Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween & Hunting

It's almost thanksgiving so i figured I better get my butt in gear and get Halloween out of the way. :) Two of my favorite things about fall is Halloween and hunting. The two are not related in any way but they are both fun.

So this Halloween was much better then last. No trip to the hospital...just a healthy and happy boy. While I was in AZ Dakota got to go to the pumpkin patch with grammy, poppy, daddy, and his cousins. He is a spoiled and very loved little boy.
The crew minus Poppy

Grammy, poppy, and the grandkids

Kota and Poppy
Maelee loves Dakota!!

Picking out his pumpkin with dad

Loves his daddy that's for sure!

He got to dress up in his handsome, manly pirate costume for school and have a Halloween party with his friends.
Waving bye to his mom! :)

Then we had a family Halloween party with Zach's family. Zach's mom once again went all out with a fun and creepy dinner, fun games, and of course costumes. Now I wasn't sure if we could top last years costume of a tampon and period...but I think we did pretty good. ;) As soon as I saw this costume online I knew it was THE ONE!
It was simple and funny...that's what I'm all about.

Everyone looked pretty dang awesome especially our little pirate!!
The whole gang (except Ryan & Lindsay :( )

What a cute family photo...I think I will frame this one! ;)

The Hadleys

Grammy & Poppy...I mean Shrek and Fiona with the grand kids.

The LaRoses

Grammy and Poppy
Check out that bling!
Cheers with our ghost drinks

Game for the kids

Dakota bout to land on the winning picture! ;)

He is not very humble...sticking his tongue out at the losers!

Us girls playing a candy corn game...I'm not gonna lie...I tore this one up...I didn't know I was so good at transferring candy corn with a spoon by mouth! ;)

Zach tore this game up...spitting out a pumpkin seed the farthest!  I was SO proud!

Houston getting ready for the doughnute eating contest!

Fortunately my husband is also very talented at eating doughnuts with no hands...

CHAMPION!! I guess we are just a really talented couple...we can't help it! ;)
Halloween day we decided to try out Logan's main street trick or treating. I thought this would be perfect for Dakota because it was such a nice day and trying to take him to people's houses....going up all their steps just didn't sound very fun. So on main street he got to stay in the stroller and go into the fun stores and get a treat. Luckily we were accompanied by the amazing Morrison family and Stoan his future roping buddy was such an awesome helper and friend for us. He would hold the door open for us, pick a candy for Dakota and give it to him. It was so much fun especially with great company!! Thanks Emmi!!
3 Handsome boys!!
The rest of the night we got to stay home and pass out treats to our cute little neighbors!!

Pheasant hunting just closed today. It has been the only thing on Zach's mind for the last two weeks. Pheasant hunting by far is Zach's most favorite thing to hunt. If he had his sight he would probably be gone 24 hours a day for the 2 weeks it is open. It is fun to see his excitement and love for it. So as any wife of a blind man would do (at least i think...i don't know any) i try my best to get all pumped and excited about it too and gear up to go walking for hours and hours through thick brush, corn stalks taller then me, in the snow, in heavy HOPES of a CHANCE to jump one of those bad boys up. If I knew for sure there would be a pheasant in that field I would be fine with walking. But after awhile of just walking and not seeing anything your start to wonder...are pheasants even real?! ;)
You have no idea how thick this brush is!

Now I would like to think that I'm a pretty tough girl. I can handle a lot physically but after a couple hours of that pheasant hunting I am pooped. I guess hunting is not in my blood like it is Zach. He doesn't get how I could get so tired after a couple hours of walking when I can run a marathon but it is so different.  I try not to complain but I have to stop and take a couple breaks and tell Zach to slow I think he gets the hint. ;)

Once blind husband out shot me. It is seriously amazing and a little discouraging to me at the same time. I wish I could capture him on video though because it puts me in awe every time he shoots.  After a couple hours of walking and not seeing anything we decided to try out this corn field. As soon as we took like 2 steps into the field out pops this pheasant. I was so shocked I couldn't even think to get my gun up and next thing I see is Zach shoot and that thing fall. Luckily we had our friend Jake's dog with us cuz as soon as it hit the ground it took off running and Rugar grabbed it. Zach was like a little kid at Christmas and so was I. It totally changed our mood and got the adrenaline going. After a couple more passes through the corn field out pops another one right in front of me...I shoot...I miss. :( it was a little depressing. When you walk for a few hours and finally get your chance and sucks!!! So we decided to target practice on some pigeons flying by and Zach was 2 for 2 and I was 0 for 2. I can shoot a clay pigeon but when it comes to the real thing I think I better retire or start practicing more. Zach is always so cute and encouraging though and tries to compliment me anyways..."that was such a good spot, you pulled up really fast." I'm sure inside he is thinking there is no hope for this girl! ;)
Isn't he so handsome!

This is a little scary picture of me but hey it was a long 4 hours of walking okay!

After a few straight days of pheasant hunting I was happy to head to AZ for thanksgiving early. It hasn't stopped Zach while I have been gone. He went out every day without me by himself, with his dad, and with Jake. He is pretty convinced he hit 2 while he was out by himself but obviously he has a hard time finding them by himself and with no dog. I think he is ready to buy a puppy!!!


  1. So cute! Hope you are enjoying AZ! Love ya'll!

  2. You seriously crack me up! "There is no hope for this girl!" I wish you two were back here, I laughed so hard when we hung out, I miss it already! I have to say I am so impressed and amazed with Zach's parents as Shrek and Fiona! That is awesome!!! I love that movie! :) I think I liked theirs better, sorry! ;) Thanks for sharing! xoxo Keep up the hunting, I'm sure he loves having you by his side more than you realize. ;)