Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

It's still May so I'm officially not that far behind! Happy late Mother's Day to all you mother's out there!!! Sure hope it was a good one! Here is a little shout out to all of you! My friend sent me this video and I still am laughing about it! Maybe you already saw it but if not, if you are in need of a good laugh watch it!!

Mine was very special because MY mother was in town and I got to spend it with her! She lives in AZ so that really never happens. She had come up to watch Dakota for us while Zach and I went to Vegas (i promise update on that will come when life ever slows down) so we got to keep her for the weekend!

I know I'm a little partial but I have to say I have the BEST 2 mothers in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Both Zach and I are blessed to be born to some amazing woman! Maybe Heavenly Father knew how crappy our life would get so he let us have it easy growing up by giving us 2 amazing woman who would teach us, strengthen us, and love us unconditionally to prepare us for the H#@$ he was gonna throw at us. Also He knew we would need some MAJOR help and support to get through what we were given so he gave us these 2 beautiful woman!!!

They are both very different from each other but I love that! They have both taught me things in different ways and have been amazing examples to me as woman, as mothers, as daughters of God, and as friends!

It's easy to say all of those kind words about your own mother but not everyone loves their mother in laws. But I truly was one of the lucky ones to be married into an amazing family and be BLESSED with a second mom who I adore! Getting married and living in UT where I knew NOBODY was not even a hard adjustment because of Vicki! She has loved me as her own and has treated me with nothing but love and kindness. I really feel like she is just as much my mom as Zach's! Most people that see us together think that she is my mom over Zach's anyways! ;)

Happy Mother's Day MOMs!! Sure do love you and am SOOO grateful to have you in our lives!!!

Me and my mom
Vicki and Dakota were twinners!

Spending my mother's day the way I love best...with my 2 favorite boys!!
So blessed to be a mom!!!!!!!!!!

My mother's day present!
And picture! ;)

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