Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY Mother's Day!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mother's out there! I'll have to say I had a pretty happy day myself. It all started yesterday when Dakota was the happiest boy he has ever been in a long the race and all (thanks again to all who came out...we had a blast and appreciated all the love and support in behalf of Dakota and Dylan!...more to post on that later).
Later that night Zach and Dakota even went shopping with me (me shopping...shocker ;) )to pick out some colored jeans for my Mother's Day present. They were both so sweet and patient as I tried on and tried on and had to make that tough decision about what color to buy! ;) Zach was just happy that he didn't have to pick a present for me and it was so fun to have them with me!
Today was another special day. Wasn't sure how I would do at church since last year made me cry to see all the kids up on the stand singing to their moms and me wondering if  I will ever see my child up their singing to me.
WELL...thanks to his AMAZING primary teacher Sister Fife (and my friend!) she came up and scooped him up in her arms, carried him up to the stand, and held him up there with all the kids. Even though no words came out of his mouth (just a few whines) as they sang "Mother, I Love You," I felt his little spirit singing to my heart and I couldn't help but tear up tears of happiness that I have the privilege of being an ANGELS mom...and I knew that he meant those words and he did love me even though he couldn't say it anymore!!
Even though many days are hard and I often wonder and worry about what the future holds...I wouldn't trade that sweet boy for the world! Being a mother is truly an honor, a privilege, and a gift from God.
That tragic day when my whole world came crashing down and I wasn't sure if my little boy was going to make biggest fear was not being a mom anymore. He was all I had and without him...I wouldn't be a mom anymore. I didn't want that most sacred calling of being a mother taken from me when I knew how WONDERFUL it was. I couldn't fathom the fact. I felt like if I wasn't a mom then I was NOTHING. My whole identity would be stolen from me. It is amazing how powerful, sacred, and treasured that title is.
So today I am SOOOOO grateful to still have the title of being a mom to one of the most special boys God has ever created! Thank you Dakota for letting me be your mom! I know I'm not perfect but I love you with ALL my heart!!!!

I also have to say on this special day how grateful I am for 2 of the most amazing moms in mine and Zach's life...Cinda and Vicki! I couldn't ask for 2 better examples of mothers who have such a pure, sincere love for their children and would give anything in the world for them. There has never a day gone by that I have ever had to question their love for us. They have both sacrificed so much for us! I truly feel like I have 2 moms and not a mother in law...I feel that close to Vicki. Those of you who know these 2 ladies know what I am talking about!!! For those of you who ask me how I do it? The answer is because of my mom. She has taught me how to work, how to sacrifice, how to love, how to serve, and how to be tough. Without these things I surely would have given up by now!
I saw this quote the other day: "A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen." Zach most definitely was raised in the arms of a queen!! I can honestly say, I have never heard Zach say 1 negative thing about his mother and neither could I. Both of these ladies are HUGE blessings in our lives and I love them with ALL my heart! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki (Zach's mom)

Cinda (my mom)

And can't forget these special ladies either!!!
Grandma Rhees


Grandma Goodman

And Grandma Winterton and Minnie who are helping us daily from above!!!


  1. You are such a perfect example of what a Mommy should be! Happy Mothers Day to you! Hug my cowboy for me!

  2. Goodness Tessie you ALWAYS know just what to say!! I'm glad you had an awesome Mother's Day! Dakota is so lucky to have you and Zach as his parents! I LOVE you both sooo much!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to one of the most AMAZING mothers I know... YOU!!! The race was so FUN and a great way to start out mothers day weekend. Love you guys so much!