Sunday, June 26, 2011

Olson Family

So all tragedy especailly involving kids really hits home for us. Many tears have been shed at our house for the sweet Olson Family. Zach went to school with Brandon (the dad). The whole family was involved in a VERY bad car accident in Provo Canyon recently and both the husband and wife were in critical condition but are recovering pretty good. There little 1 year old was just fine but unfortunately there 5 year old son Gage died. My heart is broken about this because I know the feeling of what it is like to lose a child. Although Dakota survived those first few days were so unsure and I experienced all of the emotion of losing him and although he is still physically here I struggle every day with the loss of what he was and trying to accept what we have. It is hard to explain but I know how much these parents hearts are aching right now on top of all of the physcial pain and struggles they are going through themselves. I know money can not heal them but it can help with the stress of all of the expenses that they are going to have to face due to all of this.
SO...there are 2 different accounts opened for them at two different banks. If everyone that viewed this page even donated $1-5 we could all make a difference and help this family out. So do what you can and please keep them in your prayers!

The other account is at Mountain American:
Mountain America Credit Union account#9237216
I'm sure you can call either bank and transfer money if you do not live close enough to go to one of these banks. Thanks!!!

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