Monday, May 27, 2013

Sorry for the confusion!!!

If you have gotten on my blog you may have gone to read the most recent post and saw that it was an old post. So I was going back and reading old posts and updating labels cuz I didn't start adding labels until half way through and I had NO IDEA when I updated them that some of them reposted! Wow!!! Crazy. Now I need to try and reorganize the dates! :/ Any suggestions on how to do this?!

My last post was Fight or Flight. Looking back they didn't all get out of order...not sure what I did. Has this happened to anyone else?! I'm mostly sad because I like to have them in chronological order for journaling sake!!


  1. You can go to the right hand side of your blog when you are in editing mode and select "schedule date" and can update your date to the correct one. This is my most favorite feature as I don't update until I have 20 to do and can post them with their correct date! :)

    1. Thank you!! I will have to try that! I am so computer illiterate it makes me mad!!! ;)

  2. I think it was the "Twilight" premiere that gave it away for me :) Hope you can get it figured out!