Friday, May 18, 2012

Dylan Shaw Warrior Run!!!

So first of all HUGE thank you to all who came out to support Dakota and our family at Dylan's race! We had such a blast and it was SO fun to see so many familiar faces!! Thanks to Dakota (she is the girl that set it all up...great name!), the Shaws (who picked Dakota to be the recipient this year), all the sponsors and raffle donors (there were some great prizes), and of course the runners! It was a dang hard course with lots of hills and most people I talked to after were pretty sore! ;) But it was fun...right?!
It was a tough weekend with a lot going on so I know many made a lot of sacrifices to be THANK YOU!! Thanks to Zach's mom Vicki...we have LOTS of pictures to show it all off!!
 Start line...get ready, set.... (Dakota started it off in the Ranger with his great grandparents driving in the front, Zach (getting out of running), Aunt Ashley, and cousins Maeley and Olivia in back.

 GO!! Catch that Ranger!

I was dying by the end but...

I beat this kid and that's all that matters...sorry Jake! ;)

Husband and wife racing to the finish...who won?!

Look at that handsome face squinting in the sun!
(He is winking at all of his girlfriends that came to the race! ;) )
They had a Kids K after the 5k which was SO fun!
Our niece Olivia won! You go girl!
They also had a great raffle with great prizes...thanks again for all who donated!!


  1. Holy Cute Blog!!!!! I love it Tessie! So glad the run went well too. What a neat event for Mr. Dakota. I love the pic of him halfway smiling!

  2. I love your new blog design!

  3. LOVE the blog Tess, it's SO CUTE!! The race was SO FUN and I'm glad you beat Jake too (don't tell him I said that, ha ha!) and that we were able to come out and support ya! :) Dakota is the CUTEST, love the cute pictures of him (esp giving Hadlee girl that cute little wink!). Love you guys!
    PS: I might steal a couple pics from you, hope that is OK!

  4. Dakota is such a brave kid. It is rather sobering that his bravery and uniqueness had to arise from such straining circumstances, but at least he shines through. Anyway, I'm glad that you got to participate in something that supports a really great cause. Your family is such an inspiration, Tessie! Thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best!

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