The best part about being at NACD that day was a sweet little mom that walked in with her family after me and came over and talked to me. She was so sincere and so sweet. Her daughter had suffered a brain injury at birth from lack of oxygen and they started with NACD when she was 17 months. She told me the doctors said she would never walk or talk but just like any mom you can't just give up and say ok. She said Dakota reminded her of her daughter when she would have to carry her around. Her daughter is now 13 and walked into that building on her own. She still can't verbalize words but she is able to communicate with some sign and understands everything. She was able to crawl not too long after being in the program and walked at age seven. These parents were so loving and dedicated and because of that, this little girl has come so far. I talked to Bob more about there situation compared to Dakota. He explained that because Dakota's injury happened later in life it is better then at birth because his brain already had so many connections compared to at birth they have none. This gave me so much more hope that this precious girl who had no connections has been able to come so far, I know Dakota who was such a little smarty pants can do it too. I know it will continue to take a lot of work on my part but it is so worth it. Just the very thought of seeing him walk and move his body how he wants and to hear his sweet voice again is worth any price!
Bob also helped me understand the big fear that has been hanging over me the last little while. When Dakota's accident happened all the doctors and neurologists had told us it takes up to a year to a year and a half for their brains to heal and to see where they will be. Well, as it has now been seven months and getting closer to that year mark, of course I'm getting a little nervous. He is not crawling or walking or talking or anywhere near these goals. Bob explained what that year mark really means. That is the time where the spontaneous recovery of the brain occurs. Where recovery from what you had will happen pretty much regardless of what you do. After that year mark does not mean that no more progression takes place. After that it is just like any other person, the brain can still learn and make more connections and can continue to progress. He pretty much said that the year mark really will make no difference on Dakota's progression. This has helped a ton and that fear of the year is now gone.

We finish our 80th treatment with the hyperbaric chamber on Monday. I can't believe it has already been 80! It is hard to know where to go from here. Of course we have continued to see progression with Dakota but it is still hard to know if the chamber is playing any role in this. I would like to hope for all the time and money we have spent there that it is but it is hard to really know. They told us when we started the last 40 that there really is no protocol with brain injuries. Pretty much when you stop seeing progression is when you stop the treatments. Well, of course I hope we never stop seeing the progression so do we keep going for the rest of his life?? :) We will hopefully have a more in depth talk with the doctor there to help us decide what to do next...whether to take a 3 week break and start again or just be done. We obviously don't have unlimited funds to keep it up forever but if it is helping enough we of course do not want to stop. Decisions, decisions!

We just lost our in home therapy because our insurance said there is no more risk for Dakota to go to outpatient therapy now the respiratory illnesses are pretty much gone so now we have to start with outpatient which will be up in Logan. So pretty much Logan is our main destination these days. I will miss the convenience and help of having them come to our home and the wonderful therapists that we have grown to love. It will be a hard adjustment for us but what can you do. Insurance knows best, right?! ;)

Well, as always a HUGE thanks to all of you who continue to keep Dakota and our family in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks for listening to me vent and complain and for your inspiring comments that keep us going. It is by far the hardest road we have ever been on with no road map to show us what or where to go. We need all the help we can thank you!

Here are a few pics.

I'm not very good at getting therapy pics anymore but here is one of Dakota in a theratog suit that helps give him more support.

Sitting up like a big boy watching his show. His head is getting a lot stronger. It doesn't fall forward hardly at all. He still tries to bring it back to far though so we need to find that perfect middle.

Just some fun family pics from Sunday dinner at Aunt Jenny's house

Going down the slide with cousin Houston

Trying to get Honeybun. He LOVED the dogs.

Just swinging with Aunt Jenny

Just being cute in Poppy's arms. What he does best! :)


Snuggling with Uncle Beau

Snuggling with Grammy

Chillin with Uncle Ry, Chloe (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and Grammy

My parents were able to come for a quick trip a couple of weekends ago for a family reunion. Always fun to have them here! I didn't get many pics though. ;(

Snuggling with Nana watching a movie on the lap top. Dakota's favorite thing to do! He LOVES movies! His favorites are still Toy Story and the very old primary videos Zach's grandma gave us of kids singing primary songs. They are the one and only things that can snap him out of non-stop crying.

Just smiling at Papa. He STILL loves cowboy hats and loved when my dad had his on. Still a true cowboy at heart! Just has to get back in the saddle again. Hopefully someday soon! (Have to congratulate my dad on his roping this week in Reno! Got 8th out of 202 teams in the team roping! He still has it, even in his sixties! ;)  Love ya dad!)

Papa and Snowflake are ready for you ANY time!


  1. What an amazing woman you are! I am a complete stranger who stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago. You have been in my prayers daily and hope you know that you will continue to be in my prayers. I can't imagine how hard it must be. I am thankful for you and your sweet testimony and faith. Please know that you and your sweet family are so LOVED by so many (many whom you don't even know).

  2. I don't know your family and I have been following your blog for a couple of months. I love Dakota! I love the pictures of Dakota. He really is a very beautiful boy. I can see so much life behind those beautiful eyes. I know that it must be hard to think of all that you miss from before his accident. I can definitely see how that would be a struggle, but you are doing your best and you are working hard to be strong. I pray for your family and I pray for Dakota. I am thankful for your testimony and you are an example of a loving mother and wife, one of the strongest.

  3. I also stumbled upon your blog a while ago. I have been utterly amazed by you. Your strength and testimony are very inspiring. Shortly after I read your post about the temple, I heard a song on the radio that made me think of you. I haven't been able to get you or this song out of my mind so I wanted to share it with you. It is called Blessings by Laura Story. I also found it on Youtube so here is the link
    I hope this song gives you a little bit of peace today. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Tess- YOu seriously are such an amazing woman, mother and wife. We love you guys so much! Keep it up Dakota, you're the strongest cowboy around! Glad he is improving every day!! :)
    PS: you're so sweet for posting about Brandon and his family. It really hits home and my heart aches for them as well. Hopefully we'll see you guys at the viewing or funeral this week?!!
    Love ya!

  5. Hey guys. Beautiful smiles from Dakota as he spends time with your family. I'm going to replace the earlier picture of Dakota I have on the frig with one of these. I will be fasting that Dakota will get stronger with the capping trials and be able to get the trach out in Sept. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Lots of love to you guys. It was good seeing you at the mall. :) Keep holding on tight. You guys are loved so much by so many.

  7. Just stopped in to check on you guys. Dakota looks great in these pictures... Such a stud!! We think about you often and pray for you daily.