Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Channel 2 News TONIGHT!

We had the opportunity to be interviewed last week by Dan Roscan with the Channel 2 News team! He had heard about Zach’s story and was interested in learning more about how he does what he does and what motivates him! After all…being a blind landscaper and inventor is a little out of the ordinary! ;)

We met with him last Tuesday and the interview got pretty personal and emotional. Tears were shed as Zach dug deep into the past. I was SO proud of him for doing it since he is normally super private about his feelings with all he has been through! (I have begged him for years to write a blog post but I don’t think it will ever happen!)

This interview will probably be the closest thing you can get to what makes Zach tick and what motivates him to do all the amazing things that he does!! He AMAZES me daily!!  (Although he is super embarrassed that they got him to cry! ;))

It airs on Channel 2 at 5 pm tonight!! I will post a link after it airs for those who aren’t local! Check out the preview…you will even get to see some of sweet Dakota and his precious smile! Might be my FAVORITE part!!

Ok...here s the ACTUAL link to watch the full story...click here!! Zach and  I didn't really love to watch ourselves on TV but Dakota was pretty pumped to watch himself on TV!