Friday, June 1, 2012

Daddy is missing his workin buddy...

Oh Dakota,

How much we miss your little body running all around the house!! It's hard to think about those days when you were so active and now those little legs can no longer take you where you want to go. I understand why you want to be held so much and just love walking around the house...I can't imagine what that must feel like for you to have that freedom and independence taken.

Daddy found these pictures of you when he was going through some of his work pictures. He called me into the office to look at it with tears streaming down his face.

You would spend all day in the trailer if you could. He LOVED how much you loved his skid steer and trailers.  In the winter time when the skid steer was parked in the garage he would take you out there and just let you sit and play and push all the buttons and pretend like you were driving. You were the best little workin buddy then and I could only imagine how much more you would LOVE to go to work with daddy now.

Me and you spent LOTS of hours after daddy lost his sight...driving him to bids, hauling his trailers and equipment around, and picking up parts for him. You LOVED riding in the 'big truck" and would always ask while we waited for daddy in the truck..."I wanna drive." You would look at me with that most handsome smile and I had to say yes even if I knew it would only be for just a minute. We don't get to do that so much anymore because it is a lot harder but oh how I wish we could.

Daddy told me something else he remembered that I didn't know. Whenever he watched you and didn't know where you went he would always call out for you since he couldn't see you very good. You got used to daddy always doin that so you learned on your own...every time daddy would say "Dakota!" you would answer right back..."I right here daddy." You didn't even know your daddy couldn't see very good but you were already his big helper! You are still the light of his life and mine!!


Miss this busy body! And sweet voice!


  1. Ahhh....Dang those videos Miss Tessie...they get me every time! I have to believe he is still running around, laughing and helpin daddy in that little mind of his. Keep Spurrin little cowboy!

  2. I know those feelings, when you remember, or see pictures. That hurt is overwhelming. Love ya girl, and your blog looks awesome!

  3. Oh, sweet little Dakota... Keep fighting so those little legs will wear a pathway from living room to bedroom again!