Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Life

Well it is officially spring...FINALLY!!! I LOVE spring weather, although here in UT it has been a bit unpredictable. Nice and warm, feeling good then...bam it's cold. I think it is finally safe to say that it is only getting warmer from here!! YAY!!

We have FINALLY gotten to play outside again!!
Chillin in his swing with his sweet new shades that make him look like a big studly boy!

Back to our Ranger rides!! Saw this cute little stud in the middle on this tiny dirt bike with training wheels! So stinkin cute! He was only 5!! It was crazy to think Dakota could be doing that!!

 He got to ride this AWESOME bike at physical therapy! He loved it and it is SO good for his range of motion in his legs. I want one really bad! Too bad they are freakin $3000!!!!! Medical things are SO expensive. Maybe my handy man can make him one himself! ;)
He also loved this cute college girl in the background that was there helping. He was all smiles for her and trying harder then ever! Such a ladies man he is!!

Yea baby!!

I love EVERYTHING about spring except the loss of my husband to work. He goes from being home literally 24/7 with me ALL winter me becoming a single parent wondering who my husband is! ;) Remember...he can't we literally go EVERYWHERE together all winter long! I have a built in "parent" sitter (your are not allowed to ask your husband to is their child too!) all the has it's benefits;) It's a good and bad thing. I personally think being away from your spouse for periods of the day is healthy though...even though I do have the best and most perfect husband in the world!! ;)

Now that it is back to landscaping he literally has been leaving at 5:30-6:30 a.m. and coming home between 8-9 p.m. Just in time to give Dakota a squeeze and kiss before bed. I really can't complain because you have to work to live...unfortunately!! And Zach is seriously the MOST hard working man I know. I can't even be mad at him for being gone so much because I know he would LOVE to be home with us instead of out doing hard physical labor all day, but even still he never complains about working these long hours. Even his cute hispanic workers told him he is the hardest working American they know. They have never worked for a boss that works as hard as him and that they respect him. Such a HUGE compliment coming from them!! He is so grateful to have so much work and to have found 2 awesome employees. He takes so much pride in what he does and he is just amazing!

I am as always behind in the regular what's happening in the Friedli household chaos so I am playing catch up today all the way back from the end of February. ;)

Before Zach got all busy with work we went to the last free day at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. Although it was a pretty cold day we got some smiles out of Dakota man so it was well worth the trip!!
snuggling to stay warm!

The elephants..Zach can't tell when we are looking at the camera so you get a side profile! ;)

The seals and walrus were the most fun cuz they were the most active!

Check out that big thing!

Love this sunshiny smile!!

My cute happy boys!! Love spending time with them!


Love this pic...he is saying with those eyes and smile...check out those giraffes you see them?!  I think he liked them the most because he could see them the best because you can get so close to them.

Even had a cute baby!

Easter came and went as most of you already know! ;) I did post about my feelings that Easter but not the here it is.

Pretty much Zach and I are the lamest parents ever and didn't help the Easter bunny do ANYTHING at our house. I grew up with the Easter bunny just hiding presents! Zach grew up with a lot more excitement so in turn we did NOTHING! Besides go to church of course. I know LAME! 

Lucky for Dakota he has the best grandparents in the world who like to spoil their grandchildren rotten so they had LOTS of things hidden for each grandchild so Dakota totally scored there and forgave us for being so lame!!

On our way to Grammy and Poppy's...he already knows what's coming!!

Such a cool dude! (I didn't match us on purpose I promise! ;) )

Going on an Easter hunt...SCORE!!

We had to help a little bit! ;)



Chillin with Uncle Ry...waiting his turn so patiently! 2 cool dudes!!


Brother/sister these 2!!

Just being cute with Uncle Ry and Aunt Lindsay

Loves his dad!

Yummy dinner!

Snuggling with beautiful Grandma Marilyn

Ryan and Lindsay found the GOLDEN egg on the adult hunt! 

All the grandkids!

Back in March I got to go to AZ for my mom's side of the family annual "girls luncheon." It is the third year they had it and I had never been since it is in AZ. So I was SO excited when my parents bought me a plane ticket for my birthday to be able to be there. It was SO SO good to see my aunts, cousins, and all their kids who I don't get to see near enough! 
I had such a fun time and definitely wished I had a little girl to enjoy the party with. Luckily I had my cute nieces to cousins girls to watch and have fun with!!

You were supposed to where a fancy hat or flower or something in your hair to the party. Luckily my niece Trai had made this fancy crown at a birthday party (seriously what a cute crown for a kids birthday party!). She let me borrow it since we both have start with T's! ;) Thanks Trai!!!
Me and my grandma...the queen of the party!!

and my mom!! Didn't realize we were standing tallest to shortest! ;)
Me and my sistas minus Dawn

Nieces Shea and Paige

Niece Logan...almost as tall as me!!!

Niece fancy! ;)

The girls got to paint their nails at the party...

do their makeup!! Some wanted help...

others didn't! ;) They were SOOO beautiful! ;)

The queen of the party telling us how to behave! ;)

The cute tables with china and all!

We each got our own little cake that my mom and aunts made!! They slaved away and made like 45 of these bad boys! So cute!!

Fun pictures of past parties

To top it all off my mom and aunts dressed up and sang a little song and dance for us. Let's just say singing is DEFINITELY not in our family! ;) Lucky for them and all of you I'm not gonna post the video I took of the song! ;)

I got A LOT of shopping time in with my sisters! And of course some Nielsens Frozen Custard!

Love ALL my time in AZ ALWAYS!!!

While I was gone for the weekend Zach took great care of Dakota (with a little help from grammy and poppy!) They went and saw some friends baby goats! Sad I missed it!

My friend Emily mentioned she was going to Baby Animal Days at American West Heritage Center and I thought that sounded fun. I had NO idea how crazy it would be there. As I waited to pull on to the street to even get into the place I knew this was a bad idea but I had already driven the 40 minutes to get there so we had to stay and check it out. It was super crowded and lots of lines.
I drug my friend Sarahn along...she probably hates me for it! ;) But it was fun nonetheless! ;)
Dang cute boys!

Looking for the train...

Still Looking...

Is it here?!

We waited a good 45 minutes to ride this train around for a couple minutes! It was worth it...right?! ;)

Got to watch a sheep get sheared.
Dakota got to ride the pony. (It was a great arm workout for me to keep him on there while he was moving!)
Even ran into one of the kids I had in my preshcool class in Head Start like 6 years ago. Totally recognized him and his mom! So fun to see how he has grown!
Went to support the victims of Boston in a run for them around Mantua Lake. Beautiful night...lots of bugs. Not sure how many Dakota ate?! ;)

My awesome friend Mel that ran the Boston marathon started it out with a little speech. She did aweseome!

I drug my little friend Jess out to run it with me!

Beautiful Lake view!
Other is happening to fast to keep track. I have been super busy spray tanning which is crazy but good. Thanks to all who have come out to support our cousins! You rock!!
We took a quick trip to Vegas last week for Zach's posthole invention...more to come on that when I have more time! Dakota slept through the night for 3 consecutive nights and I was getting pretty excited...but then he stopped! ;) Oh well...I guess I will live with the fact that I will never EVER EVER EVER get a full nights sleep again...there is worse things...right?! ;)
Too bad he is super cute! ;)
School is out AZ here we come!! ;)


  1. I think it is so great that you guys get him out and let him be a little boy! He will be so so much happier and better off because the little boy in him still gets to shine through. This is something my parents worked so hard to do with my brother. They still have to get out and have fun, its just in another way and a lot more work for mom and dad! You guys are AMAZING parents!!

    Love Me, Dani Marie

  2. Love the 'update'!! Dakota is handsome as ever...can't get enough of those smiles! Thank you for sharing!