Friday, April 13, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

So I'm a little slow in posting but I was waiting for a couple of the finishing touches to be done before sharing...those were done bout a month I'm still slow but oh well.

ANYWAYS...for Christmas Zach let me makeover our bedroom. I shouldn't really call it makeover since it was never done in the first place. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years and our bedroom has never had one thing on the wall. Bout a year ago we finally put a T.V. in our room so that was our first wall decoration...if you can even count that. Couple reasons...1. Money...the other parts of the house were the first to get decorated since no one ever really sees your bedroom and we didn't really care too much about it. 2. Zach had a log bed before we got married and it just came right with us. is an AWESOME log bed and super cute and way sturdy...BUT I had NO idea how to decorate with that style. It wasn't really MY style so I seriously always had a blank as to where to even I never did.

Here it is. We did have some pillows and a side table on the left but we had already started clearing stuff out before I thought to take a before picture. This awesome bed is for sale if you know of anyone interested. ;)

Zach was the one who said we should do something with the room and that got me kinda excited. Ever since me and my sister Annie went to town on other parts of the house I have had a decorating itch. I LOVE the shabby chic style that is going on right now and am ALWAYS looking for new ideas and even stopping at antique stores. (I swore as a kid when my mom would drag me to those places that I would never shop there...boy was I wrong)

So for my Christmas present (I know that was forever ago) he said I could do whatever I wanted to our I did. SO me and my amazing sister Annie started bouncing ideas off each other, buying things, sending pics to each other (she's in AZ). Because she is THE BEST, she drove home with me from our Christmas vacation and we went to town. We spent ALL day and night for several days working our tail feathers off. Luckily Zach and his brother Ryan painted the room for us before we got there so that was one less step we had to do...they were great sports!

Zach was a little nervous and not so sure of some of the ideas I told him but he let us do what we wanted and in the end he LOVED it too! Even though it is WAY more feminine then what it was before.

Here she is folks:
I still need to reupholster the couch but I'm waiting for more if anyone knows someone that isn't too pricey. There is no way I am attempting that by myself!

AWESOME friend in my neighborhood sewed the large pillows for me! Thanks Michelle..we love them!

My sister Annie sewed lace onto the edge of our pillows and it turned out SO cute. LOVE it! (I have NO idea how to run a sewing machine!)

My side of the bed

Zach's side. He didn't want another door since I have 2 hanging in the hallway but I LOVED this door I saw outside a store and just had to have it!

The canvas was a little overwhelming at first because I didn't take into account that since it was a closer picture of us we would be ginormous! But there we are folks. Zach said he LOVES my smile in that pic and I told him, good you can look at it very well every day since it is so large! ;) Love the old frames we found though!

Love this temple picture that Chelsie gave me! She took it and talented!

My sister sewed these amazing curtains can you believe it...she is SO talented! Thanks again Annie!

Couldn't get good lighting of the whole thing so this is the best I could do.

Zach was a huge help too. He got this old chandelier to work after hours of working with it. It had some bad wiring and was hard to fix but he did. He can seriously do EVERYTHING...I love it!!!

So there you have it folks. I know it's not everyone's style but WE love it and that's what matters. Since we did it we have been SO good at making our bed EVERY day and keeping our room pretty clean. It is amazing what a room does for you when it looks so good when it is clean. Before we didn't really care so we NEVER made the bed or kept it super clean. And it was such a fun feeling right after going to bed every night. It was like we were in a hotel and not at our house. It felt so new and fun. The newness has kinda worn off now but we still love the feeling we get when we go in there!
Thanks Annie for all your help!!! (You should see her house...words can't even describe how amazing and fun it is!)

We also added a few new and fun things around the house:
Made this fun end table for the living room out of an old spool from Home Depot. Just modged podged book paper and glazed over it all. Perfect height for our couches...and free!

Top view

My favorite accessory on the table. Found this old rad jar and wasn't sure what to do with it. Saw this idea on Pinterest...just fill it with vegetable oil, put a picture in it and voila! So fun!

As you can tell I love old jars so saw this fun idea too and made a soap dispenser out of it for the kitchen.

Added that rad sconce to the left of my board in the kitchen. We had been looking for one ever since we put up the board and finally found the perfect fit!

It even works too thanks to my handy husband!
Gives off a romantic glow ;)

Lastly, we added these fun mugs to my cupbard. Love em..oh and the cute curtain above the sink you can kinda see.

That's all!


  1. It looks awesome. I need you guys to head over to my house next!!!

  2. Holy Cuteness! You did AWESOME! I LOVE the bedroom and the jar ideas! So creative!

  3. Tess I seriously LoVE your house I want you to send Annie over to my house next time she's up here and have her work some magic over here! HAHA Love you guys!

  4. So so so pretty! You guys did such a good job.

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  6. Still waiting for Annie to come stay another weekend and hit up my house.. it needs some SERIOUS work! Love it all, you girls are so talented!

  7. Love it! How creative and fun you guys are. :) just a side one of your picture frames in your bedroom, you have the families are forever saying with 2 pictures....forever is spelt wrong. ;) I totally did that to a framed block that took HOURS to make....only to see I missed a letter. Oops! ;) love the blog and hope your little one is doing well. :)

  8. I am a reader and saw that you were selling the log bed. Can you please tell me what size it is? Also how much were you asking for it? Love reading your blog! Such a cute bedroom.