Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not so Happy Halloween

So probably the worst Halloween ever! It started off great. Me and some girlfriends went out during the week and had a "witches night out." We dressed up as witches...all so different which was fun...and went to dinner and on the spot decided to go to a haunted house. I was so glad we did because I haven't been to one for I can't even remember how long and Zach hates them so we never have gone. I'm not gonna lie we all screamed and jumped like little girls but it was SO fun and we already have plans to do it again next year. After the haunted house, we of course had to end the night with some good ole ice cream...can you guess whose idea that was...I know I'm bad...but it was so delicious and we got some fun pics afterwards. Thanks for the fun night ladies!!
Stuffing our faces at Noodles and Company

Amanda and Heidi

Me and Natalie

Julissa joined us for the haunted house and ice cream

Me getting ready to head home. ;) So I made this witches broom to go outside my door and I thought I would really play the part and come flying into the restaurant on my broom but I chickened out when I got there...already felt kinda weird dressed as a witch. Totally should have done it. Oh well, we got some good pics with it anyway.

All of us flying away! Too funny...we are such dorks and I love it!

Friday night we had a friends party and we all brought the kids. It's always a good time seeing everybody all dressed up and the kids were so cute to Dakota. We had a great time! Thanks Clayton and Natalie for having it!
Disclaimer...Zach and I's costume is pretty gross so this is your was funny though! ;)

See if you can guess what it is...
Yes...a tampon and period...I told you it was gross!

Dakota was so embarrassed by me and Zach's costume he didn't even want to take a picture with us! Sorry bud! ;)

Dakota sharing a sucker with his girlfriend Hadlee. She was so sweet to get him one from the corn pit and she just sat by him while she had hers...too cute!

All the girls!

Eating some yummy dinner.

The Lynch family...they were too funny!

The cute proud of Steve for dressing up!

Dakota playing in the corn pit with Ty

All the kiddos, minus the 2 babies.

Friday late night into Saturday is when things started to go bad. I was up most the night trying to keep Dakota's oxygen up, it was so low. His heart rate was a little on the high side so I knew something was up. He started a fever Saturday afternoon and it was off and on from there. Sometimes I was like he is getting better, symptoms started going away and he would act fine and then they would come back. By Halloween day he was so bad we had every bit of possible oxygen we could give him and could barely keep his oxygen to the minimum. His fever wouldn't go away, he was breathing so fast, and he just looked miserable. By Monday evening his doctor told us to take him in to the ER to get checked out for pneumonia. Back to the HORRIBLE hospital we went (this time just to Brigham just to get him checked). It is sad that both Zach and I feel like this is just part of our life now. Normally we get all stressy and upset but this time it was just like here we go again...this is our life and and this is what we do. Luckily, the chest x-ray looked a lot better then the doctor thought it would so he didn't have severe pneumonia. They think it could be a little bit of pneumonia or just some kind of bacterial thing in the lungs. So, they gave him IV antibiotics while we were there and we were SO happy we got to go home for the night (we didn't get home til almost 11) but we didn't have to take him all the way to Primarys where they thought we might have to. We went back the next morning for another round of IV antibiotics and then got some oral antibiotics. Dakota is now starting to look and feel a little better and that makes my heart happy!

It made for a horrible Halloween though. He only got to wear his cute Buzz costume once at the friends party...missed the family party, his school party, and of course the best and most important part of Halloween...trick or treating. Both Zach and I just held each other and cried that night. Not because of what we are missing but what Dakota is missing. For heavens sakes he is a 3 year old boy who should be out running and playing and instead gets dragged to hospitals, poked with needles, and can't play and do all the things I know he loves to do. Seeing him struggling breathing, barely opening his eyes, and just laying there so miserable broke our hearts. What we would give to have him healthy and happy again!


Funny/Sweet Moments:
1. So we all know Dakota LOVES movies. With almost every movie he watches I can tell you the exact parts where he will start to smile and sometimes laugh. Movies are the one things that can bring a smile to that kids face over anything (I wish it was me but it's not.) So when we are in the car and we turn on a show for him he LOVES it. And Zach and I love to see that smiling face. The other day we were driving and he had his HUGE smile on his face at a part in the show and Zach looks back and says..."These are the moments when I feel true happiness. They are short but that is when I feel it." It was so dang sweet and cute of him and I totally understood what he meant. It's for that short moment everything is perfect and we see our perfect Dakota happy and so sweet! That is the only thing that matters! 


  1. Keep on Keepin on Sweet girl! You are one heck of a MoMMa! Please know that you, Zach and Dakota are such an inspiration and true example of perseverance and what it means to be beautiful inside and out! Do you know that you are my hero? Honest, when I think of a mom that I truly admire, its YOU! Rock on and Squeeze that little buckaroo for me and Stoan!

  2. I was SOOOO SAD when Jake told me that you guys had to take Dakota to the hospital. Hadlee bug has been sick as well and our Halloween wasn't the best either... I feel for ya! I sure hope he gets feeling 100% better SOON. WNO was great. I haven't laughed that long in a long time. I wish you would of came in on your broom, that would of been HILARIOUS! Your costumes were hilarious and it gave Jake the idea to be a USED TAMPON for his family party (since he was a loser and didn't dress up at all!!). Oh my!! Glad you guys came, we need to get together again soon after the kiddos are better (and maybe keep the sick kiddos away?!!! lol). Love you guys.

  3. Tess I hope you got my message earlier... I feel terrible that Dakota got sick! PLEASE PLEASE let me know if I can do anything to help! Thanks so much for coming to our party it was so fun to hang out and see you guys! We love ya lots! Still can't get over your costumes! TOOO FUNNY! And if you haven't looked at Heidi's blog you need to look at Jakes costume! Zachs was way better! hahahaha! Let me know if I can help!

  4. Hey I'm so sorry that Dakota had to go to the hospital. What an awful Halloween. All kinds of stuff have been going around. Love how your costumes turned out! I wondered how you were going to do it....but you sure pulled it off and it looks great! And funny, not gross:)