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Thanksgiving/AZ Trip

So...I need time to freeze real quick so I can catch up with blogging!! I haven't even blogged about our Thanksgiving trip to AZ so how in the world can I blog about Christmas and it is already 2013 and more and more just keeps happening and I just am falling farther and farther behind.

So here it goes...mostly in pictures since my brain is gone because it was TOO long ago already. Luckily pictures tell great stories! ;)

First...Dakota got to ride his first airplane since his accident...the helicopter ride and private medical airplane don't count!!

Medical plane headed back to UT to go to Primary Children's after 3 weeks at Maricopa County Hospital

Any time I get to go to AZ I have to spend AT LEAST a week to fit everything in and to enjoy it. Zach doesn't like to go that long. Can't blame the guy since I am usually spending lots of girl time with friends and sisters. He kinda runs out of things to do. He is a homebody too so he likes to be home and have his space so it works out for both of us for me to go early and him to come a little later.

The problem with this was, I had to fly all by my big girl self with Dakota on the way down to AZ for this first plane ride. I'm not gonna lie...I was a little nervous about how this was gonna go down. When it was time to board...was I gonna hand my child to a stranger while I took the blue chair out of his stroller, strapped it to the plane seat, unloaded his food bag, suction, cooler bag, and diaper bag...then fold up the stroller and take my kid back. I literally didn't have enough hands to do it all?!

Luckily for me after getting through security with Dakota only screaming for a short while while they checked out his pimpin ride...I asked the check in desk if their was any help available. Southwest was SOOO accommodating. They let us on VERY first and we had like 3 people helping us get all of our stuff on board, strap his chair in for me, and everything was a breeze.

Now I just had to get through the hour and a half plane ride. ;) I had NO idea how Dakota would handle this ride. I didn't wanna sit next to a screaming 4 year old just as much as anyone else...I had no idea what I was getting into. BUT he was such a trooper!! He was SOOO good it was surprising. He smiled at take off and landing.
Take off!!

Half way through I turned his IPAD Toy Story movie on just because he was being so good.

My cute dad met me at the baggage claim and all was well.

We had the SOO much fun down there with cousins, nana and papa, aunts and uncles, friends, and horses I didn't want to leave!!! I really wouldn't mind living there all winter long! ;) Zach and I dream about day when we are loaded! ;) Dakota was SUCH a good kid and was so happy too it made for an overall great trip! The weather was of course beautiful so that made it all the outside!!

One awesome thing we got to do while we were there was go to my cousin Gary's wedding reception. I lucked out that it was during my trip. We drove the 2 hours down with my parents and danced the freaking night away!! It was a blast!
Being a trooper...

while mommy sleeps. :)
I NEVER get to be the passenger in a car any more since Zach can't drive and it is SOOO hard! I have always slept so easily in cars and now I have to try so hard to stay awake at the wheel. I enjoyed this ride...if you can't tell! ;)

Me and my date since Zach wasn't there yet! :) He is a cute one!
(Funny story side note: as we were sitting at this table a little boy about 5 or 6 runs up to me and says, "you look like an Indian!" and then runs away. SOO hilarious. I love kids honesty. Thanks little boy...I always wanted to be an Indian!! ;) )

Can't tell but we are tearing it up on the dance floor! :)

My nephew Peyton and sisters Dawn and Annie
(Peyton had a little too much to drink ;) )

Me and my niece Trai cuttin a rug!!

My cousins sweet girl Niva and Trai...they were great dancers with me and me sweating out there!!

After the wedding we stayed the night in a hotel...also a first for Dakota since the accident. He did ok. :)
The next day we drove to my grandpa's before heading home. That is ALWAYS a special treat since he lives a couple of hours away from my parents. Does my heart SO good to see him and he just LOVES Dakota to pieces. He is so witty and so sweet. I love him dearly and wish we were closer so we could swing in and give him a hug and kiss more often!
Dakota and Papa Goodman

Both Papas!!

We had lots of family time which I LOVE!!! We had a Family Home Evening night that EVERYONE came over for. Kids all rode the magic carpet ride (4-wheeler with a carpet attached) in the arena.

Kids wrestled Uncle Riley

Girls sittin around the fire!

Papa reading a story to everyone.

One of our favorite things to do when we stay with Nana and Papa is to walk, ride bikes or the 4 wheeler to the park right by their house. When I grew up there it was ALL fields around the house. No parks, no stores. My friends all said I lived out in the boonies. Now it looks MUCH different!! Huge park, mall, stores, houses, and even the LDS temple going up ALL around!

We love the park though and Dakota especially loves the swing!!

Sutton and Evan

Zach winning Uncle of the year award with Sutton!

We climbed up the big rock...well I did and Zach handed him to me! ;) SCARY!! Not sure how the kids do it so calmly.

We got to go watch my niece Paige play softball...

and Shea and I decided to do the worm on the sidelines! I know I'm still such a kid!! ;)

Thanksgiving day was of course a blast! So thankful for my AMAZING family and the time we get to spend together!!

The kids rode this ramp like it was nobodies business....

So of course us adults had to get in on the action too! ;) 

Go Mom!! She didn't even fall off!

GO Dawn!!

Go Ty!
(They didn't capture my sweet jump but I probably got at least an inch off the ground! ;) )

We played a mean game of football...and yes tears were involved! ;)

Peyton and Evan

Even had some cheerleaders that showed up!
Not sure why but it keeps putting my pic upside down...I hate computers!!

Our little fam!

All the cousins play so good together and have so much fun.
Letting the steer (or Case) out of the shoot. He did a great job playing the part. Don't you love how it is all the girls running the chute and the boys have to be the steers?! Smart girls!! :)
(Just wish Dakota got to be a steer too :( )

The big boys trying to fix the 4 wheeler that the little boys tipped. Luckily no one got hurt!!

Dakota snuggling Aunt Katie

We had some fun sister time too of course...talking, eating, shopping, pedicures, movies! ;)

Shana and sister-in law Heather...this was Heather's very first...crazy she knows what she has been missing! ;)

Dawn and Katie
(annie and I are behind the scenes ;) )

Twighlight baby!!! LOVED! At the end of the movie someone in the theater shouted...Now what are we going to do with our lives?! I'm really not sure! ;) I will miss you sexy Jacob!

Dakota had A LOT of outside time riding horses, going for walks and riding the tractor. He loved every minute of it!!

Ridin the lawn mower...crazy daredevils I know!

Most of the cousins came to tell Dakota goodbye when it was time to leave. :( They are all so sweet to him and love him so much!! We miss them so much already!!!

Crazy bunch if I say so myself!

2012 Thankful list (in no particular order):
1. My boys!!!!
2. My testimony
3. My Savior!
4. AMAZING family and friends
5. Good health!!
6. A temple SO close!!
7. Words of prophets and apostles both old and new
8. Running and working out
9. Shopping ;)
10. Good music to sing and dance to...when I'm alone or at least at home! ;)
11. Dakota's AMAZING teachers, nurses, and of course friends that love him and help him
12. Respite hours and grammy and poppy times for Dakota
13. Sunday dinners with the Friedlis
14. GOOD food
15. Dakota's smile
16. Roof over my head and food on the table
17. Teaching Relief Society (teaches me more then anyone else)
18. and of course blogging...the good, the bad, and the ugly..and for all those that read and don't judge me for my insanity but pray for me to make it through another day! ;)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING...only a month and a half late!!

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  1. I absolutely love Dakota's smile on the plane and swinging with his daddy! It looks like so much fun, and I love how close you are to your family...
    I also loved your 'sleeping' are one deserving mommy of that nap! :)