Sunday, August 17, 2014


Navy 3 month
I know you always hear this but truly I feel like Navy is growing up WAY too fast! I feel like every day I look at her she has grown so much!!


Before we had Navy I think both Zach and I were looking forward for her to turn 2. We both longed to bring back that stage we were at when Dakota’s accident happened. He was at such a fun age…talking, laughing, hilarious, independent, entertaining, so much personality, etc. and then all of the sudden that was gone. Even though we have still had the privilege to continue to raise him and watch him just celebrate age 6…I feel like I don’t fully know what it is like to have a 2.5-6 year old in many aspects. I LOVE being around friends and family with kids this age range because I love to listen to them say silly things, be naughty, and everything in between because I miss it so much!! Don’t get me wrong…Dakota has slowly progressed and gotten more and more personality each year since his accident and I LOVE being around him…but I miss out on the normal stages of development and growth that other kids go through.

So when Navy was born I think Zach and I were ready for her to be 2 right away. But…we have easily come to LOVE and ENJOY this baby stage of her life and now I’m wanting the time to slow down so we can continue to enjoy her snuggles, sweet chubby rolls, her smiles at the simple things, her sweet soft coos, etc. We seriously are savoring every piece of her!!!

At 3 months:
-She is still chunking up daily…which is so weird and fun because Dakota was such a skinny boy

-She is in size 2 diapers and just starting to fit into 3-6 month clothes

-She smiles SO much at her mom and dad and sometimes to strangers. She is already starting to get a little dose of stranger danger which makes me a little sad and happy at the same time. Dakota was NEVER like that…he would go to any and everyone…which was nice for babysitters and nursery. But I kinda like that she loves to be with us! ;)

-She has the softest sweetest coos and hums

-She is a hyper little girl CONSTANTLY kicking and waving those arms all about

-She loves to bat at toys

-She already sits in her bumbo like a champ!
2014-08-04 11.38.57
Check out those bicep rolls!! I love her little proud grin! ;)

-She can finally keep the binky in pretty good but doesn’t use it a ton. Mostly when going to sleep. (After all the many brands I bought…it was the original hospital brand that she ended up doing the best with!)

-She is sleeping 10-12 hours at night like a champ…I am LOVING this! ;)

-She is such a chill pill all day and is happy and content just chilling. She is so patient when I am busy that she will just fall asleep playing on the ground without even making a peep.

2014-08-16 09.25.58
I was going to get her dressed…hence the nakedness but got busy making Dakota’s birthday cake and she just decided to take a nap!

-I swear she secretly loves to have her headband over her eyes when she sleeps. It always ends up that way and she never fusses.
2014-08-17 10.38.16
-She is still a finger/thumb sucker! ;)

-Even though she is not a super cuddly baby on your shoulder…she will let you snuggle her to sleep with her blanky and binky. This is Zach’s most favorite thing to do at night!!

IMG_20140814_210658 (1)
I LOVE how she stares at you so sweet when you hold her!!

-She pays a little more attention to Dakota man now and will occasionally give him smiles!

-My most favorite thing of all: She LOVES her blanky and loves to hold it and snuggle it up to her face…just like Dakota did!!!

Oh Navy...STOP growing up!!


  1. She is so, so precious Tessie! Love the pictures!

  2. Sleeping with the headband on could be dangerous if it slides over her mouth and nose. Babies should never wear those when they are not being supervised. Your daughter and son are so sweet and you and your husband are such loving parents.