Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Proud MOM!!

I'll probably never get to have that bumper sticker that says, "my kid is an honor student" or the one with a soccer ball and Dakota's jersey number on it BUT...I'm thinking about making my own bumper sticker that says "MY KID LEARNED THE COLOR RED!" ;)

For almost every mom out there...when your child learned their colors you were probably proud but not as proud as THIS MOM when I went to Dakota's parent teacher conference in October. I have said it before but I'll say it again...I LOVE Dakota's teachers!! I loved them last year but this year I love even more. The teachers treat him like a 4 year old and work with him on the same things that the other kids work on. They were working on colors with the other kids so they said that's what Dakota will work on to (along with other things that he needs. ;) )

They started at first holding up two colors and 1 always being red and would ask him to look at the red. He never got it right at first but over the last little while has begun to get it right almost every time.

I also learned that they think his FAVORITE color is blue...such a boy! ;) They let him choose which color to put on his art stuff by having him look at it and he always would choose blue. So one day the teacher decided not to put blue in as a choice to see what he would choose and he refused to look at any of them. WHAT A STINKER POT...stubborn like another man I know that lives in this house! ;) They added blue back in and that is what he chose!

To add to my MOMMY PROUDNESS I got this note from Dakota's teacher just the other day in his back and forth notebook.
Tommy's parents asked if Dakota would be interested in having a play date? Tommy talks a lot about Dakota and would love to have them get together. Let me know and I will give you their number.

Now Dakota has a lot of kids that love him and are his friends BUT most are friends because their parents are friends with us and they talk about Dakota to them and instill a love for him in them. BUT this is Dakota's first REAL friend since his accident that loves him because of him and wants to play with him outside of school! He had some GREAT girlfriends last year but never got asked to hang out outside of school. So of course this made my heart SOOOO happy that this sweet little Tommy who is just a normal healthy little boy (I'm sure with lots of friends) wants to play with my sweet Dakota!! Now I just need to figure out how to word all of that into MY bumper sticker! ;)

Dakota and Tommy...his friend and protector!!
A couple more pics when the firefighters came to visit!

Look at my little fireman!!


  1. Oh Tessie I LOVE this post. That is awesome. You are the best Momma. Love ya. :)

  2. Tears of joy :). I am proud and I only know Dakota through here. I can only imagine how Proud you are!!! Our God is an Awesome God!!! I love that story about his friend Tommy-what a heart that kid has, seeing Dakota from the inside out at such a young age speaks volumes about his character. Truly makes my heart happy. You have so much to be Proud of and you are an Amazing Mom!!!!

  3. Woot Woot Dakota-That is awesome! I am so proud of him too :)

  4. I'm so happy that he has such an awesome teacher this year and a new friend too! Love how you treasure these learning moments... you are an amazing little family! Keep up the good work Friedli family!

  5. This is SO sweet! This two, little boys are the perfect example of our Savior's love...Tommy is obviously a tender soul and recognizes Dakota's gift of the ability to be the perfect friend and show unconditional love!

    You should be so proud of Dakota...I love reading each and every one of his newest triumphs! He really is progressing, and it is wonderful to know his has such kind and loving teachers who care for him and assist in his progress while he is away from his amazing parents!

    Love to you all! Go Dakota!