Thursday, March 26, 2015

THe GERMAVOID Clean Touch on Good Things Utah

The AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL Michelle Money just shared about Zach's awesome Clean Touch on Good Things Utah this morning!! (If your not from Utah it is a local morning show) They said THE MOST incredible things about it!! We feel SO blessed!! Check it out!!

Good Things Utah

Our Kickstarter campaign has done super well so far but we are still SO far from our needed $50,000 goal. We knew we put a high goal for Kickstarter BUT the tooling for these little guys is SO expensive!! This money will ALL go straight to the manufacturing and then we will still have to come up with a lot more out of pocket to pay for the materials on top of all that we have already spent to get it this far. We chose this amount as our goal because it was what we felt like we truly NEEDED to feel comfortable moving forward!!

We are praying for a miracle to make this happen! We completely trust in our Heavenly Father's plan for this! We feel that we have literally done all that we physically know how to do at this point and if this is all supposed to work out and be the route we take for our family that His hand will play a HUGE role in making it all come together!! We have COMPLETE faith in that!! If not...and we are not supposed to move forward with this company, it will be a hard pill to swallow but we also believe that it will be His way in telling us no.

PLEASE help us to keep spreading the word. We won't have ANY regrets if we do our best at getting the word out to reach as many people as possible!! Thank you SO much for ALL the support and love!!!!

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