Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Happy Easter

So I think this was the first holiday since Dakota's accident that I was okay. I don't think I even shed one single tear and I was overall pretty happy. That is a major accomplishment for me! I will admit I watched for a second some kids hunting for their Easter eggs and longed to be them...but it was just a second and I was done.

I think the difference for me this year was definitely my focus. Easter for me growing up was not a big drawn out thing with lots of presents and excitement. We did the traditional coloring of Easter eggs and on Easter morning we hunted the eggs that we colored and some plastic ones that had some candy in them and that was it. We would take turns hiding them after we found them because that was so fun. There was no big Easter basket, not even an Easter dress or outfit. Not that all of that is bad but I'm just not used to all of that. I don't even own one single Easter decoration.

So...lets just say Dakota got NOTHING...not one single thing from us from Easter. (Yes, we are horrible parents). We did go to our friends the Sessions one night and dye eggs but Dakota wasn't very into it. Part of the reason was I knew he would get spoiled by his grandparents and great-grandparents and I wasn't sure what to get him. I like to buy Easter outfits (cuz I DO LOVE clothes) BUT I held back because he has a pretty full closet already and I knew he would have something in there that would be just fine.

So as Easter morning rolled finding new exciting outfits...we went to church and I was able to really focus on the true meaning of Easter. I felt a deeper sense of gratitude and love for this holiday. I focused on my Savior and as I looked at my sweet, adorable little guy snuggling on the luvsac...I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the sacrifices my Saviour made for that I could know with confidence that one day that little boy will be perfect again. I felt gratitude that because He has felt my pains and sorrows He is able to strengthen me, help me, heal me, and give me light, hope, and peace through all of these dark days!

Snuggling after church

Just because I didn't buy or do much for this holiday...doesn't mean we didn't party it up! We did have some good times with Zach's dad's side of the family Saturday. Grandma and grandpa Rhees are so cute to do an Easter hunt at their house each year and they go all out for all of the kids. Even us older kids get a bag of licorice and an egg with some money. They are such cuties and it is always good to see all of the fam (aunts, uncles, cousins). Thanks grandma and grandpa!
Poppy, Dakota, and Grandma...check out that basket!
Tasting that chocolate bunnyfrom his did too! ;)

The girlies...and Dakota
(Me, Ashley (Zach's sis), Olivia (niece), Jenny (Zach's sis), and Tate in her belly! ;) )

Just swingin with the 2 cutest boys at the party...not counting Zach of course!

Later that night we were able to go to dinner with some friends. Brandon and Jill Olson who I have posted about were in town from Heber and we were so excited that they let us know and invited us to Red Robin. Jake and Heidi came too...always good times! Thanks guys!, Heidi, Jill

boys...Brandon, Jake, Zach (Brandon didn't want his picture taken so he was making it impossible to get a good one!)

Sunday evening we got together with just Zach's fam and Grammy and Poppy (aka Zach's parents) go ALL OUT as well. Dakota got so many things we couldn't even fit them in his cute horsey Easter basket! They even do a hunt for us kids and hide eggs with money. Each couple has to find 3 eggs and Doug doesn't hold back when he hides them. Towards the end he has to start telling us hot or cold cuz it is almost impossible. I didn't think it was quite fair either since my partner can't see...we were TOTALLY at a disadvantage BUT we still got the most money! That's how we roll! ;) Thanks Doug and Vicki for the fun night!

This little kids getting ready for the hunt...Jenny is posing for Tate.

Dakota finding his presents...he was REALLY into it can you tell!


D and Mommy

Getting ready for the big kid hunt with Ryan and Lindsay

On your mark get set...

GOOOO!!!! (Sorry we won the most! ;) )

Snugglin with Aunt Lindsay

And Ryan too!

Houston was trying to share his drink with Dakota during dinner...soo cute...what a sweet boy! I don't care what your parents say Houston! ;)

Even Aunt Jenny got Dakota an Easter basket...I am a horrible aunt as well. I apologized up front to her unborn baby that I won't be as cute and fun of an aunt as she is. She is always so thoughtful and getting things for Dakota that I wouldn't even think about. Thanks Jen!
Jenny and Dakota...spoiled boy!

Happy Easter Dakota!!! Thanks for teaching us so much and for being patient with us when we don't always know what you want or need. We are doing our best and we hope you feel and know how much we LOVE YOU!!! We are grateful and honored to be a true angels parents!!! I know that you have probably been held by the Savior, you probably understand the whole plan and I know you know WAY more then mom or dad could even comprehend. We are still trying to figure it out buddy but one day we hope to be as smart as YOU!!!!

P.S. ANOTHER sweet family in need of help! 29 year old mother of two crashed her mountain bike and may be paralyzed from breast down. If you can donate they would greatly appreciate it. She used to be in my sister's ward!! Here is the link:


  1. What a sweet and beautiful post. My heart is touched by your honesty, and thoughts. Your sweet baby is beautiful. Many prayers sent your way. xo

  2. Love all the pictures, looks like you guys had so much fun with all your easter festivities!! Dinner was FUN, we need to do that more often. (PS: I stole that pic of the guys!). Dakota is seriously the CUTEST, love his smile! Love ya guys!

  3. I found your blog from another blog Mom's and just wanted to tell you how truly beautiful and amazing your family is. Your son is just so precious. I am so amazed at your strength.

    I lost my son to SIDS in August of 2010, although our situations are different, reading some of your post is very inspirational. I am LDS as well and your attitude towards live in general is just...amazing.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi.