Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dakota's Happenings

Dakota had his first day of school on Friday. He was supposed to start on Tuesday but we had a check up at primary children's so he had to miss it. :( 

First day with mom...I had to take him so I could get his picture...I am one of those embarrassing moms...Dakota just can't tell me that but I know! ;)

What a cute big boy.
(wish his shirt was pulled down...he is a little immodest...sorry! ;) )

He has a very cute teacher this year Ms. Kari. I knew right away I loved her because when I carried him in on the first day of school...usually the nurse takes him from me and starts to do things with him. But Ms. Kari walked right up and scooped him right out of my arms and took him to join in with the other kids.
Dakota and Ms. Kari
The nurses tell me her and the aids are so involved with him that they hardly have anything to do with him which is so different then last year. We loved his teacher last year too but there were a lot of kids in his class and a lot with some hard needs that needed attention. This year there is only like seven kids in the whole class so it is a lot less chaotic and obviously easier for the teachers to give him more attention.
His teacher brought this wagon from home just for Dakota so that he could have something to do while the kids play in the gym. (Lucky for me the nurse captured a picture for me and texted it to me! Love it!)
A new friend even pulled him around...they said he LOVES it!!

Cool headband!
After his first day...FINALLY home! (I missed it cuz I was at the temple but Zach was sweet and captured the moment. When I looked at it I realized our cute neighbor Gina was his substitute aide on the bus...she is the one standing in the bus! Thanks Gina!! ;) )

This year he is going three days instead of two. They wanted him to go four days but his dang mom was not down with that. I just felt like it was too much being gone cuz on Wednesdays we have to go to Logan for therapy so then EVERY day we would be gone doing something. Sometimes it is good to just be home!!! He gets to ride the bus both ways this year because the school was so sweet and willing to pick him up last and drop him off first for me so that he wouldn't be on the bus so long. It is nice for me because I don't have to load and unload his heavy wheelchair up in my car each day and it gives me more time but I will miss carrying him into class each day, seeing all of his classmates, and talking to the teacher.

When my mom was here she captured what it is like sending Dakota off to school! ;) Thanks mom!
How many people does it take to get him ready in the wheelchair???

Loading on the ramp!

Me telling him to have SO much fun and be a sweet boy!

Had to pose with our FAVORITE bus driver...too bad she was just subbing for the day!

Going up!! Me telling him I love him and will miss him! (I don't think he cares as you can see!)

Almost there..."Have fun Dakota!" (I really don't stop until he is out of sight...crazy mom!! ;) )

And he is in!

And gone like the wind!
The only bad thing about this year is that there is only one girl in the whole class. Boys are great but it was the girls in his class last year that really gave him attention and liked to play with him. So I worry a little that he won't get as much interaction with the kids and because there is less kids there isn't as much interaction going on in the classroom for him to watch. So I hope that he will get the socialization that he loves and needs there.

He also started horse therapy in Taylor which has been so fun. My amazing parents paid for him to start a 12 week session. I wasn't sure how he would like it but he is so chill and happy on the horse. Before one session started he had been really fussy and ornery. I was almost thinking maybe we shouldn't go cuz it wont be worth it but as soon as he was on the horse he was silent. No cries, no whines, just chill. The second session he even smiled a couple of times on the horse and smiled when we got there. It is really good to help him with his head and trunk control and strength. 

The first session they found out I knew how to ride and they were short therapists to ride with kids so I rode with him and a therapist just told me how to position him. It was fun for me!
Kota and Mommy
With the therapist

Checking out that big thing!!
There are about 4 kids riding at a time and they work with the kids as they ride. They are all great people and do it as volunteers. It is a non profit organization. They are actually having an event coming up on the 29th to help raise money to care for the horses and keep the costs minimal for the families. So if you want to donate any items or come out and support I think they could use all the support they can get to keep it up and running. We will be there for sure!!!

Here is the info from the flyer:

Team Sorting Benefit

Saturday September 29th

 At  Legacy Event Center in Farmington.

 151 s 1100 w.

Sign-up 5 pm

Start 6 pm

$20 for 3 runs per person

Prizes for top 3 teams in each run plus additional prizes.

Drawing, silent auction, wagon rides and bake sale,

Money raised is for the Therapeutic Assets handicapped riding program, a non-profit organization.

For questions or to make donations please call

Cindy 801-745-5658 or 801-791-2761

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  1. You are working with Cindy! She was my OT and she also started me riding right after I got out of the hospital. I love her!! I'm sorry I have not told you about her sooner. She is wonderful and I just say enough about how great she is. Tell her I say hi!!