Monday, January 20, 2014

100% Girl, Meet _____!!

A few weeks ago we had our big ultra sound at Mckay Dee Hospital to make sure everything was looking good! Our doctor sent us to the hospital this time around since Dakota was born with a heart defect so that they could look even closer to make sure the same thing wasn’t going on.
Even though I have prayed my little heart out to Heavenly Father to help me have no fear with this pregnancy…I was still a little bit nervous to go. I guess I have gotten used to getting bad news so I feel like I am always prepared to hear something bad.

BUT it was such a relief to see all of HER little body parts and organs moving and working just as perfectly as they should be. They did say that if she had Dakota’s same heart condition (which it isn’t genetic so the chances are slim to none) that it could show up later on BUT as for right now it was beating perfectly normal!! We couldn’t have been any happier and I left with such a huge smile on my face!


I was also of course excited for them to point out her little girly parts so I can know for sure it is a GIRL!!!
YAY!! We are SO SO excited about this! Even though I would have totally been happy either way…and I’m not just saying that…it has been WAY too much fun looking at girl clothes and thinking of life with a daughter! And in the back of my head I guess I have always felt like Dakota needed a sister to love on and care for him. ;)

We have already picked out her name…NAVY!! We love it and love her SO much already! We had 4 girl names that we loved but in the end we chose Navy. We have always loved the name Jade ever since we had Dakota so I was pretty sure her name would be Jade. But then before we were even trying to get pregnant Zach started liking the name Bentley. I really like that name too but I just didn’t think Bentley Friedli flowed and I was still feeling Jade. As we both went back and forth with these two names I heard the names London and Navy and all of the sudden those were the two names I was torn between. Zach liked them both and so we just sat on them for awhile.

Then one morning Zach woke up and out of nowhere said, “I think it should be Navy.” I of course loved them both but when he said that it just felt right. So…unless something crazy happens before she is born I think we can officially say, MEET NAVY!! ;)
2014-01-07 14.31.14
These ultra sound pictures are still so unreal to me! It is crazy how much they can see. They still look a little alienish to me but I think she is just adorable already!! She had her cute little arms up by her face most of the time so this is the best we got!

I am 24 weeks right now and feeling GREAT!!! I am passed the completely exhausted and tired phase and I am getting bigger for sure but not so big yet that I am completely uncomfortable, so I am enjoying this phase right now! Time is flying by though!! I remember with Dakota feeling like he was NEVER going to get here but this time around it seems like she is coming way too fast!! I am completely happy that I get 40 weeks to prepare myself but it seems like it is all happening really fast and she will be here before we know it!!

This is me at 21 weeks…it’s about time for another pic! ;)
2013-12-29 12.56.25
I always feel like such a nerd getting a picture of just me!!

I started feeling her little kicks at 17 weeks, which was quite a bit earlier then Dakota. They have gotten stronger and stronger every week. She is a strong little girl and she moves a lot more then Dakota used to. Zach thinks that means she is going to be hyper…I kinda hope he is wrong! ;/

I don’t really have any strong cravings or things I can’t stand but I do tend to crave more then normal (which normal is a lot for me anyways) chocolate chip cookies and doughnuts. Those are two things I loved before I was pregnant but now I LOVE them! ;) Especially if I’m anywhere near a Paradise Bakery…there chocolate chip cookies are to die for! ;)

We are still so excited and nervous about this little girl! We know she will put a major spin on our little already crazy world but we know she will bring us a lot of joy too!


  1. aww congrats! I love the name to unique but not crazy, it's beautiful!

  2. Navy!!! What a perfect name, never heard of it and love it :) Congrats!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I don't ever think you feel cute when your the one pregnant but other pregnant people look cute! ;)

  4. Beautiful, Tessie! You make pregnancy look way too good :)

    I am SO excited for you all, and for this precious, little girl coming to your family! It is such a blessing to be able to follow your amazing journey of challenges and miracles, and see the Lord's hand so very much, all along the way! Thank you for being willing to share! So happy she is strong and healthy...can't wait to finally see your cute, little peanut when she arrives! {{hugs}}

    1. Jenell you are too nice! I really don't but thank you! ;) We are so excited too! It will be a bundle of crazy joy! ;)

  5. So SO exciting! And LOVE the name Navy. You sound like me with names. Berlin is on my list for girls but Jimmy just ain't buying it. Ha! Navy is going to be a beautiful bundle of joy and chaotic love.

    1. Thanks Jaimie!!! I think the name Berlin sounds ADORABLE!! You must convince Jimmy that unique names are the best! ;) I hope that things work our for you guys SOOOO soon!! You are in my constant thoughts and prayers!!

  6. You have such a fabulous mother, Navy! What a blessing you will be to your family. xx

    1. Thank you!! I hope she likes me but I'm sure I'll hear the words I hate you mom in my lifetime! ;) That's ok!