Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Well, despite a sad boy on Christmas day...we had a pretty dang fun Christmas with lots and lots of activities. That is one of my most favorite things about the holidays...spending time with friends and family!!!

Always a good time!!

So once again I will story tell with pictures! ;)

The week before Christmas we had Sunday Christmas dinner with Zach's immediate family and the grand kids all got to open presents. They are ALL so spoiled with Grammy and Poppy. They always give Dakota more then Santa! :)

He got his very own personalized little book to take to church. It was SO special!

Liked his sweet socks!

What is next?!

Soft jammies

He REALLY hit the jackpot this year from Grammy and Poppy with...

His very own limousine red wagon!!! Can you tell he liked it??

Even has his name on it in case anyone tries to swipe it! ;)

Check out that ride!! What a lucky kid!!

Grammy reading stories

They all got their own special Christmas book!

They each get their own special ornament to put on Grammy and Poppy's tree. Dakota walked over (with my help of course) by his big boy self to put his cute Santa ornament on the tree.

SO excited. He did such a good job!

1 proud mom!!

Houston debating on where to put his.

They each got their own special Christmas jammies.

Dakota was pretty excited about his tractor jammies.
Thanks Uncle Ryan for helping him open them!!

Snuggled in his jams with grammy!
Thanks Grammy and Poppy for all the presents!!

One of my favorite traditions that we do with the Friedlis is to do Christmas for a family in need instead of buy presents for each other! We each were in charge of clothes shopping for a child.
You know I love shopping whether it's for me or someone is always SO fun! I had to tag Zach and Dakota along though because it was for a teenage boy and I needed their advice. ;)
We all brought our gifts for them that night! So exciting!!

We also had our annual Christmas pajama party with Zach's mom's side of the family. They are SO fun! We played some crazy games and had a blast!

The first game...your partner has to attach a bunch of clothes pins all over their body. Then you come in blind folded and try to be the first to get them all off!
Round 1: Ryan, Justin, and Zach
(yes my husband has a dirty mind if you don't notice. He liked this game a little too much...SORRY)

Us girls trying to be so fast!

We tricked Doug and put him in front of Uncle Troy instead of Vicki...TOO FUNNY!! ;)

Now his real partner!

Aunt Becky doing a great job! ;)

Then we played a game where a big bag filled with random things to put on was passed around the circle. If the music stopped while you had it you had to pull something out (not knowing what it might be) and put it on. 

Zach lucked out and held Dakota so he didn't have to play. I got a nice wig and bunny costume.

Ryan and Lindsay

Ashley and sexy Beau! ;)

Troy and Becky...too cute!!

We also had our annual friends Ugly Sweater party at Travis and Janelle's. Zach and I usually try to go all out with our white elephant presents but we didn't think about it til the day of this time. LAMOS! Still lots of fun though! Lots of laughs!
1 sexy group. Zach cracked me up in his Walmart clearance shirt. I couldn't even look at him or kiss him without laughing!

We also had our annual Christmas Eve party with Zach's dad's side of the family. His sweet, sweet grandma goes to SO much work every year to host it and it is always something we look forward to!
Got a sweet head band thing! ;)

Our little fam

Just a cute little face!!

After seeing what Grammy and Poppy got Dakota for Christmas Zach and I realized we needed to step up our game for Christmas. It is SO hard to shop for Dakota because you really never know what he would like and you hate to waste money on something that he will cry at. So...Zach had the idea of getting him a sled that we could pull behind on the Ranger.

We decided to go to our local Walmart to see what kind of selection they had.
There wasn't much but we decided to test it really know if Dakota would like it!
Yes right there in the store Zach pulled us around and Dakota grinned from side to side.
We thought...maybe we have something here.

So we asked Santa if Dakota could have a sled. We even put out cookies for him and some carrots for his reindeer...
Can't you tell how excited Dakota is?!

And Santa come through with an even bigger and better sled then we could have imagined!!!
1 for the hills and 1 for the ranger that is nice and roomy!!

He even left Zach and I a few things! ;) Even though we hardly deserve them!

I think he wore my new hunting boots before putting them there! ;)

Zach's look good though!

The best of all though is Zach got me Taylor Swift tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not til June so I have to put on my patient panties...but I can't wait!!

Christmas morning obviously at our house is pretty low key. I would really like to peak in at other homes with lots of children to see some real excitement and craziness. We had Zach's parents up for some Christmas breakfast...yummy stuffed French toast.
They walked into Dakota testing out his new ride!

They decided to get in on the action.

So did we just needed lots of snow!! 

That evening we went to the Friedli's house with all of Zach's siblings and opened up stockings. Even though we do Christmas for a family Doug and Vicki always make sure we still get a little somethings...they are way too generous.

Getting ready to see what's in Dakota's stocking!

He got a sweet Buzz bracelet that lights up when you shake it!

Check out that sweet thing!

Zach opening his

Dakota gave his boy cousins a matching tie with him so they could be twinners. My cute friends sister makes them and they are adorable!!

Poppy and Grammy with all the grandkids.

Snuggling with Grammy!

Right after Christmas we got so lucky and got a lot of snow and it just keeps on coming. We have already had SOO much fun on Dakota's new present and look forward to lots more!!

Luckily just down the road from us our friends let us use their big pasture! Lots of room to ride and ride!
Our first go at it!!

Snowing and much fun!

The whole contraption

Ashley and Beau brought Houston and Maelee up to go for a spin and Grammy and Poppy met us too!
We had so much fun taking turns.
(Grammy, Poppy, Houston, Maelee, and Dakota)

Daddy and Kota

We even had our very first play date with Dakota's buddy Tommy! Tommy, his mom, and cousin met us out to go sledding. It was SO much fun! I love that kid even more!!

Tommy's mom holding Dakota, Tommy and his cousin

Tommy was so cute and would ask if he could hold Dakota on a ride. Obviously he is a little big for him to keep hold of so I let him do it for a picture. What a sweet kid to want to do that!!

Zach taught Tommy and his cousin how to make snowballs. He is an expert! ;)

Just another cute face!

Zach's cute Papa Ed dressed up as Santa to visit the other residents in his assisted living place. He is a great sport!!

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  1. Oh, Dakota's sweet smile always melts my heart! I am loving his wagon and sled 'set-up' fun!!