Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The GERMAVOID Clean Touch is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!

Our Kickstarter page is FINALLY live and we couldn’t be more ecstatic!! (Read our last post to get the details of how we are REALLY feeling)

HURRY over to our Kickstarter page…and check out what we have been working our tail feathers off on!


If you like it back us (which means buy the product at a presale discounted price), and then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (I am on my hands and knees right now for Pete’s sake!) share this with EVERY single person/avenue you can!! The success of our 30 day campaign depends upon us having the ability to spread the word!!

If you can do it within the first 24-48 hours even better! The more backers we can get RIGHT away the better our chance to get on the popular page of Kickstarter is…which only helps us get more and more exposure!!!

Here are the basics of how this works (in case there is any confusion): Our campaign lasts 30 days/ Our goal is $50,000/ 100% of our goal  will go straight to manufacturing / If we hit our goal your card will be charged and you will receive your product after it is manufactured/ If we don't hit goal your card will not be charged and your poor little hands will be SO sad ;)

PLEASE know we thank you for from the bottom of our hearts for even checking it out!! We would LOVE to hear any an all honest feedback!


  1. Tessie and Zach,

    Congratulations as you enter this exciting journey!! You both amaze me and I just love your spirit and perseverance. I will be backing you and sharing your story from the frozen north in Canada!

    Best wishes!!