Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Brigham City

Have I mentioned before that I love where we live? I love our little town of Perry and the huge metropolis Brigham city that is a few miles away. ;) I love our local farmers and fruit stands...and most especially the millions of fresh peaches! I love seeing all of the fruit stands line the highway and little families outside their houses selling their fresh fruit and makes me happy.

I love our little neighborhood and all the people in it. I love the millions of kids all over the place...even the little 4 year old neighbor boy down the street that  likes to walk in our house when you dont expect it. 

I love that we are allowed to drive our ranger all over the streets of Perry and it is legal. ;) even to go to Walmart.

I love my group of hard core workout ladies that workout together with me at the local church at 5:30 three times a week and keep me motivated and sane. I love our little queit roads that we run on millions and millions of times.

I love the mountains that you see right out our front window that are just minutes away for great hikes, trail runs, and ranger rides. How many places can you live that you can literally run or ride your ranger right from your house to the trails??

I love Brigham City Peach Days that comes around each year. Zach and I took Dakota one night to walk around the crowd of people. The next day I ran the 10k race and ended up 2nd overall for woman with a time of 43:36 (7:10 average pace) After the race I hurried home, grabbed Dakota, and went to the parade (Zach didn't want to pooper). And then that night my parents got in town and we went to the hypnotist show which was freakin hilarious. (thank you to all of you brave souls that were willing to volunteer so that we could laugh at your expense ;) )
I love that Brigham City just shuts Main Street down for most the weekend and pretty much everyone comes out to celebrate, shop the booths, eat peach cobbler, and enjoy.

And I am most especially excited that on September 23rd te LDS temple is going to open right here in Brigham city!!!!

It is a gorgeous temple and I already feel like it is my home, my safe haven, and it hasnt even opened yet. I had the wonderful opportunity to go and clean it for a few hours before the open house started. It was like getting a sneak peak and I fell in love with all of its intricate detail ALL over the place. It was such an honor to clean it...even though it was cleaner then my house already. :) I also got to help with serving refreshments one night during the open house. I loved serving for those four hours. I truly felt like I was doing the Lords work and wanted those cookies to look so good on the platter, the tables to be clean, and the floor free from all crumbs.
I got to go through the open house officially with my beautiful visiting teaching sisters. They are all wonderful and strong woman and I enjoyed the peacefulness and spirit that was there as we walked through together.
Thank you ladies!!
Then while my parents were here Zach and I went through with them. 
Love these 3!!
Love THIS guy!
Aren't they the cutest!!
Love MY temple! ;)

Love THIS kid!! (He got home from school right as we got home)

Love that because of the temple WE are an eternal FAMILY!!!
Now I look forward to going there and doing the Lords work, escaping the craziness and chaos of the world and my life, and pondering on the things of eternal value. I'm hoping at least while Dakota is in school 3 days a week to get to go once a week. That is my goal and now that it is so close to me I really have no excuse to not make it happen. So if anyone is ever wanting to go...let me know!! I always love company!!


  1. I would LOVE to go with you!!! I have been looking forward to it opening since Ogden is under construction and I would way rather drive north than south!! LMK what day in the week works best for you and hopefully I can make it happen!!

  2. I need you to write every single day, because this post made me cry. Tessie, you are so unbelievably strong, and sincere. YOu have such a drive to accomplish everything you want. Even when you have your "moments" and are willing to share your hard times with all of us, you can feel the strength you have coming off the screen. I need to take your desire.. or push.. or whatever it is and put it in me because I am such a negative nellie! Yes, negative nellie:). I love you, and your family so much! You are amazing! Someday, maybe we can get together and go through and do a session together, or something! Thank you, for ALL you write. It is inspiring, and a reminder that life is hard, but your attitude depicts your destination! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON Zach and Tessie! We sure love you guys, and pray for you still! GO DAKOTA GO

  3. Beautiful temple and the sweetest family picture! They go together...perfectly!! I would love to someday make it out there and go with you!!