Monday, January 27, 2014


Zach and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary over the weekend! I know every married couple feels this way BUT it is always crazy to think…it’s only been 7 years?! It feels like we have been together FOREVER!!! (in a good way of course! ;))

I made his short little slideshow that is a short representation of 7 years! ;)

I'm pretty impressed with myself because I am no computer whiz! ;) Luckily an app made it easy for me! ;)

One of my favorite things about celebrating our anniversary is that I can get Zach to watch our wedding video!!
2014-01-26 22.28.22
It only happens once a year so it is always so fun to go back to that day and remember all the feelings you felt and how happy you were!

It makes me smile to watch us on that very day and think how young and naive we once were! We had NO idea what in the world laid ahead of us but we were SO excited to start our new journey together! Sometimes I wonder if it would have been nice to have a heads up of what was going to happen to us in the first few years of marriage…but then again maybe not! ;)

7 years has taught us A LOT…REALLY FAST!!! It has been a rollercoaster ride for us. We have experienced the lowest of lows together as well as the highest of highs! Even though there were times where sometimes riding the rollercoaster got harder then I ever imagined and in our emotional stress I wanted to push him off the ride (figuratively…not literally! ;)) I am SOOOOOO grateful that he has been here by my side through every single piece of it!

I have realized through our life experiences how much I have taken Zach for granted. I have come especially over this last year to REALLY appreciate how lucky I am to have such an INCREDIBLE man by my side. (I read Dr. Laura’s book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” and that helped opened my eyes a lot. I recommend it to ANY wife! ;))

No…he isn’t perfect and neither am I BUT he LOVES ME and DAKOTA and NAVY with his whole heart and that is more then I could even ask for. There has never been one day that has gone by that I have questioned or doubted…does he really love me?! And I think that says SO much about Zach!

He is constantly showering me (even though he is blind) with compliments about how beautiful I am and what a perfect wife and mom I am. Of course I always just laugh and shake my head because I know that I am far from it…but to think I have a husband that treats me and loves me like I am is pretty incredible!

And the thing that melts my heart the most is the way he ADORES Dakota! He would stay home from work every day if he could just to snuggle and hold Dakota’s hand (because he has a hand holding obsession! ;)) To see him light up and talk to Dakota with so much love is what really makes me see how lucky I am!!!

Even though our life is SO far from perfect…Zach is what makes life so wonderful for me despite ALL the craziness and choas of it all! He is truly my BEST FRIEND and I love that I get to spend every day with HIM!
I often fear that my next trial (since I do wonder what is next…I realize there is never an end to the trials of life) would be to lose Zach. The thought of it just is unimaginable. I don’t live in fear of it every day because that would just make a person crazy…but I try harder every day to appreciate him and show him how much I love him because I know how quickly life can change! So that is my daily advice to whoever reads this today! Kiss that husband or wife of yours and treat them every day like it could be your last! Because I promise…those who have lost a spouse will tell you…they didn’t know it would be their last!!

For our anniversary we didn’t do anything too crazy! Doug and Vicki took Dakota for the night on Friday so we could have a night ALL to ourselves. That is always so magical! Hopefully I’m not the only parent out there that enjoys it as much as I do! ;) I do love Dakota but a whole night with just Zach is pretty awesome too! ;)

We went to the Movie Grille that night! It was SO much fun! It was our first experience and I would totally recommend it to anyone! You go and get to sit in these amazing recliner seats. A waitress comes and takes your order FOR DINNER! Then they bring you out your drinks and dinner (there is a tray attached) and you get to sit back and enjoy dinner as you watch your movie! It was a super fun and relaxing night!
2014-01-24 19.50.22
I was too chicken to ask someone to take our picture so this is a picture of our relaxing view…when the movie was over! ;)

Then we just went back home and relaxed some more. We of course had to watch Zach’s favorite show…Shark Tank! I love how into it he is! One day he will be on there! ;)
2014-01-24 20.40.02
He pulls the chair up so he can see better! I guess he has a good excuse to not sit by me and hold my hand! ;)

I of course loved the full nights sleep with no interruptions and sleeping in until I wanted to get up! ;) It was heaven just to have some complete alone time with the man I LOVE!!!

Hopefully one of these years we will take that cruise we are always dreaming about! ;)


  1. Can we go on a cruise together please?!! Happy anniversary, love you guys so much. A night alone at home is the perfect way to spend an anniversary! :)

    1. For SURE! You guys are like cruise professionals you have been so many times! I have NEVER been but all Zach talks about is how fun they are!! One of these days it is on!!!

  2. Happy late Anniversary! Scott and I tried out the Movie Grille for his birthday and we thought it was awesome too! All we needed was a remote (so we could pause to go to the bathroom) and we would have felt right at home! Even better since we were waited on....ha ha:)

    1. THanks Terra! Yeah it was pretty sweet! I would definitely do it again! I do wish you could pause it while they take your order, etc. but hey you can't have it all! ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! We've been wanting to go to Movie Grille but haven't yet. It looks like fun!

  4. Thank you Chantel! You must go!! It is So fun! Look on groupon cuz they have had lots of deals!!!

  5. Oh fun! I have always wanted to try that Movie Grille! Glad you had a happy anniversary. It is so neat to see how much two people love each other. That is very special & I'm glad you realize how lucky you both are. Love you guys so much! Xo