Sunday, August 31, 2014

Navy’s Special Day

On June 6th we had the wonderful opportunity to bless our sweet Navy! Now typically these are done at the church on the first Sunday of the month but because our little nephew Cruize was going to be blessed that same day and there church is at the same time as ours, we decided to bless Navy at Zach’s parent’s home that evening. I wasn’t sure how I would like not having it at the church but if you have ever been in Zach’s parents backyard you know how magical it is. It has 2 waterfalls, trees and plants surrounding it giving it a natural border. It is breathtaking and makes you feel like you are in the woods camping instead of right there in town.

My whole family was in town from AZ for our family getaway in Park City so they were ALL there…even my sweet grandma was in town for a convention so she was able to make it along with my Aunt Diann and Uncle Chad.
WOW…That’s a big ole family..that I LOVE! ;)

Zach’s whole family was able to make it too besides his brother Ryan and his wife Lindsay (whom we missed).
(sad we didn’t get a picture)

To be in that beautiful backyard surrounded by our dearest family whom we love SO much….it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was such an intimate setting and as Zach took our precious girl in his arms and the men whom I love so much laid there loving hands on her head to give her a priesthood blessing…my heart was FILLED to the max with love and happiness. I knew that this was right where we needed to be!!
As Zach pronounced the blessing upon her…the spirit was so strong and he spoke so profoundly and from his heart. It was one of the sweetest blessings I have ever heard and every word of it was so precious and perfect just for our little Navy!! It is times like those when you watch ordinary men turn into extraordinary…you know how powerful the priesthood is. You know that they are being given guidance in there thoughts and in their words from our loving Heavenly Father!!

DSC_0816 DSC_0818
As you can tell, Zach was a little emotional! His love for Navy is FIERCE!!

After the blessing I tried to hurry and write down some of the things she was blessed with so that as she gets older she can look back and read and reread them to help her through this journey of life…I sure hope she will!!

She was blessed to:

-Be polite and respectful

-That she will find JOY and SATISFACTION in serving her brother and helping to give him the best life possible

-Have health and strength

-Have a desire to accept the gospel and choose to be baptized

-CONTINUE to be a light to our family

-Have compassion and patience

-Have a desire to go to the temple and be married

-Have patience and persistence in enduring the challenges she will face in this life

-Have a kind and compassionate spirit

-Realize what a blessing the gospel is in her life

Although these were some of the main words spoken…it was truly the spirit that was felt as they were spoken that gave them such power. I only wish that Navy could remember that feeling throughout her life as well! I hope she will ALWAYS know how important she is to our little family and to her Heavenly Father! My prayer is that she will become the person that He sent her here to be!!
We love you Navy Jo!!!

Of course there were LOTS of pictures of this beautiful day!

Zach’s mom was so sweet and wanted to capture her getting ready for her big day!!! I love that she captured this day so well!!!

Thank you Vicki!!!

Getting undressed! She has no idea everyone is coming for her! ;)

Her GORGEOUS dress that was made by my mother’s talented hands with SO much love!! It will be a treasured keepsake forever!!
Wish I had an ounce of my mom’s talent!

DSC_0662 DSC_0663

Her gorgeous little shoes I had my talented neighbor Terra make just for her!

Getting dressed...

So patient while mommy buttons her up! Ohhh I die over her little face and dark wise eyes!!

Of course a headband is needed to top it all off! ;)

I LOVED the detail of it!

Especially the back of it!

Then the shoes…

Once she was all complete it was time for her Dad and I to love on her! ;)
Of course Zach would be holding her hand! ;)

DSC_0702 DSC_0707

DSC_0732 DSC_0734
Do you think she knows how much she is loved?!

My mom was there to help with the finishing touches! Such a special memory for me and Navy!


I LOVE this sweet picture!!!

And then of course we had to have a quick photo shoot before going down!!
The accessories! ;)

DSC_0753 DSC_0780-001
Her sweetest little face!

DSC_0763   DSC_0790 DSC_0771
I think this one was my favorite! Love the sweet angle!!

She got loved on a lot from so many people! She was so happy, sweet, and content the whole entire night! She never even made a peep! I think she could feel what a special day it truly was!

DSC_0824 DSC_0960
Her sweet and SO special Great Grandparents! She has NO idea how lucky she is to have them here in her life!!!

4 Generations!

Navy and sweet cousin Cruiz…blessed the same day!

I love this picture! It looks like Navy is whispering something in his ear! I’m sure something VERY important!

Their mommies lovin on them!!

And their handsome daddies!!

Sweetest cousin Lola was there too so she had to get in on this action! ;)
One day these 3 and Baby F that will be here soon are gonna reak some havoc together!! Until then…we will enjoy this imobile time! ;)

Sweet feet!

Grammy and Poppy time!


My beautiful sisters/best friends!!!

The 2 most important woman in my life!! I hope Navy and I can both grow up to be just like them!

PicMonkey Collage
Such a beautiful, happy, and special day! One that will stay in my heart and mind forever!!!

Thank you to our wonderful families for being a special part of it!!

By the end of the night she was pooped! ;)
We love you SOOOO much Miss Navy!!


  1. I just love this post! She is a gorgeous baby! I find it mindblowing that you often talk about others talents and imply you don't have them. You may not be an amazing seamstress BUT you have a talent that goes beyond that. The amazing talent to love, care and go above and beyond for an amazing little boy who clearly chose YOU to be his Mommy. When I read your blog, and have from the beginning I am blown away by this talent you possess. Even when talking about the difficulty in your talent/job the love and overwhelming desire to do great things with him always is conveid. Frankly, I believe you might not have been given other talents because Heavenly Father had this in store for you and knew you would thrive in it. Does this make sense at all? Hope it doesn't sound insulting because you amaze me. Truly.

    1. Kristin that is the sweetest compliment ever! Thank you SO much!! I guess I never thought of that as a's just something that I have to do! ;) I get asked a lot...I have no idea how you do it...but when you are given the just HAVE to! Thank you so much for your kindest words! They mean so much!!!